ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale in 2010

Publisher JoWooD Productions announces a delay to ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale, the RPG sequel once known as Gothic 4. The game was due in Winter 2009, but now JoWooD announces they have upped the game's budget and set back its release until 2010 to ensure this will be a AAA game:
Vienna, 19.08.2009 The Austrian publisher, JoWooD today announced that the release of its awaited action-RPG title, ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale has been postponed to 2010.

ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale, the next opus of the Gothic series, is planned to come on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. In its commitment to release a AAA title, JoWooD has committed substantial extra development budget for ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale to be a flagship title and one of the best RPG releases of 2010. « A stong investment in quality and innovation is the way for a publisher like us to take a strong position in the RPG market. We want, with ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale to offer the best of the Gothic franchise, as we believe we have in our hands the game to compete against the best RPGs out there » says Albert Seidl, JoWooD CEO.