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Quake II Bugs, Hints, Tips, etc.
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Bugs, Fixes, and Tips

Make sure you check the Quake II Buglist before reporting any bugs.

Checking (and Improving) Your Framerate
To do a timedemo, from the console type "TIMEDEMO 1" and then "MAP DEMO1.DM2". Brian Hook recommends turning off the sound before testing your framerate. To kill the sound, type "S_INITSOUND 0" then "SND_RESTART" at the console, or start Quake II with the "+set s_initsound 0" parameter.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Also, 3 Fingers points out that since Brian Hook pointed out a bug in Quake II, it is important for GL users to be sure they start Quake II with a batch file that include the "SET FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL=0" since Quake II has a tendency to reset this parameter (which can cost you 20% of your framerate).

Hanging Between Levels in Multiplayer
Bind "reconnect" to a key, and hit that when the level ends. You can also avoid hanging by switching to the console just before the level ends, and then switching back after the level switches.

Just for Fun
Digital1 points out that since timedemo is a variable, you can use it in the game: type "timedemo 1" at the console and start a new game. Goofy, eh?

(Not really new, re-added) Akil sent along an easier fix for the Quake II NET_SendPacket Error: switch to window mode, and when you connect to the server and get the name of the level, you can switch back to fullscreen. When the server changes levels, you have to switch to windowed mode and back again.

Quake II Server Bugfix
John Carmack updated his .plan with word on a Quake II bugfix (144 KB) to keep Internet Quake II severs from ping flooding id Software.

Starting 3Dfx in 512x384 Mode
Spire sends along a workaround to Quake II's refusal to startup in 512x318 resolution. Just add "+set gl_mode 2" to your command line.

Skipping Demos
Alon Albert sends along a tip on how to avoid the demos when stating the game. Just add "+disconnect" to the command line to skip right to the console at startup, for example: "c:\quake2\quake2.exe +disconnect". smallnew.gif (926 bytes)CoRNo (who has apparently been "R"ing "TFM") points out that starting Quake II with a simple "+" on the command line has the same effect. Blob goes that one better, pointing out that the command line: "quake2.exe +disconnect + toggleconsole +menu_main" will bring you directly to the main menu.

Sound Problems
Having choppy sound problems? From the console type "s_primary 0" then "snd_restart".  If you are still having problems, Sykosys sends along another fix for sound problems that Brian Hook suggested that helped on his Crystal Audio chipset soundcard. At the console type: "s_wavonly 1" followed by "snd_restart".

Turning Off Client-Side Prediction
Digital1 passes along the way to shut off client-side prediction at the console, type: "cl_predict 0".

Watching Movies
If you have the full install, you can watch any of the cinematic sequences in the game by simply launching the movie as a map: e.g., "map ntro.cin", "map idlog.cin", etc. Thanks BabelFish.


Cheat Codes
Here's a list of the Cheat Codes for Quake II, brought to you by the QuakeMarines, in case you're stuck already.

Commands and Variables Made Easy
From John Cash: There are two commands in QuakeII called "cmdlist" and "cvarlist" that print out lists of all the commands and all the cvars in the game. Note that they only list what is currently active, so if you haven't started a game (and therefore have not loaded gamex86.dll), none of that DLL's commands or cvars will be listed.

Console Commands
A list of Quake II Console Commands: Turmoil's Q2 Console Commands.

Deathmatch Flags
Disruptor made a .plan update with a rundown on how to set the various deathmatch flags for a dedicated server.


If you are running a Quake II server on the Internet, you should be using the Quake II 3.06 executable (144 KB).

cfg Files
Yes, the cfg files for the id guys and some of the multiplayer beta testers are in the Quake II pak file. Let me know if you increase your frag count using Thresh's config.

Controller Configs

DeskTop Themes
Quake II Win95 Plus Pack desktop themes:


There is a Quake II proxy here with versions for Linux, SunOS, Solaris and Win32, for those who cannot access the Internet directly.

Public Code Release
Here is the id Quake II Public Code Release (1.6 MB). This includes the following (thanks DaFragsta): The source code for the official id level editor; the new QBSP source code; the DLL source code; the TextPaint source code; an UnPack Java applet. (probably for the PAK files...); source code for the, and compiled versions of all of the above tools (presumably for NT).

Server Browsers

Server Lists
Here are Quake II Server Lists to pick from or to use as sources for the above browsers:


DLL Compiling Guide smallnew.gif (926 bytes)
Jason Ritchie, AKA Draugluin, AKA Moogle sent along a tutorial (5 KB) on using LCC to compile DLL's for Quake II. Also available from Moogle's website.

DLL Programming
Sites to aid in understanding and programming DLL's: Inside3D, OpenQuake, Quake DeveLS page, Quake2 Dll's. and this page.

Editing Forums
ELM (originators of Cenotaph of the Magi & Desparity) have started a series of moderated Quake II forums devoted to editing and modification discussions.

Editing Guidesmallnew.gif (926 bytes)
Zoid has written a Quick HowTo for QuakeEd4, complete with screenshots.

Editing Hints
Steve "Funkadooda" Fukuda of QuakeLab: Editing sent along a sample archive (23 KB) with a simple testmap which contains the MAP file to inspect, as well as a playable BSP file, and detailed instructions on how to get QE4 working.

Mailing Lists
PlanetQuake has mailing lists on a bunch of Quake II related subjects. Information can be found on this page where you can also subscribe.


Quake II supports cfg files just like Quake. Just create a text file name autoexec.cfg in your \quake2\baseq2\ directory and paste any aliases in there you want to use (altering them to your tastes of course). smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Minus0 points out that you can find out what aliases you have set up, and what they do by simply typing "alias" by itself at the console.

BFG Jumping
[SC]galXus sent along a demo (30 KB) showing the new art of BFG Jumping. Make a demos subdirectory of baseq2, and place the demo there. View it by typing "demomap bfgjumps.dm2" at the console.

Fall Damage
Kannon points out that you can avoid taking fall damage by pressing jump right before you hit the ground.

Flashlight Alias
James Grote sent along a simple but cool alias that gives you a psychedelic colored flashlight with a GL card:

alias "+flashlight" "cl_testlights 1"
alias "-flashlight" "cl_testlights 0"
bind F +flashlight

Gun Graphic
The Fluffy Bunny of Chaos sent along some commands to make gun less obtrusive: "There are three commands that you can use to modify your gun's position. They are gun_x, gun_y, and gun_z. gun_z is the one that makes the most difference, by setting it to around 5, it lowers the gun enough to where you can still see it for easy wep recognition yet it doesn't take up as much of the screen. I tried 10 at first but some weps such as the chaingun don't show up at all with that setting. Since this has been a big complaint for a lot of players, I thought I'd send it along. =] Note: this does not affect the firing of the weapon, the discharge still originates from the default position."

Hand Switching
BenT sent along the inevitable alias that allows you to switch what hand you hold your weapon with, allowing you to shoot around corners:

//hand switch, hit space to toggle modes 
bind "space" "mano1" 
alias "mano1" "hand1; wait; bind space mano2;"
alias "mano2" "hand2; wait; bind space mano3;"
alias "mano3" "hand3; wait; bind space mano1;"
alias "hand1" "hand 0"
alias "hand2" "hand 1"
alias "hand3" "hand 2"

And AngryHelmut goes a step further, sending along an alias that allows you to fire from the left, right, or center using the respective left, right, or center buttons of a three button mouse:

//*REAL* hand switching
alias +atleft "hand 1; wait; +attack"
alias +atcntr "hand 2; wait; +attack"
alias +atrigh "hand 0; wait; +attack"
alias -atleft "hand 2; wait; -attack"
alias -atcntr "hand 2; wait; -attack"
alias -atrigh "hand 2; wait; -attack"
bind mouse1 +atleft
bind mouse2 +atrigh
bind mouse3 +atcntr

Rocket Jumping
JakFrost sent along the first rocket jumping alias for Quake II I've seen. From The Quake Script Site, where the rocket jump alias has its own page:

bind x +rj
alias +rj "rj1;rj2"
alias rj1 "set rj_cl_pitchspeed $cl_pitchspeed;set cl_pitchspeed 100000;wait;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;set cl_pitchspeed $rj_cl_pitchspeed"
alias rj2 "set rj_hand $hand;hand 2;+moveup;+attack;echo Rocket Jump"
alias -rj "-attack;-moveup;set hand $rj_hand;centerview"

Have you tried the console command "wave" in multiplayer?

Taylor sends along a two-key gesture alias that toggles between the gestures with one key and gestures with another:

alias gesture1 "bind EXECUTE_KEY wave"
alias gesture2 "bind EXECUTE_KEY wave 1"
alias gesture3 "bind EXECUTE_KEY wave 2"
alias gesture4 "bind EXECUTE_KEY wave 3"

alias bind1 "gesture1; echo Flipoff Prepared; bind TOGGLE_KEY bind2"
alias bind2 "gesture2; echo Salute Prepared; bind TOGGLE_KEY bind3"
alias bind3 "gesture3; echo Taunt Prepared; bind TOGGLE_KEY bind4"
alias bind4 "gesture4; echo Wave Prepared; bind TOGGLE_KEY bind1"
bind TOGGLE_KEY bind1