CDV Financial Results

Here is the latest financial reporting from CDV Software Entertainment AG, calling their results from the first half of 2009 "strong." Revenues for half were 11.3 million Euros, compared to 6.8 million Euros for the same period in 2008, an increase attributed to "sales of video game software in key territories." The group reports earnings of 0.9 million Euros compared with a loss of 1.6 million Euros last year, with net income for the fiscal half-year ending June 30, 2009 of 0.4 million Euros, up from losses of 1.9 million Euros for the half year ending June 30, 2008, attributed to "a substantial in-crease in sales of mainly console software followed by game software for the PC." According to CDV CEO Christian Gloe, "The first half of 2009 was a record year for us with major achievements despite the current global financial crisis."