Team Fortress

TeamFortress is a team-based, goal oriented modification of Quake. It implements a variety of character classes, each with unique abilities and equipment. Furthermore, TF allows for a number of different gameplay modes and up to four teams. Exact goals for a level are dependent upon the level; most maps are capture the flag, but some have other goals like releasing gas or damaging structures.

The original release of TF, version 1.0, was made in July 1996 -- making this one of the oldest mods still in wide use. Since then, the TeamFortress team (now incorporated as TeamFortress Software) has added a huge number of features, including QW support, more classes, and a complete set of skins for the various classes and their equipment. The current release is 2.5. The advanced features of TF were once somewhat inaccessible to inexperienced Quake players because of the dependence on binding keys. The newer releases fix this problem through the extensive use of menus.

The TeamFortress classes include the Scout, Spy, Sniper, Pyro, Soldier, Heavy Weapons Guy, Demolitions Man, Medic, and Engineer. Each class has advantages, disadvantages, and unique abilities. Furthermore, each class carries different types of grenades.

To play TeamFortress you will need to download the following files:

These files are compressed into the "zip" format, and must be expanded and installed. TUCOWS has a great collection of compression utilities, and I would recommend trying WinZip by Nico Mak Computing, Inc.

To install the TF files, use a compression program to unzip the files into a directory named "c:/Quake/fortress/" (assuming Quake is installed on your C drive). WinZip will allow you to create a directory automatically, but other programs require additional steps. Once the files are in your Fortress directory, you will need to add a line to the command line to tell Quake where to look for additional information. The line for Team Fortress should be "-game fortress".


TeamFortress Mission Control is the official home page for Team Fortress. Hosted by PlanetQuake, it is the first place to go for the latest TF-related information and files.

Lock and Load is a hosting service that provides web space to many excellent Team Fortress pages. There is no one definitive page for Team Fortress, but this site hosts almost all of the best contenders.

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