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QuakeWorld Launch Photos
Taken at the QuakeWorld Launch Event at Pseudo September 19, 1996

September 21, 1996

20 Machines, many of them Pentium Pros, many with 3D Blasters, all with huge monitors.
Multi-processor servers, a T1 to the net, food and drink on-hand.

How did they ever get us to leave?


We shouldn't allow these three so close together while grenades are being launched

(L to R) Michael Abrash, John Carmack, John "Hors Douevres" Cash

John Romero taking care of business. He looks quite intense here, which actually shows he's not into a groove yet. When it really gets rolling, he's gleefully shouting taunts at his victims. Err, opponents.

Romero and Cash critique tokay's (American McGee's) technique.

sCaryname doing his Ozzie Osbourne impression.

Okay Scary, I got the picture. You can spit out the dove now.

Stop the presses! tokay is actually a keyboard player! (Actually he's just configuring his keys.)

The funny thing about American is that he plays with the screen shrunk down very small. He says playing full screen nauseates him (though playing full screen Quake has never actually caused him to puke, like Doom did a couple of times). He also swears that the mouse movement feels different with the shrunk screen, though most everybody else, including Romero, thinks that he's crazy...




See, he does use the mouse.

Though he doesn't have to stop playing to give interviews.


"So here's how you do it boys..."

How does he do it you ask? Well having watched first hand (and died first-hand, for that matter), here is my idea of what tokay's Guide to Quake Deathmatch would look like:

Piece of cake... feel free to use these techniques to your advantage.

Returning from dinner, our brave band finds themselves locked out of the event's site.

Dammit Carmack! You shouldn't have gotten rid of the use key!