April 11,1999 -- Previous Mailbag

Letters are edited for spelling errors only. Commentary by Jason "loonyboi" Bergman.

More SiNfulness...

From: Jonathan Forster
Subject: Re: Is Sin the most under-rated game of all time?

It's not just Half-Life that's responsible for Sin's poor performance, nor is their appalling attempt to push it out the door before HL either (which is enough to make me wait till it gets into the bargain bin before I buy it). Thief is out there too. Now while Thief's 3D definitely lacks and it's only single player, that SP game runs _rings_ around HL, and HL kicks ass IMHO -- I hope they ignore the requests for multiplayer personally, the SP game is _awesome_. No bugs either, the 1.33 patch addresses a few minor issues, none of which I ever noticed the first time I played it through. And talk about replayability, the difference between the hardness levels is extraordinary, almost a new game for each setting -- and man, you betta be good to play that puppy on Expert.


Stop looking at me!

From: Dan 'Neurobasher' Gomes
Subject: Blue eye on lower left corner

Dude, please take that blue eye image on the page's lower left corner away, it kinda' creeps me out! I used to visit your page like 2-3 times a day, but when I see that thing it really bothers me, I can't explain, maybe it's the way it moves every once in a while, distracts me from the text I'm trying to read.

And don't tell me I need help 'cause no one's getting all psychotic over it... at least not yet. =)

Dan 'Neurobasher' Gomes

Quick! Somebody call Guiness!

From: Joe Kennebec
Subject: Team Fortress Classic - record?

Last night, I could see ~480 servers and ~3500 people playing TFC. Isn't that some kind of record? If not, it sure is impressive.

That is pretty impressive, although I'm fairly sure that Quake 1 is still the record holder...anyone out there know the exact figures on QuakeWorld in its peak?

On Female Fragging...

From: big_o_lar
Subject: all male frag fest

dont get this wrong i am happy for a all girl im sorry woman frag fest but what would happen if blue had a man only party i bet we would hee something about that

Aren't all regular tournaments all male frag fests? :)

Ironic, isn't it?

From: Joe Kennedy
Subject: Irony and Allanis Morrisette

Hiya Steve,

Heh heeeee! Got a grin by way of "Out of the Blue" today. Nice to know it's not just me that has a problem with Allanis Morrisette's perception of irony.

Although I really dig the song, it's pretty clear to me she's clueless on the subject. "...Like rain on your wedding day," "A traffic jam when your already late." Those things aren't ironic in the *least* bit. Frustrating maybe, but irony???

I think not.

A very funny Irish comedian on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (I *love* that show BTW) did a funny bit about her saying, "a traffic jam? Noooo that's not irony. Now, if yer a city planner on the wee to a meetin' where yere to be discussin' ways to fix the traffic problem, and yere stuck inna jam that prevents ye from makin' the meetin' and fixin' the problem...... Now THAT's irony."

He goes on to say that the real irony here is that, "We've got a girl here's written a song aboot irony who's absolutely no idea what irony is in the first place!!" Very funny stuff.

Thanks for a wonderful web page. I have it with coffee *every* morning. It really is my morning paper. :-) And welcome to Jasonian!

-Malcontent (Joe Kennedy)

"Jasonian"? I'll assume you mean me. Thanks, dude.

A public message for GT Interactive

From: Joel Blackwell
Subject: A call out to GT

Hi, I'm not sure if you accept this kind of thing, but it'd be greatly appreciated if you could place what's below on your site. With the innability to get your message across to publishers these days, we've decided to try a different method. Just let me know if you can't for any reason. Thanks :) I've placed the URLs for the sites in brackets... not sure if that makes things easier or harder for you, but anyway...

A call out to GT.

It doesn't take a genius to realise that Blood 2 wasn't the box office hit many thought it might be, however, the Blood community being as strong as it is, many projects have begun using the promising game as a solid base. Gods 2 ( and Blood 2 Resurrection ( for example, are both two such projects that are looking to break the mould of standard gaming projects, yet without the Blood 2 tools, the further development of such projects can not continue. The purpose behind my speaking out as such, is that after months of patient waiting, GT Interactive still have not authorised the release of the tools. Blood fans have sat and watched as various patches for Blood 2 have been authorised and released, yet the tools still left without comment. One might even think GT Interactive have forgotten about requests to release the tools and placed the current issue on the backburner.

This is a request from every Blood 2 fan to release the tools, so that many projects can be continued. Without such support, GT Interactive are simply signing the life of Blood 2 and its community away...

-The Bloodites.

Etherial excitement

From: Robertkre
Subject: Requiem for Sleeper of the Year!

This game has all the elements that Half-Life has and way more. You guys should really check this game out. 3DO has the most original and fun to play game since Wolfenstein and Doom. Atmosphere is down right horifying.

I haven't seen the full game yet, but from what I saw at the CPL event last month, I can honestly say that Requiem has the best death messages i've ever seen. As for the rest of the game, I have no idea yet. :)

Oy with the HERCs...

From: James Ell
Subject: Correction to Item in Mailbag

Herc is short for HERCULEAN. That is an acroynm for (/me whips out the Starsiege Compendium)....
Humaniform-Emulation Roboticized Combat Unit with Leg-Articulated Navigation.


Datumplane::Starsiege -

Does that make John Cook an Oompa Loompa?

From: Pete Kracht
Subject: Robin Walker or Willy Wonka!!!

HAHAAHAH, I had to tell you about this as soon as I read the ozTF interview with Robin Walker. As I was reading it I realized it is exactly in the same manner Willy Wonka talked when he was describing the flavored wallpaper in the movie. It is freaking hilarious and I highly recommend that you go read it again with this in mind.

Cheers, and keep up the good work.


We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

An empassioned plea

From: Nolan Bailey
Subject: Daikatana


Can you please post something positive about Daikatana...? and cover it with some of your frequent updates...?

I've really become frustrated how you never seem to post anything about this game... when you do post about the company or the game... it is usually a link to a slam article... or some sort of negative press.

I'm not saying they aren't having problems... but, it seems like you're always there kicking them while they are down with your coverage... by your lack of coverage... and negative press.

Please give Daikatana some good, fair, unbiased, and positive press... perhaps read Daikatana news.... or their site...this is probably going to be a good game from John Romero... give it some positive press, please...?

Please consider these suggestions and observations...


Figures a guy named Conan would figure it out...

From: Conan Ford
Subject: blank space

Hey! I've uncovered your little plot. HTML tags! The humanity!

It's true...those are indeed the tags. But it's what's between them that's special.

Mices, meeces, gooses, geeses

From: Jman
Subject: Future Mouse Design

Here's what I think will be the Ultimate future mouse design, at least I hope so! I cut and pasted this, I hope it formats correctly. If you have the time please tell me what you think of it!

The Ultimate mouse
Mouse pad with a crystal clear glass/or plastic covering over a really fine grid (many lines very close together and very thin.) Mouse rolls over with ball rollers and uses a laser (with a glass covering) to detect vertical/horizontal movement.

Vertical/Horizontal lines differentiated either by color, tone, or both. Can detect ultra slow to ultra fast movement with extreme precision using a very high refresh rate. No worries about having proper friction like current mice that uses a ball to spin rollers and the roller speed is sensed. Maintenance as simple as tissue and windex, and making sure the rollers roll smoothly.

I used a "laser mouse" back in the 80's on my Apple IIC, and I can honestly say that it was a total waste of money. That hard-metal mousepad annoyed the bejesus out of me, too. :)

The genius that is John Carmack

From: tie
Subject: Quake Arena and Y2K

I heard that Quake Arena will be fully optimized and will patch any computer with Y2K incompatability issues. I also heard that John Carmack has written an application that will solve the Y2K crisis, but it will only be bundled with Quake III/ this true?

I heard that Carmack had cured cancer, world hunger, and solved the crisis in Kosovo, but they ran out of room in the box.

Does ATI know about this?

From: Skinnydaddy
Subject: rage 128

rage 128=coffie cup warmer,tost maker, hot plate ect........

HEY! It's the truely first multi use video card!!!!!!!


for that hungry gamer who does not have time to gib their friends and make a snack!


Kinda brings new meaning to the name, "all-in-wonder" doesn't it? :)

The final word on the blank space...

From: mrBlond
Subject: Mailbag: Empty space

Don't y'all know that's where you anchor your rubber ducky.
Beware the blue waves!


I tried to come up with something witty to put here...but I think it speaks for itself.