Team17 on LSL and Alien Breed Evolution

The Alien Breed Evolution Interview on talks with Martyn Brown of Team17 about their upcoming remake of Alien Breed. Along the way the savagely negative reviews of Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust comes up, and while Martyn acknowledges the game had more than its share of problems, he doesn't think this should harm the reception for the new game: "Certainly with Alien Breed, if anybody's got any grumbles about what we can and can't do, they'll see the amount of effort and care put into a product where we're unbridled by any nonsense we had to deal with in the Larry project." He later outlines what this "nonsense" was: "Would we have self-funded, would we have done Larry by ourselves? Would we bollocks. We wouldn't have done that. We were making a game based on somebody else's script, somebody else's ideas, and it's very difficult in that position. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work at all, and that was unfortunate."