RAGE "Awesome on Mouse and Keyboard"

The Rage Interview on Shacknews chats with id Software's Tim Willits and Matt Hooper about various topics of interest, focusing on RAGE, id's upcoming game of on- and off-road rage. Specific topics include stealth, their "open but directed" world, an insinuation Tech5 development was slowed by John Carmack's fascination with the then newly-released iPhone, why they are holding off building the last level, the parts of the game that still need polish, other assorted gameplay stuff, a promise they are not holding back on anything for just to add it as future DLC, word a Fallout Pip-Boy might just be on a dashboard in the wasteland, and more. There is also a strong reassurance from Matt for those concerned that RAGE being designed for console controls means PC controls will suffer as a result:
And a lot of your readers play with mouse and keyboard, and I read a lot of comments about--it's funny, because they think we abandoned that. Tim and I have been making games for that for thirty-plus years combined. It's not like we forgot about that, we've got that covered. That's the easy part.

The reason we mentioned the controllers is because that's the thing that's a little new for id, making sure it's right on all the consoles. The game will play awesome on mouse and keyboard.