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Miscellaneous Help Wanted Details

Posted Oct. 9, 1997

Katana Software, maker of the retail TC Paradigm, is looking to hire more artists and level editors. Those artists out there who think they can create detailed and unique textures should email for more information. Also, any budding level designers who would like to showcase their talents in a commercial release are welcome to submit designs for review. If you enjoy working out of your home and would like a chance to showcase your talent, please email: For further information about Katana or Paradigm, point your browser to

Gary Edwards
Level Designer
Katana Software

Posted Oct. 9, 1997

Lead Designer needed for 3D action game. Product is an internal production at Accolade in San Jose, California. Applicant must have some game industry experience. Applicant must have some previous design and level building experience. Position is responsible for developing game design and overseeing the implementation of the design. Questions and/or resumes to Matt Powers.