On Bullfrog Revivals

Why there's hope for classic Bullfrog IP returning on Kikizo revisits the hopes that some of Bullfrog's old IPs may some day be revived by EA, who owns their rights. "For me, I love the old Bullfrog IP, it got me really passionately into games, and I'm really proud that Bullfrog is part of the heritage of Bright Light", Harvey Elliot of EA Bright Light Studio tells them. "I'm personally a huge fan of Populous and Theme Park, they were some of my favourite games - many years ago, obviously - and I'd love to see both of those remade." He also says they may still have members of the Bullfrog team on staff, but what's really got them speculating a Bullfrog revival may be in the offing is his description of a project they had been working on "based on an old IP that EA has" that's since been passed on to another studio. From other comments, however, it doesn't sound like this is actually a Bullfrog game, as he says: "It's become one of those projects we've started a few times over, and it's like what I was saying about the classic Bullfrog IP; I loved the game when I was growing up." and when they come out and ask if this was a classic Bullfrog IP he says: "No, I'd say it was an EA IP." Thanks Mike Martinez.