A ring is a circular collection of sites all focused on a related topic. Each member of the ring typically displays a graphic, called a ring fragment, that will allow visitors to move forward and backward through the ring. Thus, a person can view every site contained within the ring by merely finding the ring fragment and following the hyperlink.

Quake rings provide a variety of services for members of the ring, in addition to maintaining the ring. These services vary by ring.


The ClanRing is the oldest and largest Quake ring. In the beginning, the ClanRing merely provide clans with an access to a ring that was focused solely on clan sites. However, the ring has taken on more responsibilities as the clan phenomena has grown. id Software had originally kept the "official" list of clans on its webpage, but that responsibility now rests with the ClanRing. All of the over 1,000 "official" clans in existence are now, by definition, members of the ClanRing. Players wishing to form a clan should go to the Official Clan List. The ClanRing staff has done an excellent job keeping track of myriad of Quake clans, and should be commended for their efforts.

Other Quake rings include:

CTF Webring Logo

Capture the Flag Webring: A ring for Capture the Flag site, not limited to clan homepages. The CTF Ring is maintained by Lord Soth.

The European Lan Council: Europe's answer to the ClanRing. Similar to the ClanRing, but only available to Quake clans headquartered in Europe. Maintained by "Rudolf".

QuakeWorld Ring logo

QuakeWorld Ring: A ring for clans that "prefer" QuakeWorld. Features tournaments and other sponsored events. Managed and maintained by Marmot, Sage, and Entropy.

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