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Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Date Tue, 3 Feb 1998 232329 -0000
From "Richard Smith"
Subject Eraser Bot problem

"In regards to the Eraser Bot v0.5 install, sometimes a Quake 2 installation can be saved with a simple reinstallation, other times it cannot. The patch does not work either way giving a "missing file container" error.

Windows 95 loads up sometimes with no problems, other times with crashes and hangs. There is no pattern to this. Invalid Page Faults and Illegal instructions, 0E errors and more are also all common.

I know this becuase it appears to be my machine that this started on. Ridah recently downloaded a test version of my program QBS from me which caused these problems on his system, meaning he had to re-install. The virus must have survived this and infected the Eraser download.

I had no idea that a virus was contained in the QBS file, my computer has been having problems for more than a month but McAfee and PC Scan showed nothing so I concluded that it was a problem with one of my software packages and not a virus.

I have lost loads of files and have agonised over this problem for weeks, Ridah has had to restart his, Mr Wolf is also one of many who has also watched his system disappear.

I ask that Ridah is not blamed for these recent turn of events as he had no idea what he was letting himself in for when he downloaded QBS, he was doing me a favour and testing it after all. The Eraser bot is a fantastic add-on, Quake Rally was also great and Ridah will continue to provide great software for the Quake community.

I only wish all this could have been avoided. When QBS is finally released to the public, I will be doing my upmost to make sure this doesn't happen again. I released the test version to four people to iron out early bugs and this is the result. A lot of people have lost a time, files and their system set up. More importantly they may have lost confidence in a developer who had no idea of the problems he was causing - Ridah. This should not happen.

I cannot apologise enough."



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