Can You Name These Two? Contest Results
April 19, 1999

The two men in the photo are Robin Williams (left) and Ritual's Richard "Levelord" Grey (right).

Congrats to Leif Schweiss, winner of the tiebreaker, who earned an autographed copy of Sin for his efforts.
Some of the comments on the photo are listed below.

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Thanks to all who entered. Most serious guesses got Robin Williams correct: The number one guess was "Robin Williams and Jeff Foxworthy," which mystified many of those self-same respondents as to why a photo of two comedians was posted here.  A scattering of responses also thought it was another comic, several some combo or another of John Cleese, Michael Palin, and "the guy from Monty Python," with a few additional responses thinking the second comic was Gallager (though no votes for his brother Ron...). Several respondents guessed me, and a few others loonyboi, I presume trying to figure out the trick, rather than actually noting a resemblance. Here are a few of the more amusing comments:

It's Robin Williams at a Mork and Mindy fan conference! Just look at the fanboy to the right of him in his Mork-suspenders! Robin seems to have that "please kill me" look on his face as he tries to pretend not to notice the that cola or brandy?

Robin Williams and some other guy from Ork.
--Jason Johansen

I hope the prize is not LL's suspenders.

Robin Williams is on the left of course.
The guy on the right looks like Pat Harrington, Jr., the guy that played Schneider on "One day at a time."

Robin Williams in line for Star Wars
--Rick Terrill

Hmmm...I'm going to guess Robin Williams and Jeff Foxworthy.
(If that's incorrect, my second guess is Two People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen).
--Matt "Hastur" Dimmic

On the left Robin Williams
On the right Matt Ferguson, who lives down the street from me and always wanted to be a fireman
--J. (NecroLingus) Branson

Okay- you guys will probably just ignore this, but it would win if this contest was on VE! On the left we have Robin Williams.  On the right we have a male prostitute that Robin paid to dress up like Mork (note suspenders).  Robin wanted to fulfill a long-standing autoerotic fantasy (note look of disgust on Robin's face and his need of a good stiff drink).  The two just completed their mission (note look of happiness on prostitute's face- that's cash-money in hand!) and the original caption was Mork dorks Mork (how you guys got this from Robin's safety deposit box, I dont wanna know).  um- hrmm.  Seemed funny at the time.  No offense to whoever those two REALLY are.

Just downed my triple 20 oz. mocha... and I feel geeked out enough to make a couple of goofy guesses... :-P
Guy on the left is Robin Williams.
Guy on the right is a lumberjack.
They are at the annual "It's okay to be a lumberjack" meeting... Notice that the lumberjack is smiling smugly, after all he is a lumberjack and it's okay. Robin Williams has a disbelieving look on his face, kind of a "What the f___?" look. Robin is obviously there for the free drinks...

the picture shows robin williams and paul newman (i guess)
--reshmi thomas

Robin Williams & Jeff Foxworthy (apparently in a pocket pool contest)

lets see the man on the left is Robin Williams, and the man on the right is luigi of the Mario bro's fame.
--Eric Tams

Those two guys are none other than Bruce Willis and Jimmy Smitz
--Brandon Fish

guy on the left is Robin Williams.  guy on the right is....Orson?!?