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Raven Software was founded by Brian and Steve Raffel in 1988. The company has remained true to its origins in the decade that has passed. Raven is still located in southern Wisconsin, and is still comprised of a small, select group of artists, designers, and programmers. This belies the tremendous success the Raven has experienced. Since the release of its first game, Black Crypt, Raven Software has been one of the most innovative and creative designers of computer games.

Soon after id Software released Doom, Raven entered into a long and fruitful relationship with id. The first project was to create a fantasy game utilizing the graphics engine from Doom. Heretic was an immediate success with fans of both first person shooters and the fantasy genre. The sequel to Heretic, Hexen, probably pushed the Doom-era technology as far as any other software company had accomplished. In addition to creating a new world, Raven also added a group of character classes and the concept of a non-linear, "hub" system of levels. It is easy to see why the third game in this series was so eagerly anticipated. On September 11, 1997, Raven Software released the retail version of Hexen 2.

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