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Checking Your Framerate
To do a timedemo, from the console type "TIMEDEMO 1" and then "MAP DEMO1.DM2". Brian Hook recommends turning off the sound before testing your framerate. To kill the sound, type "S_INITSOUND 0" then "SND_RESTART" at the console, or start Quake II with the "+set s_initsound 0" parameter. Remember to set timedemo back to "0" before you play or you will be playing in hyper-caffeinated mode. Charles Wathen passes along the tip that you can substitute the command "demomap demo1.dm2" and you will not have to insert the game CD.

Controller Configs

Framerate Boost
Walkingcarpet points out that if your framerate really suffers when firing weapons, you can turn off particles, which should help (you'll be surprised to see how many particles are part of each shot from every weapon), at the expense of coolness, as none of the weapon fire looks as good, and the Railgun makes no visible shot at all (a disadvantage in multiplayer where framerate tweaks are most valuable). Here's the console command to get rid of the particles: cl_particles 0. Further framerate boosts can be found on 3 Fingers' & Heron's Quake and Quake II Hotrod Shop.

Gun Graphic
The Fluffy Bunny of Chaos sent along some commands to make gun less obtrusive: "There are three commands that you can use to modify your gun's position. They are gun_x, gun_y, and gun_z. gun_z is the one that makes the most difference, by setting it to around 5, it lowers the gun enough to where you can still see it for easy weapon recognition yet it doesn't take up as much of the screen. I tried 10 at first but some weapons such as the chaingun don't show up at all with that setting. Since this has been a big complaint for a lot of players, I thought I'd send it along. =] Note: this does not affect the firing of the weapon, the discharge still originates from the default position."

No CD Audio
This comes from Buster: To kill CD audio from the command line add this parameter:

+set cd_nocd 1

Or enable it by setting it to 0. This  is handy to add to your GameSpy command line (or however you launch multiplayer games) and your Quake II command line if you do not want CD-audio during Deathmatch just in single player mode.

Setting Up Quake II on Your LAN
A lot of people seem to have trouble setting up a TCP/IP LAN to run Quake II games. Christopher Bolin sent along a set of helpful tips for setting up Quake II on a LAN.

Skipping Demos
Adding "+" to the command line skips right to the console at startup, for example: "c:\quake2\quake2.exe +".

Turning Off Client-Side Prediction
To shut off client-side prediction at the console, type: "cl_predict 0".

Surprise Bonus
Glen Murphy was the first to point out that you do double damage when you surprise a monster (shoot him when he is not "alerted") in single player play. FrenZon points out that this is pretty useless with the rapid-fire weapons, as only the first shot to strike will do double damage.

Watching Movies
You can watch any of the cinematic sequences in the game by simply launching the movie as a map: e.g., "map ntro.cin", "map idlog.cin", etc. Also, though the game looks better using OpenGL and a 3D accelerated video card, the cinematic sequences look better using the software renderer, so if you have a 3D card, you might want to use software video to watch the intro and switch to OpenGL for the game.


Commands and Variables Made Easy
From John Cash: There are two commands in Quake II called "cmdlist" and "cvarlist" that print out lists of all the commands and all the cvars in the game. Note that they only list what is currently active, so if you haven't started a game (and therefore have not loaded gamex86.dll), none of that DLL's commands or cvars will be listed.

Console Commands
A list of console commands is at Fahrenheit176's Quake 2 Info.

Deathmatch Flags
Disruptor made a .plan update with a rundown on how to set the various deathmatch flags for a dedicated server.


Mailing Lists
PlanetQuake has mailing lists on a bunch of Quake II related subjects. Information can be found on this page where you can also subscribe.

Editing Forums
ELM (originators of Cenotaph of the Magi & Desparity) have a series of moderated Quake II forums devoted to editing and modification discussions.

Editing Guide
Zoid has written a Quick HowTo for QuakeEd4, complete with screenshots.


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