Ultima Online Free Expansion and Free Trial

Mythic Entertainment announces the launch of Mondain's Legacy, a free seventh expansion for Ultima Online, the seminal MMORPG. The expansion will automatically download for existing subscribers, and they are taking this as an opportunity to invite former subscribers back to check out the game in its current state with a 14-day evaluation program that's open to new players as well. According to Mythic Executive Producer Jeff Hickman: "Our goal is to continually provide fresh and rewarding experiences for our thriving UO community. By opening up our 7th expansion to all players, we hope to get everyone excited for the upcoming summer release of our 8th addition, Stygian Abyss." Here's word on the trial: "For players that are new to Ultima Online or for those interested in returning to the world, they can download the 14-day free trial which now features all seven expansions, including Mondain’s Legacy. Now all players can experience the Elves, new human racial abilities and new dungeons with dozens of new monsters to battle and weapons to wield."