SiN is a developing 3D game from Ritual Entertainment, the company that created Quake Mission Pack #1 under their original name, Hipnotic Software. SiN will be based upon the Quake/Quake 2 graphics engine, but will support some features that won't be present in Quake 2. Most noticeably, SiN will have the ability to utilize more color variation then the standard version of Quake 2. id Software will be using 256 colors for all of the levels in Quake 2, with a much larger color palate available to those using the GL Quake 2 option. Ritual is designing SiN to take advantage of 16 bit coloring as the base color palate.

We are just beginning to get our first look at SiN. An official press release was given some time ago, but information about this game has only gradually released. A demo of the game was shown at E3, and the following screenshots have recently become available.

Thus far, these screenshots only represent the first level of the game. Screenshots from additional levels are expected soon.

The story for SiN was described by Joe Selinske, project manager for SiN, in the December 1997 issue of Boot Magazine:

One hundred years in the future the police go corporate because the over-burdened government has lost its long, hard battle with crime.  Your character is Colonel John Blade, head of a hard-hitting corporate security force--sec-force--team specializing in crime prevention and elimination.  You're currently tracking down the source of a highly addictive drug called "U4" because strange things have been happening to its users.  It is up to Blade to figure out what is behind this unexplained phenomenon now plaguing the streets and put a stop to it.

The elaborate puzzle unfolds and leads back to Elexis Sinclair, a brilliant biochemist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.  She wants to push the evolution of mankind ahead by a thousand generations.  Evolution to her means mutation to others.

We currently know that SiN will take advantage of Open GL, will be based in Windows 95, will be designed for MMX, and will use colored lighting. The strength of SiN will undoubtedly flow from the strength of the Ritual team. Mission Pack #1 amply proved that this software company is blessed with talented artists and designers. The challenge for Ritual will be to make SiN unique and exciting enough to compete with the other Quake-derived games, especially since the games release date, early 1998, will be after others have been released..

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