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Mail Bag

Monday, June 29, 1998

From: James Gentile
Subject: RIVA TNT is a Bomb

I have been in correspondence with the author of that article about the TNT on 3D overtime, Michael Fleming and it seems he is unaware that the TNT boards being previewed currently run at lower clock speeds than the production consumer board will, this is a 70Mhz versus 125Mhz board. Or his reasoning, the review on cyrellis 3D didn't mention this fact so it's probably not true, but it seems to me if Tom of Tom's Hardware is previewing a TNT running at 70Mhz on the 18th of June then cyrellis is previewing the same on the 23rd just 5 days later. An assumption, but one I think is safe to make. This affects speed projections of this hardware significantly, imo. and makes the article "Is the TNT as dynamite as advertised" completely inaccurate and deceiving, possibly biased and completely unfit to post and link to in a medium that is viewed by millions. I know you probably don't have time to verify every little fact of every article you link to and that's why I'm taking the time to provide a service to you and other readers of who are looking for accurate, unbiased, fact filled information.

From: Dry Vermouth
Subject: Active Imaginations

Dear Blue, As I can tell by the overwhelming excitement in your posts about the Gaming Enquirer, I simply wanted to write and clear a few things up. As you have pointed out, BitchX's page as well as mine front the apparent disclaimer:

"This web page is provided for amusement purposes only and is not represented to be fact."

Now, sure, we could take this to the most extreme extent of the expression and make news up for entertainment purposes only, however, this disclaimer simply states that the news posted on my site may not be 100% accurate all of the time, simply due to the sources of the news, not at all by using my imagination and posting falsities.

It is funny how this "trend" has started. I am not quite sure what spurred the creation of my page, other than boredom. I did not want to enter into the gaming community doing an ordinary news site. I feel that this section of the neighborhood is covered wonderfully by you, redwood, voodooextreme, as well as scary's news. I did not realize that this would set a trend in the community.

Sure BitchX's page was a great influence on my decision, however, I also wanted to offer news on various other items such as N64, Flight Sims, and other games that might not be covered by the prominent foursome mentioned above. I in no way mean to aggravate you, or the other "real-news" webmasters. I simply want to offer an opinion as well as sometimes the "real story" behind various companies. I am not out to criticize everything I see, and I in no way go out of my way to do this.

I hope this clarifies my position in the Texas Martini Foundation. No, I'm not trying to Rage Against the Machine and simply bash everything and anything I can. I simply wish to offer an alternative to the community at hand.

I hope this helps, and simply do not want you to look down on the simple news page that I present to the on-line readers.

Sincerely, Dry Vermouth

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