Midway Europe Sold

Midway Europe Sold In Management Buyout on Edge Online has details on the "smaller entities" said to be buying Midway's French and German divisions when THQ bought Midway San Diego earlier this month. It turns out these arms have been part of a management buyout, and word is: "Spiess Media Holding UG has acquired the UK and French offices of Midway Games, while the German office of the Midway group has been bought by F & F Publishing GmbH, which is owned by Fürstenberg and Meyer." According to Midway boss Matt Booty (call): "We are very pleased that the European management team has come together to purchase Midway’s European organisation. Our European publishing and distribution business had consistently grown year-on-year under the leadership of Martin Spiess. These European operations are comprised of a strong network of developers and publishers from around the globe and are based around an excellent team that has proven its expertise and know-how in game production." There's further detail on all this on Gamasutra, where they say this will revive the dormant Tradewest brand, and that Midway says the UK, French, and German offices will "form a strategic alliance" within a European distribution network, quoting Speiss saying: "Most recently, the European arm had contributed almost 40 percent of Midway's worldwide revenues."