June 23,1999 -- Previous Mailbag

Letters are edited for spelling errors only, and may contain profanity. Commentary by Jason "loonyboi" Bergman.

That Yes reference of mine....

From: VorTeX
Subject: A YES reference.. woot!

Liked the Yes reference. But remember as Jon Anderson put it (never EVER try to decipher his lyrics btw..).. it could be worse...

Owner of a lonely heart
Much better than -
Owner of a broken heart

And besides.. you should be thanking somebody it's not Roundabout! Though it would make for an interesting cinematic..

"In and around the lake mountains come out of the sky and they stand there..."

Kinda brings a monty python like mountain with feet into mind, eh? :)

Got a kick out of reading that, being a big fan of theirs and all..

You're right...Roundabout would have been downright scary. :)

Regarding KDE.

From: TedC
Subject: KDE Browser

>Just to add complications, I've received a couple of notes pointing out that
>our theoretical all-browser support is not 100% as there seems to be a problem
>with this site and the KDE browser for Linux, but I'm not aware of any HTML
>problems that would cause this (perhaps it's related to the iFrame thingy?).

The KDE browser has a lot of trouble rendering anything other than basic HTML. At this point it's used mostly for KDE's on-line help system; it's not really useable for anything else at its current state of development. I am happy to report that KDE itself is much further along in its development than the browser.

>I don't think there are all that many KDE users out there, but I'm certainly
>open to any theories about the problem.

There are several million of us world-wide, mostly Linux users. I use it at home as my main desktop, but I use Netscape as my main web browser. I wouldn't even worry about the KDE browser at this point -- the problem is with the browser, not your page.


From: Ken Overgard
Subject: KDE

Don't be so quick to discount the number of KDE users. KDE is the leading DE for's included in RedHat 6.0 (along with GNOME, the only other DE for Linux).

It stands poised to take Linux into the mainstream...the power of Linux, the ease of use of Windoze...give it a few more months and I'd be ready to install it on my mom's computer. Yup, it's that good. I'm sure you have a spare computer somewhere--

play around with Red Hat's awesome.

I have Red Hat 6.0 myself (it's somewhere in my enormous collection of operating systems) and I do like KDE quite a bit. I'm certainly not going to get involved in the GNOME vs. KDE battle that so people get heated over...if you ask me, they're both pretty swanky.

Oh those zany Mac dealers!

From: stephen jenkinson
Subject: singing the blues myself

I just ordered my dual PIII system and found out I have to settle for a mere TNT while Diamond catches up with their back orders. And to top things off I live on Martha's Vineyard and the only computer store is a Mac dealer who'll try to tell me an iMac is faster than dual PIIIs and how I can build Half-LIfe levels via the pc emulator.<sigh>

Steve Jenkinson

P.S I'm not even exaggerating about the Mac guy he told me this once while I was trying to find a SCSI adapter

Quitcher whinin'!

From: RawHyde
Subject: since everyone else is whining....

My biggest complaint about online gaming is how much whining goes on in this fine community. So now I am a hypocrite...

In response to 'You mean Q3Test isn't Quake 3? by Robert Smith' ("id spoil us with all the goodies they chuck at us for FREE"), and the 50+ responses to complaints about TFC ("you cant complain because you got it for free")...I PAID FOR MY QUAKE1, QUAKE2, and HALF-LIFE COPIES! ... nothing is for free, kids. Anything that they toss at us to sweeten the deal sells more copies and presells their *next* product. These *free gifts* cost me many boxes of Kraft Dinner, frozen waffles, and spaghetti noodles (oh, and ketchup for all of the above). As a student with limited resources, I reserve the right to whine about that which i pay for.

oh, and...

To you who whine about bad ping and the resulting lag when you get in a game, GET OUT!!! (because you are causing it)

To those who whine when discovering the server is railgun-only Q2, why are you playing with me on it? (another, as above, substituting "Action" for "railgun-only") oh, and to everyone else who wont shut up about "loudmouth whiners", read my second sentence...

And by the way, to all those who whine about camping... Thanks, because your attention is what makes it worthwhile. ok, I'm done now.

{btw, keep it up... Blues News Mailbag rocks.}

My stupidity.

From: Hooligan
Subject: KrazyGlue

In reference to your Brilliant Advice of the Day I figured you might be interested in these two links. Looks like the medical community is looking at Krazy Glue as a alternative to stitches:



From: Addys
Subject: Remark about loony's "krazyglue" advice :)

Just wanted to say that the coin has two sides... I was doing army reserve service a while ago, and while hauling my equipment, the fingernail on my index finger was badly broken and almost torn off. Needless to say, a two week desert training course isn't the best time to go running around without a fingernail. So..... I managed to find some superglue and GLUED the damn thing back on... felt totally normal and lasted till the end of the training :)

funny thing, but fingertip/fingernail injuries can throw your whole body out of whack. Thank god for superglue !

P.S. Great site, keep up the good work, yadda yadda yadda ;)

Well first of all....OW! That's really disturbing to think about. :)

Anyway, the reason I put that bit of brilliant advice in the morning post is because me being the complete yutz that I am, I managed to get Krazy Glue all over my hands. Now the easy way to get the stuff off would just be to use nailpolish remover, and well, what can I say...I didn't have any. So I spent hours trying to get that stuff off of me.

The moral of this story? Don't be a fool like me. ;)

His 'lo ness.

From: Ari Steinberg
Subject: re: levelord & opfor

I know that this is not your error, but I noticed a mistake in the press release about Levelord you posted. It says, "Levelord, best known for his work on Ritual's SiN, 3dRealms' Duke Nukem 3D, and id Software's Quake: Scourge of Armagon..." id Software's Quake: Scourge of Armagon? Shouldn't that be Hypnotic's (sp?) (Ritual's old name)?

I'm sure if you call them on it, they'll point out that it was a mission pack, so id's name is all over there...but yeah, technically it was developed by Hipnotic. And HipDM1 rocks. Just felt like saying that. :)

Start writing smaller letters!

From: Ertai
Subject: Long Letters

I'm really bothered by these long letters that seem to appear off and on in your mailbag. Can't the people who write them be a bit more concise? I mean, i usually read the first 2-3 paragraphs, then i'll start to scan for another paragraph or two. And if the end is not in sight by then, I just hold down my scroll button. When you write in you want people to read it, and I believe most people aren't going to read a long boring letter, even if it is on an important topic. And if you really do have to write a lot, please try to make it a little interesting.


You heard the man...start being concious of your word counts.


From: Mike Plemmons
Subject: Id interview suggestion

OK, I have seen enough interviews of the Id guys that it almost is annoying. I think Id is the greatest but what someone needs to do is go in a different direction. Has anyone ever thought of interviewing Id's secretary?? I mean she has got to have some stories.

What do you think,
Mike Plemmons

Well, I don't know about id's secretary (do they even have one, technically?) but I can't say that I've ever read an interview with Donna Jackson, id's office manager and unofficial mom.

Your ad here.

From: Brann Mitchell
Subject: Mail Bag- the little bios that could

I just read that Phoenix will be selling ads in their startup routines (or wherever). Well, I did some digging and I got a few email addresses for their PR dept. and am urging one and all to send them our thoughts. I did. Here's the web page that links to their email:

What a stupid idea. Just plain stupid. And to think that the fool who thought it up probably got a raise, stock-options, and a trip to Hawaii-- to boot. Stupid. Did I say that? Yeah, fucking stupid.

Brann Mitchell

Someone always does it first.

From: hal[9k]
Subject: Comment on Randamu Quake II

I noticed on your Sunday article about Randamu Quake II that they have a 'unique scoring method that rewards "streaks" where a player gets a run of frags without dying.' This concept has been a part of Action Quake for quite some time (they called it Stayin' Alive). While I can't exactly vouch for it's originality in AQ, it's certainly not unique to Randamu.

hal[9k] - AQDT

Regarding the "foxing" of the Generations mod.

From: Adam 'Bakshra' Krumbein
Subject: defending id

Okay, am I the ONLY one who doesn't think id is an evil, bloodsucking, money-hoarding company for causing the termination of the Generations project?

First of all, I think it *IS* unfortunate that the TC god shut down. It's always sad to see a group of people's hard work totally wasted. It would have been nice if they were able to continue with the project, but I do not agree with everyone that is going around and spamming IRC and message boards with comments such as "ID SUX! DOWNLOAD GENERATIONS AT BLAH.COM AND SHOW ID WHO'S BOSS! THOSE FUCKERS ONLY WANT MONEY!"

I don't see why people can't grasp the simple fact that there are laws, copyrights, and trademarks for a reason, to protect peoples property. Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Quake, and Quake 2 span many years and many publishers, Apogee, GT, id themselfs and Activision, respectively. These publishers are all different, competing corporate entities. When generations mixed and matched parts from all 4 of these things, I can only imagine the legal tangle that would ensue on id's end, with all of these different publishers having THEIR work used in some way not legally allowed. As I have come to understand it, id did NOT want to pull the plug on generations. I'm sure they loved the idea, and wouldn't have cared if it was made. It's not like it would case them to lose any money, as you have to have the full version of Quake 2 to play.

The problem stems from the contracts with the publishers. Material used in previous games has never really been allowed to be used in other id games, unless heavily modified, or made from scratch to resemble the original item. This is why past Wolfenstein-related mods around the net have been shut down. The same applies to generations' use of copyrighted material. It also bring into play that *4* different publishers are involved. As much as id might have wanted to allow them to continue work, they cannot just simply back out of 4 separate contracts that have been set up by lawyers. There is just no way they could do that, and still protect their work from being stolen illegally by less-then-notable companies trying to make a quick buck. It's unfortunate that this level of protection is needed, because it restricts the creation of great mods, such as generations.

I'd like to stress that I'm not a lawyer in any way, shape or form. I just don't see why such a big deal is being made, it's not that hard to understand why id did what they did. People need to learn a little bit about how the world works, and how business works.I'd also like to note the maturity of the generations team through out this ordeal. They seem to have a positive outlook on things, and have NOT been the ones blaming id for this.

Adam 'Bakshra' Krumbein

Responding to "who does this guy think we are?"

From: Talon
Subject: Who does this guy think we are?

Hey...this guy's email is funnier than you know....I did the strat guide for Duke Nukem TTK, and if he isnt saving between levels anyway, he's got bigger problems. It's a PSX game - you don't save between levels, and you have to play all the way through each time. As for his issue with the surpises, I'm not sure why he can' t play them (they're bonus levels that you can play AFTER YOU SAVE). Maybe he's trying to play them on the same PC he used to email you?

I'd say he might have been playing it with Bleem! but having done that myself, I wouldn't recommend it. :)

Thanks to Tony Fabris.

From: Shane "Tanj!" Stenger
Subject: Response to Tony Fabris "How to Read Blue's News" More
Factoids for the Faithful

I've got to send kudos out to Tony for passing that tip along. I've been also doing the same for quite a while now as well. But their is one thing that you have to be careful of! The dreaded crashing of the browser. Everyone who uses Netscape or IE knows what I'm talking about (Opera users can stop reading now). I have found that when you have lots of browser windows open (i.e. its has been a good news day on multiple news sites) that your browser likes to piss you off and will crash unexpectedly and POOF their goes all your unread news. (No its not related to running out of RAM. While both browser eat up the RAM 128 should be enough.)

You then have to go back through Blues News and re-open the news articles that you had been interested in. My remedy for this has been to just be more conservative of the windows. Open only one days worth of news links before reading more Blues News and finish one news sight completely including links before going to the next. Hopefully these tips will help b/c nothing sucks more than having to spend 30 minutes + going back though news you've read already looking for links again.

-Shane "Tanj!" Stenger

I fragged her rotten, baby, yeah!

From: jason "molotov" sewall
Subject: nothing terriblly interesting

so, just a thought: with all this buzz about "the spy who shagged me", don't you think it's about time for a quake (1,2) mod "the spy who fragged me?" who knows?

jason "molotov" sewall

More on the Teeny PrintTM

From: Russell Lauzon
Subject: Mailbag

>Your friend is wrong. Oh, so wrong. When spelled correctly, here's how they break down:
>floccinaucinihilipilification = 29 characters
>antidisestablishmentarianism = 28 characters
>The teeny printTM is law.

Antidisestablishmentarianism doesn't count anyway because it's not a "root" word. It's got suffixes and prefixes all over the place (consider the root is "establish"). Otherwise we could do neat things like antifloccinaucinihilipilificationism. Or whatever. Man I must be bored.


Actually, that's not true. Antidisestablishmentarianism is a root word, because there isn't such a thing as disestablishmentarianism in and of itself.