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For Immediate Release Inc. and GamesNET Announce Strategic Partnership

Dallas, Texas / Santa Cruz, California - April 23, 1998 -- Inc. and GamesNET announced today a strategic partnership that will provide the next generation of online media and interactive services for the computer gaming community.

The companies offerings will include high-speed, multi-user systems for distribution of gaming related media, such as publicly available "demo" copies of upcoming computer games, game reviews, and the latest news on developments throughout the industry.  By bringing new and existing content providers together, the new media services will provide a single point of contact for game enthusiasts, developers, and industry followers to access specific information on virtually any game related topic.

Additionally, intend to deploy advanced multi-user forums throughout the Internet to provide a "common ground" for users to interact with one another in real time.

The first tangible result of this joint venture is the recently launched File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for’s flagship site The Adrenaline Vault Online Games Magazine (   The new FTP server, located at, can now host up to 1,000 simultaneous anonymous logins and has a dedicated 100mbps connection to the Internet.  

"This new AVault/GamesNET FTP server will certainly be one of the largest and fastest FTP sites exclusively dedicated to downloading game-related files. This is just the beginning of an entire process of systematic deployments of fast servers with fast connections,  that aim to suit the demands of the entire online gaming community." said James Thomason, president of  technology for GamesNET., Inc.( is a leading technology based company that designs, owns and operates websites in the entertainment and PC games segments, including the award-winning Adrenaline Vault Online Games Magazine.

GamesNET ( is a leading network/content provider for gaming related sites throughout the world.   Its offerings include redundant OC3 and higher direct Internet connectivity, as well as a global real time chat network with an extended userbase of 15,000 regular visitors.


Angel L. Munoz       Donald Wasylyna
CEO                    President, Inc.    GamesNET