Project T Revealed reports that Neowiz Games and Blueside (Kingdom Under Fire) have revealed general plans for Project T (working title), a project that looks to fill the gaping hole in the marketplace for a fantasy-themed MMORPG. The story describes the game as featuring "highly stylish action and unique story-telling elements." They include a quote from Blueside CEO Sejung Kim: "With Neowiz Game’s undoubted speciality [sic] and strength in the worldwide online game publishing, I strongly believe that we together will be able to pioneer the global market of online gaming more widely and successfully than ever." Word is the game is slated for a worldwide launch in 2011. Here's more from Gaming Bits:
Departing from the ‘Kingdom Under Fire’ series, “Project T” is a completely new franchise being developed by BLUESIDE with a tremendous focus on stylish action and various aspects of online experience, some of which can be as sweet as a bed of roses or as bitter as a bed of nails in the world of M-M-O-R-P-G. With much ambition, though not too anxious to prove themselves, since they have demonstrated their expertise in creating games with spot-on action game-play and unprecedented graphic presentation through the ‘Kingdom Under Fire’ series and ‘Ninety-Nine Nights’, BLUESIDE is once again setting a new coordinate, and this time, towards a destination of fantasy wonderland to deliver an unparalleled MMO featuring highly stylish action and unique story-telling elements that will instantly draw in the players and immerse them in a whole new world full of excitement and adventures.. “Project T” is currently being aimed for a 2011 release.