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STB Ships Worlds Fastest Multimedia Accelerator in Velocity 4400

STB first to market with 16MB 2D/3D Multimedia Accelerator Based on nVidia RIVA TNT technology

Richardson, TX-(August 31, 1998)-STB Systems, Inc. ® (NASDAQ-STBI), a leading supplier of multimedia and convergence products, today began shipping its groundbreaking new Velocity 4400TM multimedia accelerator. The Velocity 4400 is today’s fastest and most powerful accelerator for 3D games and business applications. The Velocity 4400 has a suggested retail price of $199 with a software bundle that includes a complete version of the award-winning game ForsakenTM. The Velocity 4400 is the first accelerator available to feature the advanced RIVA TNTTM (TwiN Texel) architecture from NVIDIA® Corporation.

STB’s Velocity 4400, which will soon be available at Babbages®, Best Buy®, CompUSA®, Electronics Boutique®, and Fry’s® features high-performance 128-bit 2/D graphics, high quality video playback, and impressive 3D rendering for Direct3DTM and OpenGLTM API’s. The Velocity 4400 has a 250 MHz RAMDAC that supports a maximum refresh rate of 160Hz. True color display of 16.7 million colors is supported at resolutions up to 1900 x 1280 for crisp, clear photo-realistic images. With this combination, the Velocity 4400 meets or exceeds global standards for ergonomics. The ability of the Velocity 4400 to display images on a standard television allows business users to deliver presentations, and game players to play computer games on a large format television in addition to a PC monitor. The Velocity 4400 is available for the AGP 2X or PCI platform with 16MB of high speed SDRAM, and is targeted at the high-end performance PC and professional PC segments.

“We are seeing scores on 3D Winbench 98 over 1700 while Diamond is posting a 1490 score on their website1. Creative Labs traditionally ships a copy of the chip vender’s reference design, and we are almost 50% faster than the reference board2,” points out Nathan Bozeman, Executive Director of Product Marketing at STB. “Knowing that we outperform our two biggest competitors, I am confident the Velocity 4400 is the fastest 2D/3D accelerator available today.”

Software bundle announced
The Velocity 4400 is shipping with a software bundle that appeals to both gamers and business users. Included is an enhanced version of the top-selling Forsaken by Acclaim® with all the levels of the retail version and improvements that take advantage of the special hardware features found on the Velocity 4400. Special enhancements include extended resolutions to support 32-bit true-color resolutions up to 1280x1024. Forsaken is a 3D first-person-perspective vehicle shooter that takes place in 360 degrees on a forlorn future earth. The game incorporates environment-based puzzles in 15 single-player and 10 multiplayer levels and immerses gamers in real-time lighting, interactive backgrounds and action-packed battles.

3DeepTM by Colorific® helps users calibrate their monitor for a more realistic, consistent, and high quality display and improves the 3D effects of images. For 3D business applications, STB includes Crystal Graphics’ 3D Sensations for PresentationsTM, a PowerPointTM plug-in that adds pre-created television-style 3D effects with synchronized sound effects to presentations. Included from Asymetrix® are Web 3DTM, a fast, easy to use tool for building exciting 3D images for web pages and Digital Video ProducerTM, a video editing tool for easily assembling and editing audio and video clips.

Early Reviews are in
STB has seeded key editors for major magazines and some of the most influential web sites on the Internet with preproduction versions of the Velocity 4400. As a result, several previews of the new multimedia accelerator have been published and yielded positive feedback on the product.

"Boards based on the RIVA TNT chip, like STB's Velocity 4400, are poised to redefine PC graphics. The Velocity 4400 brings high end rendering features, exotic technology and superb Direct3D and OpenGL performance at an incredibly low price," comments Loyd Case Contributing Editor, Technology for Computer Gaming World and Gamespot (

“The STB Velocity 4400 (NVIDIA RIVA TNT-based AGP video card) has been ripping through games like there's no tomorrow,” added Ron Mendoza of the Adrenaline Vault (, one of the most visited PC game sites on the Web.

“One thing is certain straight out of the gate; the visual quality of the TNT is simply astounding. Crisp, clear, no cracking, banding, or dithering. Just clean color and great overall image quality,” stated Ross Voorhees of RIVA3D (, an independent website dedicated to the RIVA family of processors from NVIDIA. “My initial impression leads me to tell you that I guarantee you will be one happy customer when you get your hands on one of these babies.”

OEM Interest at an all Time High
STB has seen strong interest in the Velocity 4400 from PC system manufacturers, a market in which they are particularly strong. Due to the momentum STB built by dominating the magazine reviews with over 70 awards for the previous generation RIVA product, the Velocity 128, samples of the new Velocity 4400 have been sent out to all of the top PC system manufacturers.

“STB has dramatically increased their name recognition by winning magazine reviews day in and day out, and have become a more important ally to PC OEMs than ever before,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA. “We expect them to be the driving force in getting PC OEM design wins with their RIVA TNT based Velocity 4400.”

“STB has made major strides this year by winning review after review,” remarks Dr. Jon Peddie, a leading industry analyst from market research firm Jon Peddie Associates (Tibiron, CA “Competitors should take note because STB is leveraging the momentum to penetrate new OEM accounts that have traditionally been strongholds of their competition.” (more)

Early results from one OEM account reflect these statements. Falcon Northwest Computer Systems® , a leading supplier of the high-end gaming systems, will feature the Velocity 4400 in their new Mach V™ gaming PCs. Falcon Northwest is considered a strategic account for 3D card suppliers because of the prestige associated with being included in their systems. They have historically used competitor’s technology, but have decided to incorporate STB’s Velocity 4400 in their new system.

"The STB Velocity 4400 is the card we've been looking for: one that takes a huge leap over its competitors,” points out Kelt Reeves, President and CEO of Falcon Northwest Computer Systems. “The Velocity is the first card we've seen in over a year that makes great advancements in 2D performance as well as 3D."

Single-Pass Mutli-Texturing for Increased Speed
Unlike previous-generation controllers which required multiple passes through the rendering engine to execute 3D tasks like shading and dual textures, the Velocity 4400’s dual-texture engines can perform single-pass “multi-texturing”, single-pass Trilinear texture filtering, pixel-level quality Mip-Mapping and full scene anti-aliasing. The RIVA TNT uses a single cycle of the processor and delivers performance speeds of up to four times faster than previous-generation graphics controllers.

“For many users, the quality of what appears on-screen is the defining element of the PC experience,” says J. Shane Long, vice president of sales and marketing at STB. “That’s true for high-end business applications, video playback and for gaming. The introduction of our new Velocity 4400 confirms STB’s reputation as the market innovator for multimedia accelerators.”

Simply The Best!
STB Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:STBI), based in Richardson, Texas, designs and manufactures award-winning 3D multimedia accelerators, convergence products, professional-class 3D graphics adapters, and multi-port display solutions for use in consumer and business desktop computers. Since its founding in 1981, STB has been a pioneering force in the field of new graphics technologies for personal computers. Extensive manufacturing resources, engineering expertise, and consistent quality have established STB as a leading supplier to top-tier PC manufacturers including Compaq, Dell, Gateway, IBM and others. STB has multiple facilities in North America, as well as offices in London (England), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Paris (France). For additional information, visit STB’s home page at on the World Wide Web.


1-Per Diamond’s Website on 8-26-98, tests conducted in windows 98OSR2.1 using the Intel AL443BX motherobard with Intel Pentium II400MHz CPU, 512K cache, 64MB SDRAM, and 1.6GB IDE (WD Carviar 31600) hard disk on 3D Winbench 98 Version 1.3D Winmark 98, at 640 x 480 x 16bbp at 75Hz, with direct 3D NAL, MMX Wmulation, Front Buffer with a result, 640 by 480, 16-bit color, full screen, execute buffers. dIAMOND vIPER V550 dRIVER/DATE 4.10.0206B/7-25-98. STB TESTED CONDUCTED ON A COMPARABLE SYSTEM. stb TEST USE dRIVER VERSION 1.21 (8-26-98)