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Mail Bag

Monday, May 25, 1998

Date: Monday, May 25, 1998 10:58 AM
From: Michael Monahan
Subject: QuakeWorld

What the hell is going on with all of these news sites regarding the state of quake? From Blues, Redwoods, Captured,and Planet Quake, there has been an uneasy silence regarding the release of QW 2.2 and 2.21, with the exception of a note about their release.

But this release deserves a lot more coverage than that. The first version, 2.2, was flat rejected by 95% of the servers, yet it still managed to throw virtually every Quake tournament into utter chaos, as shown by an update on Captured.Com, where three separate tourneys were backing three different versions of quake world. 2.21 was released over the weekend, and that fracture in the Quake community seems to have widened, not diminished. A tournament we intended to play in, High Ping Madness, sent out their schedule notice with the word that "all clans must make sure their servers are 2.01 servers." This was followed in my email with a note from KL saying we had a scheduled match, and that they noticed we would NEED to convert our server to 2.01 for the match to be played. The end result, is that we have dropped from the tournament....."upgrading" and "downgrading" the server from match to match is just not feasible.

Now about the release itself. The game now plays either a lot like NQ or a lot like Quake2, neither satisfying why I continued to play Quake. The game speed is sluggish, player prediction is bizarre, as it now seems harder to hit an opponent. Water feels more like molasses than H2O. And these are just some of the qualities of the upgrade you'll see IF you get connected. QW 2.2 and 2.21 ships with a version (1.53) of gamespy that I couldn't find on the gamespy site (1.52 or 2.0 beta 1 or 5 were all I found). I was running 2.0 beta 1 of gamespy, and got an error message saying that I needed to "upgrade (?) my server browser to connect". In truth, the only workaround with 2.2 was to DOWNGRADE my gamespy to the included 1.53 version, which did work, after erasing all of my server information from the "newer" version I was using. Now, with 2.21, NO version I have of gamespy is responding. I had to use qview to connect for practice. I logged onto the support chat channel for gamespy last night to see what could be done, and was told they had no idea. Swell.

So why, after all of the above, why in the hell would ANYONE even want this version? Because it does one thing right. It takes an aggressive stand against known cheats, and gives honest quakers a shot at competing on a level playing field. The sad thing is, in order to restore some integrity to net play, the game itself, imho, may have been ruined for all. I reinstalled Quake2 and began playing it last night out of sheer frustration. That frustration is leading me personally to a position I didn't think I'd find myself in for a long time where I am more or less forced to make a decision on which game I want to play. And that decision looks less and less like Quake 1 for me personally with each passing hour.

Isn't it ironic that just as UNREAL ships proclaiming itself the "Quake Killer" on the back of the box, the real killer may in fact be the one man who brought more to net quake than anyone, Zoid.

Date: Monday, May 25, 1998 11:39 AM
From: Nour Sharabash
Subject: unreal reviews

can one of you please explain to me why all these online game review sites give fanatical reviews of every single damn game in existance? I don't trust them anymore. I realize that I don't represent the entire gaming community, but it seems that almost everybody I talk to agrees with my opinions on certain games (specifically: unreal, etc). so why is it that none of these game review sites ever give an honest opinion of the game? by some strange chance to they _all_ actually love this crappy game? or maybe they are being paid by the companies that put the games out to give it a good review even if it is crap. all these review sites succeed only in misleading the masses of online gamers into purchasing a piece-of-shit game. if I was the one running these 3d game news pages, I would always post a "CAUTION: this link directs you to a review site, please remember that all they ever do is post bullshit so that u can waist your money on a crappy game" before every review site link I posted.

back to my question: can one of you please explain just why these sites do what they do? I am honestly curious if they get paid to lie, or what.

Date: Monday, May 25, 1998 5:02 AM
From: Steve
Subject: Damn You

(Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Damn your hide for praising Unreal! I went out and bought it straightaway and haven't hardly slept a wink since.  And when I do, I see those damn skaarj rolling sideways to slash me in my dreams.  Worst part is that I don't know whether to blame you, Epic, the internet or who... Oh well, guess that's my burden to bare.

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