Out of the Blue

A couple of follow-ups on yesterday's discussion of NYC destinations. On the topic of getting good pizza elsewhere, I'm sure it happens all the time, but as for authenticity, I've grown fond of the theory that the reason local cuisine like New York bagels and pizza don't taste quite the same elsewhere is due to the water. Also, someone mentioned Nathan's for hot dogs, but I think they are a national chain.

Also, I didn't realize Chumley's was under re-construction, sorry. Hope it's just as cool when it reopens.

And I didn't include any Italian or Asian food recommendations, because all my good insider places from when I lived in Chinatown are out of date, and I like Italian food enough that I don't discriminate. There's a lot of fun to be had eating in Chinatown and Little Italy (well, it was little when I was a kid, now it's miniscule}, which can be touristy, but qualifies as the touristy stuff natives do.

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