WinQuake is an important building block in the development of Quake. It is described as "a native Win32 version of Quake, and will run on either Win or Windows NT 4.0 or later." The program was designed as a windows port for the dos-based game of Quake, and was created to take advantage of whatever enhanced video, audio, and input capabilities are present in the windows environment. Although in is not necessary to have installed the Direct X drivers to run WinQuake, there will be a noticeable improvement in sound and video with the installation of these drivers. A small version of Direct X can be downloaded here.

WinQuake is an important element of both QuakeWorld and GL Quake, and thus is a very important part of the development of new multiplayer game support for Quake 2. This program was created by Michael Abrash, an amazing veteran programmer that returned to work for Microsoft upon the completion of version 1.0 of WinQuake. There has been no word since his departure in March of 1997 whether other will develop the program further, or it will merely be developed as it is integrated into other applications. Version 1.0 can be downloaded here.


Redwood's WinQuake FAQ

Redwood, of the excellent news page that bears his name, has created the authoritative FAQ on WinQuake. There are only 21 question answered in this FAQ, but they truly are the most frequently asked questions about this program. The readme file that is contained in the .zip file is also a great source of information.

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