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Mouse Resources Page

First Things First
If you don't keep the inside of your mouse clean of gunk (technical term) then none of the rest of this will help you. Use a cotton swab and a conservative dose of alcohol to clean the rollers inside the mouse, or with care, the old scrape-and-blow will also work. A clean mouse is a happy mouse.

Mouse Sampling
PS/2 and serial mice sample at a fixed rate of 40 Hz under Windows 95/98 and 60 Hz under Windows NT, causing what many players would call poor responsiveness. For some time the only known solution to this problem was to use a USB (Universal Serial Bus) mouse, since it samples at a rate of 125 Hz, but there is now a solution to low sampling rate problems for PS/2 mouse users. While there is no known way to increase the sampling rate of a serial mouse, the following tools allow you to change the sampling rate for PS/2 mice under both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT:

Mouse Pads
Can a mouse pad make a difference? Most hardcore players I know swear by the 3M Precise Mousing Surface. Here's a mini-review I posted on October 10, 1998 and some tips sent along by Tony Fabris on how to keep a Precise Mousing Surface in game condition:

3M Precise Mousing Surface Mini-Review by Blue

I am playing around with the updated version of one of the few products that I can endorse without the slightest hesitation (or compensation for that matter), the 3M Precise Mousing Surface. I think I can lay claim to being one of the first to spill the beans about this little wonder some time ago, and I've seen others mention it since, but if you're not familiar with the PMS, it's a terribly thin mousepad with tiny fingerprint-like ridges that help maintain traction on your mouseball. The increased precision (hence the name) this provides can actually help increase your frag count (a bit), and I can easily call this the best mousepad I've ever used. 3M has addressed complaints that the pad was too small by increasing its area a bit, while addressing the other major complaint as well by lowering the suggested price (it was original close to $20). About the only bad thing you can say about them is that they are fugly: They were originally a mainstream product, and though 3M now realizes they appeal to gamers, the designs on these things look like Formica countertops. A basic black would have been so nice. Anyway, a mouse pad is not easy to get enthusiastic about, which makes this one all the more remarkable. Highly recommended.

3M PMS Tips
by Tony Fabris

1) The pad is flexible and somewhat fragile. If you bend or scratch it seriously, it will create "dead spots" in the surface that will make the pad useless. So if you spend a lot of time going to LAN parties (like I do), you should make sure to keep the original packaging that the pad came in.

2) Since the pads are so thin, they sometimes tend to curl quite a bit, causing them to not be perfectly flat on your desk at all times. This also makes them nearly useless. So if you have a problem with the pad curling, do what I did: Buy some spray-mount adhesive (coincidentally made by 3M, too, go figure), and use it to stick the pad to your desktop. Don't worry, it's not permanent and it peels off nicely without leaving a residue behind. (This assumes that your desk has a standard kind of top surface and it's not painted or anything odd like that.)  The label gives instructions on how to create a permanent mounting or a temporary mounting.

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