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Paid Positions Volunteer Work
Pro Paper/2D Artist
Credits: (former head of Level Design at Bullfrog productions), Magic carpet 1+2, Dungeon Keeper, Hi-Octane, Syndicate Wars, Gene Wars, Creation.
Contact Barry Meade
Graphics/Web Design
Credits: Webpage
Contact: Concrete
Programmer (C/C++/Java)
Contact: Kent Welch
Level Editor
Credits: X-Men: Ravages of the Apocalypse
Contact: Derek "Lombard" Barr
Texture/Skin Artist
Credits: X-Men: Ravages of the Apocalypse
Contact: Ryan "Goatlord" Lockwood
Professional Web Designer
Credits: The QuakeMaster's Homepage & X Web Design
Contact: Xtremist
Credits: DC Thinktank
Contact: Chris Hilton
Professional Graphics/WWW Designer
Contact: ColdSun
Credits: RangerWeb, MicroGuys, The Corridor, KOTC
3D Modeler/Animator/Skinner
Contact: Michael Boon
Credits: see Web Page for examples
Professional Web Designer
Contact: TheSaint
Credits: Quake 2 Zone, Defiance Of Sin, The Renegade
, Data/Ware Development, H.Q. Webdesign.
Professional Web Designer
Contact: Red2
Credits: Lucas the Homepage, GT's Abode, Calvin Klan, NetWay Tech
Professional 3D modeling/animation and texture artist
Credits: see Web Page for examples
HTML, Graphic, and Map Designer
Game / Level Designer, Texture Artist
Credits: Duke it out in D.C, Cryptic Passage, Duke Extreme, homepage
Contact: Shawn Swift
Web Design
Contact Hap
Credits: Future versus Fantasy site
Quake Level Designer
Contact: Bryan Jones
Artist: Credits include webpages, over 150 skins
Contact: Kevin Johnstone (Rorshach) maintainer of
Rorshach's Journal
Professional Award-winning 3D Designer/Animator
Contact: Paul Marino aka ]=[avoc
Credits: see Web Page for resume & examples
Webpage Graphics, Animated .GIF's, Webmaster
Credits: Webpage
Art and Sound help for TC's
Webmaster / Web Designer
Contact Mr. Bubble
Credit: Pharoah TC Page
Webmaster for anything Quake Related
Contact: Kevin Klein
Webmaster/Web Designer/Graphics design and layout.
Professional graphics and some CGI for UNIX systems.
Contact: Valorian
Credits: see webpage.
Contact: Hank
Webmaster/Web Designer
Contact: Douglas Rohm
Credits: LockandLoad
Website creation
Contact Mike Gonsalves
Contact: Bryan Jones
QuakeC, HexenC, Quake2 DLL, Java, C++ Programmer
Contact: Nine inch Nat
Sound fx Person
Credits: The Buzz saw cannon
Web Designer/Webmaster HTML, Shockwave, JAVA, etc.