Frozenbyte on Trine Pricing

The Trine Interview on Shacknews talks with Joel Kinnunen of Frozenbyte about Trine, their recently released action/platformer. A couple of topics of particular interest are Joel's take on whether the PC version will get co-op support, as he says it's still up in the air, but: "With Trine, it looks like the chances are higher than they were with the Shadowgrounds games." They also touch on the confusing price structure, or lack thereof, for the game across platforms and territories:
It sucks, but in all honesty I don't lose too much sleep over the $20 price on PSN and the $30 price on Steam/online/retail. The game is worth the higher price too, in my opinion, and I think people will have an enjoyable experience--and you can play the demo and judge for yourself.

I'm a bit more irked by the 20 euro price on PSN (Europe) and the 30 euro price on Steam/online/retail (and even higher in retail in some countries/retailers). The currency rates are just mad right now, and I can sympathize with a lot of European gamers who are angry at this discrepancy. But it's more or less out of our hands because it's linked to the retail side of things.