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Mail Bag

Saturday, May 23, 1998

Date: Saturday, May 23, 1998
From: The Lone_Coder
Subject: Infrequently used parts of the site

OK. Number one, the "Help Wanted". For one thing, most of the ads have been up for several months. Also, many of the links don't work. Also, there aren't really any new ads. Also, Nakedman's TC List is no longer operable.

Number two, the "LAN parties". The one-off's start at April the 25th...about a month ago. Sort it out please.

Broken links in the news archives? What fun.

A Mailbag that stops at April the 3rd...getting worse. Almost two months now.

Or how about the grand total of 13 articles for the past two years? What do those things do, anyway?

Wow! The Gamer's Guide has 6 paragraphs on Quake II. And, surely, doesn't "updated" mean "brought up to date"? As opposed to "brought up to date several months ago"?

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, and I know it's one helluva job to maintain a site with regular updates - especially with so many "orbiting" features like the Gamer's Guide - but these things could use a little work.

The Lone Coder

Guilty as charged. No excuses. Here's the deal: I've got a plan to make the Help Wanteds rock, but for now, they were limping badly. They are now off-line for repair. They will be back "when they're done." I am terribly sorry to do this, since I've gotten several emails from people who now work in gaming thanks to that list. Hopefully it will be a short wait. Second, those LAN Parties are updated now: freshness dated for your protection. As for the broken links in the news archives, if you're talking about files, that's intentional (the old versions go away): there are some images missing from the archives but I am adding those back by hand, and frankly, it's not my #1 priority at the moment. We updated the MailBag here: cheap I know, but hey, give me a break, I'm getting my ass kicked in this letter. The Articles Section? It is what it is, the repository for the occasional article that shows up here. though it's possible that this area will pick up, that's speculative at this point, I didn't mean the existence of that section to imply that lots of articles would be posted there. Now don't rag on the Guide right now: there's been a lot of dramatic shifting in the air around here, but there's an overhaul in the works there (note Dakota's post on Captured).

These points are well taken: areas of the site that are not updated properly suck: I'm going to try and make doubly sure no   one needs to slap me sensible like this again.

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