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Most computer gaming companies, at least those making first person shooter, tend to have an abundance of extroverts that provide a great deal of information, often unsolicited, about their products. One exception to this rule is a small company in Texas named Rogue Entertainment. Rogue has an impressive staff, and an impressive body of work, including Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of Eternity and Strife. However, Rogue seems to stay above the mudslinging and avoids hype. This is especially surprising when you consider how well their products are received. One would think that the company that created Dissolution of Eternity, consistently voted as one of the most popular games by gamers themselves, would follow the trends and opine about their abilities.

Rogue Entertainment, despite their low-key approach, has been very forthcoming in helping the gaming community. For example, Rogue has begun to pass on its knowledge through the Rogue Design Studio, and has given custom CTF maps to the All-Star CTF project.

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