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June 29, 1998

Definite .plan material:

I just read in the papers that and adviser said to be close to Clinton is saying that lovely Monica engaged Clinton in oral sex, but that it was not to completion, which is how it falls outside the category of infidelity in Bill's mind.

You would think that after the flack he got on the "I didn't inhale" quote about pot smoking that he'd know better than to try this defense again, eh?

I'm sure when your son's the President, a parent likes to think they helped mold them into the role. I can only imagine that if Bill's mom has reason to be proud, it's because she helped mold him for the job by buying into whatever excuse he gave every time she caught him doing something.


June 19, 1998

Hoops Postscripts: Indiana/Knicks: I cannot believe the calls Reggie Miller gets sometimes. Run at him while he's shooting? Whistle! Foul on you. Get your arm knocked by Reggie while you're shooting? The whistle is in the ref's pocket. Oh yeah, and don't bump him when you try and back him down in the low post, you run a real good chance on catching an offensive foul (oh yeah, Indiana totally deserved to win, though we certainly had a shot a stealing it). Utah: It was nice to see the Mailman deliver those last couple of days: I don't agree that every prominent player deserves a championship, but it's nice to see Karl put up an argument against the criticism that he disappears in the finals: he was quite the man in the last two games. Chicago: Michael's the man: I don't know how anyone can begrudge him... I can barely recall anything of the paying days of Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell, so it's a real treat to be exposed to the guy that draws that kind of comparison.

Teef. What's the deal with all the damn trips to the dentist, Blue? Okay to briefly answer this oft-asked question: I just had a bridge finished to replace a tooth that needed removal when the part under a crown broke (the crown, like all my dental woes, was due to some brutal dentistry in my youth). Next is another bridge to cover another tooth that broke under the weight of a huge filling that was in a cavity that developed under my braces: When that's all done, I'm getting the crowns in the front replaced: those were the result of a face-first pitch off the front of my bicycle on my 18th birthday. So the answer to why all the dentist trips: a combination of bad genetics, bad dental history, and bad luck. In short it's bad. Work done so far this year: Three extractions, two Crowns, a root canal, a temporary cap and a bridge: still to come? Another bridge, another crown, and then the replacement of those four crowns. I was detailing my trips to the dentist because for quite awhile there I had a toothache, and the pain was harming updates, but thankfully, that's not really the case any longer.

More hoops: Regarding my comments about Alonzo below. Um, yeah, spoke to soon, eh? Good thing I'm not a sports writer. Wait, maybe being a front-runner like that makes me qualified.


April 26, 1998

Go Knicks! Have I mentioned my dislike for the Miami Heat? Or the MIA Heat in the case of Tim Hardaway, who goes from the Fun Police to the Missing Persons Bureau: there's nothing I like more than seeing him come up empty in big games after the way he's run his mouth after he's come up big. I have to say though, regarding a player I used to consider the biggest bonehead in the NBA, Alonzo Mourning: in my view he has gone from being an immature, ill-tempered, selfish ballplayer that I always considered to be an obstacle between any team he was on and the championship, to being a smart, mature team player (albeit still a bit ill-tempered), who I think has a good chance at finishing his career with a ring. Funniest thing for me watching NBA broadcasts through the second half of this year is seeing Bud Maltin, the musician in those Prudential Securities ads, because he's the guy who played at my wedding. Weird, huh?

I had that wisdom tooth out... still hurts too much from the extraction to tell if it's helped the pain, but I'm kinda worried it didn't (which would mean a root canal in a molar next).


April 22, 1998

Happy Earth Day. As my Elementary School Principal, the especially sadistic Dr. Samuel Gallant said on the occasion of the inaugural Earth Day close to 30 years ago, "every day should be Earth Day!

Of little interest to most

Dental woes suck: I have not had nearly the severe work done as some I know of, but nonetheless I have been nagged by a severe lingering pain that is now over a month old. I am off today for my second unscheduled appointment in a week (I was supposed to have a month off between ordeals) to find out why I am having pain from a temporary bridge that should be pretty innocuous at this point. The theory we will explore today is that a wisdom tooth may be causing the problem, in which case it will be removed. You know you are in trouble when the prospect of another extraction (fourth in three weeks if it goes off) sounds great as long as it will fix things in the long run.

Of less interest to most

About news sites: the kind of news that appears on sites like mine does not appear out of thin air. I get about a request a day for a link to some news site or another, and when I check these sites out, I almost inevitably find a reprinting of stories that have already appeared on sites like mine. A few quick points:

Before you get off into "Blue gets so many visits he shouldn't worry about this stuff," you may be right (the very reason I've hesitated to address this until now, and why it's relegated to my pseudo-.plan file), but I feel like the theft of content (many other sites get ripped-off) is a serious issue for many sites, and many, perhaps noticing there are successful sites that indulge in theft occasionally, think that news theft is an acceptable form of content gathering, which, as far as I'm concerned it isn't.


March 9, 1998

I've been asked about this a lot, so at the risk of becoming involved in a war I want no part of, I offer some comments regarding Joost's comments about Redwood's (all the following represent nothing more than my personal opinions on the subject):

  1. It is not my place to tell Redwood how to run his site, nor do I believe it's Joost's.
  2. Nor is it an outsider's place to tell the audience what they should or should not expect from someone else's website. If the readers are satisfied and continue to visit, then the site is clearly working for them.
  3. Joost has always been very credible in my eyes, but I think when someone is involved in the management of a website (in Joost's case, PlanetQuake), one's negative opinions about their competition must be viewed in light of those relationships. This is not to say Joost slammed Red to promote PQ (I don't believe this is the case, I believe he was expressing a personal opinion), but it does raise conflict of interest questions. Also, as someone interested in the community aspects of what we do, I have to question the community spirit this displays (or lack thereof).
  4. Redwood's job does not permit him the luxury of time to devote to his site that some of us (myself included) have, but that doesn't make his site invalid. One of the biggest concerns I've had over the two years that I've run this site is that by succeeding at creating the best most comprehensive news page I could, I was discouraging other news sites (they used to close down with "I can't compete with Blue" messages). I think that an important aspect of news is choice: You have more than one newspaper to choose from, you have more than one TV news station, this is an important aspect of the system, ensuring the free flow of information. I want people to view Blue's News as their first choice for news, but it should be a choice, not their only option. There are a lot of wannabe news sites out there that never come up with anything new that hasn't already appeared on another news page, but when he's cranking, Redwood's is one of only a few places I can find news that I didn't already know of. That's more than enough justification for his site as far as I'm concerned.

Comments welcomed.

February 12, 1998

I have had such a lousy history with dentists, that I thought I'd pass along a recommendation for my current dentist as a public service for anyone in the New York City area who's looking for a top notch tooth doctor (be warned: he doesn't work cheap--and I mean that). Here's his info:

In the long run, I no longer endorse this dentist's work.


February 4, 1998

I am so exhausted... viruses suck (but Norton Anti-Virus rules!). Thank heaven (or someone) there's a new South Park tonight: I can use it .


January 28, 1998

The Super Bowl rocked: what a great game that was. Thank goodness because the commercials, often the high point of the broadcast, were easily the worst I can remember.

What an image turn-around for the two QB's in the Bowl. Elway was the talented guy who couldn't win the big one, and Favre was the winner of three consecutive MVP's that was going to win the big one a second time in a row to help ensure his place in the annals of the NFL as an all-time great. Of course, it is easily pointed out that QB's get too much credit for wins and blame for losses, but I'm talking about just that: how they are perceived. So now Elway gets more credit for being a winner, and Favre's mystique takes a hit as well. Interesting.

Speaking of public relations: interesting Clinton State-of-the-Union Address last night. He's quite the orator. One note: The semanticist in me was amused that in a speech that had every word scrutinized, he made the common error of misusing the word "literally" in saying that at the time of his first State-of-the-Union the World-Wide Web was being used by "literally a handful of scientists" (he said it twice).


January 8, 1998

Happy New Year! A little late on that, huh? I'm going nuts running back and forth putting together a computer, my machine here at the Blue Tower has been acting flaky lately... I just hate losing so much time running around on this, grrrr.

December 27, 1997

More football: I'm stunned. I just watched the Giants piss away their playoff opener to the Vikings in the most embarrassing manner possible. It is really a shame that Fassel did a good enough job with this truly mediocre team to make the playoffs... our draft position will ensure some more mediocrity in the future. Then there's the Knicks (sigh).

What a bummer.


December 20, 1997

Back from Valve... I could not be more psyched at this point about Half Life... those guys are doing an amazing job.

I did almost die touching down in Seattle, which is kinda weird. Seconds before my plane set down a gust of wind, or something (the pilot had mentioned there were heavy winds) hit, and the plane kicked over: I can't even imagine how close the right wing-tip must have come to the ground, surely it was a matter of a couple of feet at most. The pilot did an unbelievable job of righting the plane and turning what seemed like a certain crash into nothing more than a hard landing, inspiring applause from the passengers. I think it's pretty safe to say that for a few moment there, we all thought we were goners. I know I did.


December 10, 1997

More dentist, today the payoff (root canal). Ouch. I think I'll go to bed  :(


December 2, 1997

Off to the dentist. At least he uses gas  =)


December 1, 1997

In finding myself publicly attacked a couple of times recently, I got a chance to practice what I preach about biting my tongue and not lashing out with angry public words. After discussions via email, both situations worked themselves out without further ugliness, and some satisfaction for me (in one case with the posting of several opposing viewpoints, and in the second with an apology on their part). I received nothing but support during both disputes, and a number of questions about why I also apologized myself in the second instance. I apologized, not for being factually incorrect (since I wasn't), but for being disrespectful. I have to say though, it is very difficult to hold back a reaction to see if a resolution can be reached when you see something written about you in public which you know is unfair or untrue. While I will continue to try to follow this peaceful approach when attacked, I am not going to shy away from respectfully correcting other prominent online publications (including IGN's, in case that was a question), if it helps keep the truth in focus. I also have newfound sympathy for those who do choose to fight back. While I really do think public fights tend to make everyone look bad, to those who have found yourself attacked, I have to say I can't blame you for lashing back.

Following the theme of my thoughts on last week's game, the Giants lost yesterday's game at the line of scrimmage. The Bucs looked much more for real than I expected (maybe it's just the absence of those horrid orange uniforms), and Danny Kanell had a horrendous game missing open receivers all day. Fassel said it was to the point where he almost pulled him, so looks like more Dave Brown might be coming. It's depressing to try and look forward to the future when the team is as weak at QB as we are. Oh, and with our nifty surprisingly good record, we're not in a great spot to draft a future superstar (Phil Simms looks like he could step out of the broadcast booth and onto the field any minute, though... ).


November 24, 1997

I learned RFK Stadium is no more, the cool thing is that Washington's new stadium has resisted the sponsorship thing, and is Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. Joost Schuur tells me that the future of website advertising isn't banner ads, but in site branding like that: I dunno how I'd feel about that unless it could be Cheezy Poof's Blue's News... Last night's game was a classic smash mouth NFC east affair, the Redskins are pretty lucky for the tie. I'm sure their fans disagree, but the Giants were dominating the line of scrimmage by BLOWING them off the ball on both sides. The big blue running game was racking up gains, and the 'skins had trouble getting the ball back to the line of scrimmage. That is usually a good formula for victory. Of course, Danny K. did forget his role and tried to be Fran Tarkenton a couple of times, and that did not help.

Still the tie benefits us, as we own all the tie-breakers. Of course the joke is the Giants are just plain not that good, and are just gearing up to get wiped out early in the playoffs, but I'd rather over-achieve than under-achieve, so, I'll shut up and enjoy the ride.


November 23, 1997

Boy, Jedi Knight has got some butt-ugly models and some texture alignment that would embarrass most amateur level designers, but it is still quite impressive visually (the vertigo inducing skytop levels are amazing), and the single player game is awesome.

Sports: Cool! A couple of rivalries renewed today as Dallas visits Green Bay, and my first-place Giants take on the hated Redskins tonight at RFK (unless it's like Cheezy-Poof Stadium, or some other sponsored thing now).

I cannot believe the number of bounced replies to emails I get... it's okay to make the return address in your email client anonymous@ix.netcom.com (true example), if you want to, but it's silly then to write someone asking for an email response ASAP.


November 16, 1997

Work: I've been playing around with a Canopus Total3D128V. Holy shit does this thing rock. If the RIVA 128 GL mini-driver (rumored for tomorrow) lives up to expectations this is going to be the new King video card for Quake players. I'll write up something more of a real review when the mini-dirver is available.

Play: Following in a grand tradition: The QuakeCon ate my balls page. Also The Goddamn George Liquor Program Episode 3 is online. This one is mostly a commercial, but still funny. Thanks loony.

Sports: Giants Win! w00! As for the Knicks, while they have had a couple of losses they shouldn't have already, after blowing out the Kings in the revenge rematch last night, now had as many victories by 20 points or more as they did all last season, and have not yet given up 100 points in a game to an opponent. Oh yeah, Allan Houston for Mitch Richmond? In a heartbeat  =)


November 4, 1997

Had a great time at The FRAG... I should've posted my little article on it already, but I have had a ton of technical difficulties lately... everything with computers takes longer than you'd imagine.


October 31

Happy Halloween!

Just gearing up for The FRAG, I'm flying down to the Big D (Dallas, not Denny's) tomorrow. Speaking of Denny's, Process and I decided we're going to have a fistfight there (all proceeds to go to charity of course). We're not really violent people, so it may just degenerate into a food fight. Pancakes at 10 paces sounds more my speed anyway. Besides, if Bastard's not going, someone's got to get thrown out of Denny's   ;-)

Polish says that there will be a working 'Net connection for the web dudes to use at The FRAG, which didn't work out at QuakeCon, so I hope to update from there.


October 29 (part 2)

Wow an update already. This is gonna be fun! From BeerPhook's .plan:

I miss John Wayne, I miss Ronald Regan, and the Communist Chinese are going to eat us alive!

Chin up oh Lord o' Levels, you're mistaken. The explanation of why lies in Dennis Leary's tender classic, "The Asshole Song":

"John Wayne's not dead. He's frozen. And as soon as we find a cure for cancer we're gonna thaw out the Duke, and he's gonna be pretty pissed off. You know why? Have you ever taken a cold shower? Well multiply that by 15 million times, that's how pissed off the Duke's gonna be. I'm gonna get the Duke and John Casavetes and Lee Marvin, and Sam Peckinpaugh and a case of whiskey, and drive down to Texas and..."


October 29

Nutty link of the day: Spumco's Webcartoons! (thanks MonkeyBoy). Shockwave is required. For Ren and Stimpy fans only: if scatology (poopoo jokes) are not your thing, then neither is this (needless to say everyone in the community who's seen these cartoons loves 'em). This link is what finally inspired the creation of my make believe .plan file (MBPF).

I used to mock the idea of having a .plan if you have a website, but I understand the concept now: don't expect me to go flaming people here (at least not right away), but it is a place to talk about stuff that's not on topic, or is pure opinion or stuff. Like...

Sports: Hey damn! The Giants are in first place after half a season?? Well that warms my heart no end. Fassel is doing a good enough job, but I think if anything their success speaks of the benefits of a soft schedule. But it's hard to deny the difficulty of winning five in a row no matter what the schedule, so hope springs eternal (especially with Dave Brown on the bench).

What I really look forward to every year is pro hoops, though I have to say, as a Knick fan, I would feel a lot better about the team's approach if they would admit that the bench clearing incident against the Heat in the playoffs was their screw up rather than the league or anyone else jobbing them. In any event, I think that the team, two deep at every position, is as set to make a run at the crown as anyone in the league that doesn't have Michael, and if you didn't know it, though he looks like the ultimate nebbish, Jeff Van Gundy is as good a young coach as any in the game today.

I, like everyone on the 'net gets some wack email, but this one, with the subject line: "Angelic communications", took the cake, check out the opening paragraph:

Hello Stephen, I am Bringing you a message from the mind of St.Cco if you do not resonate with this information at this time please do not be discouraged, your awareness will come any day now. This is an invitation to establish a personal connect with five Archangels, each Angel opens your awareness with different aspects of growth and development.

Haha, the information age has come so far that Angels now communicate through spam?? Sorry, I do not "resonate" with this information.

Hmmm, now I've got to go figure out a song of the day............

* This disclaimer intentional garbled: get it? -- Basically this stuff is meant as opinion, and fun and stuff... there's my disclaimer.