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Employment Opportunities

PostLinear is a San Francisco based content development company. The company enjoys stable, lucrative partnerships with global consumer brands including MGM, SegaSoft and others. PostLinear Entertainment is looking for ENGINEERS in our Entertainment Content Development department. Join one of our teams of industry veterans that are currently working on several A-list, bleeding edge game titles for the PC, online and set-top platforms (guaranteed to break new ground and set new standards)! PostLinear is proud of its employees - talented professionals from all aspects of entertainment and technology development, marketing and distribution. We value our team members and are always looking for top-caliber individuals who share our to quality, innovation and growth.

Game Engineer -Playstation  (Job Code AR2101)
PostLinear is looking for an experienced PlayStation C/C++ engineer to undertake the implementation of code in an exciting, fast-paced Tomb-raider style game.

The successful candidate will have previous game programming experience and at least one published title on PSX. Responsibilities cover many areas of game development, and include 3D world engine and 3D animation engine enhancements, AI language interpreter, collision detection, and lighting routines. The engineer will be familiar with the PC/PSX development environment and will have developed support tools on the PC. He/she will also have extensive knowledge of game tuning and optimization techniques.

A great chance to work on a sophisticated game engine that has a full graphics and animation engine, sophisticated AI language and superb design. PostLinear Entertainment is a creative, young company located in San Francisco.


Unix Engineer-Vigilance (Job Code VG2201)
PostLinear Entertainment, a San Francisco-based game development company is seeking a 2 month contract with an experienced UNIX engineer with minimum 2 years experience engineering and maintaining new applications, as well as systems level programming.   TCP/UDP, STL & C++, Solaris, GNU compilers, TCL.  Packet optimization and profiling of network traffic. Compiling, integration tracking, maintenance and taking ownership over Solaris server component of a large high-performance entertainment product.   3D and games experience double plus good.  *BSD/LINUX experience also considered.


Surf to for more information about Vigilance, and imagine your name in the credits!

Game Designer-Vigilance (Job Code VG 2202)
PostLinear Entertainment, a San Francisco-based game development company, is seeking a junior- to mid-level game designer to join our dynamic Vigilance team to help build our mission experiences using our proprietary toolset.  Minimum 2 years experience developing commercial games required.  Vigilance is a cutting edge 3D realtime action adventure game for PC CD-ROM and online play, to be published by SegaSoft.  Vigilance has been covered extensively in the press, particularly in Next Generation Magazine.   Surf to for more information about Vigilance, and imagine your name in the credits!

Email your resume, pointer to web page, samples of work, email address, and/or phone number to Mandy Benson at or fax to (415) 487-1180.

Snail Mail PostLinear Entertainment, 2650 18th Street, SF, CA 94110.
PostLinear is located in the creative cradle of San Francisco's Mission District.

Check out our website for more information