Mafia II: No DX10/DX11

There are Mafia 2 Hands-on impressions on PC Games Hardware after some face time with the life of crime sequel in development at 2K Czech, offering their thoughts on the game's engine. On a related note, some new Mafia II screenshots are available for your perusal. Here's a bit about the engine from the preview: "In an interview with Producer Denby Grace we learned that 2K Czech (formerly Illusion Softworks) has recreated the engine of Mafia 2 almost from scratch. The result is a D3D9 renderer - support for DX10 or DX11 has not been integrated. Mafia 2 is a pure cross platform title although the PC is said to be the lead platform. Due to the higher resolutions as well as additional GPU Physx particle effects, like dynamic, interactive smoke) the PC version will also offer better graphics than the console variant."