QuakeWorld is both a revolutionary and evolutionary modification of Quake. The main goal of QW is to alleviate the problems associated with a slow connection to Quake servers. In attempting to accomplish this goal, the creators of QW have also added many innovative features. The first version of this program received some criticism, but the current version is so successful that id Software has announced that QW will serve as the foundation of multi-player gaming in Quake II. For a complete history of QW, read the QuakeWorld Chronicles, volumes I, II, and III.

QuakeWorld was not easy to create and is also not easy to explain. The program allows a server to predict the movement of an object based on its present speed and trajectory. In other words, the server does not need to receive information from the client for every second of a player's movement. The server can fill in some of the gaps created by lag and allow the player to move at a normal rate. This is a great aid for the majority of Quake players that connect to the internet through a 33.6k or slower modem. The current files for QuakeWorld are:

QuakeWorld also introduced server support for skins. A skin is a two-dimensional graphic that is stretched over the three-dimensional wire frame of a character. With QW, clans can now create their own custom characters and use these skins in multi-player games. Players can select any of the hundreds of available skins to wear during a game. While this may not seem like a great tactical advancement, it certainly does allow clans a great way to showcase their creativity. The current collection of skins is available in the following files:

QW can be customized and tweaked through the use of special commands. These commands are different than the hundreds for regular Quake, and perform different function. A complete list of commands can be found at QuakeWorld Central. There is one basic commands that you must know:

pushlatency This command is the key command for QW. Pushlatency informs your computer how much it should compensate for lag. The command should be entered into the console with an appropriate parameter. For example, "pushlatency -100" would attempt to reduce the effect of lag by the equivalent of 100 pings. Therefore, if you had a ping of 300, that command would make the server feel like you had a ping of 200. It is important to note that the number must be negative, otherwise you will actually increase the effects of lag. In my experience, entering a number less than -200 will produce only marginal gains and greatly increase jumpiness.


QuakeWorld.Net Logo

QuakeWorld.Net, a site by Patrick Hook, is "the #1 resource for the id unsupported Quake ports being handled by Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch of Threewave and Jack "Morbid" Mathews of QuakeSpy."  This site contains all of the current documentation for QW, all of the current files, and all of the latest information about QW.  It has all of the files, news, and tips that you need to squeeze the most out of QuakeWorld.  This is the place to go for all of the latest info on QW.


QuakeWorld Central logo

QuakeWorld Central is the unofficial home of QW information. While there are several other excellent sites that have been in existence longer, QW Central is the first site to be able to claim that it is home of QW.  This outstanding site is the creation of Richard "^Drag0n^" Brewer.


Other significant QW sites include:

Jord's QuakeWorld was one of the first QW sites, and is still one of the best. Russell "Jord" Harrison is the author of this huge site, and provides visitors with current news, files, console commands, and large QW help section.

QuakeWorld FAQ was posted within hours of the release of the first QW, and has been steadily improving since then. The current version of the FAQ is now part of a larger QW section of Frag.com. The QuakeWorld FAQ was created by Chris "Mental4" Bailey.

Quake World French Version holds the distinction as the only site covering QW, as well as GameSpy and other programs, exclusively in French.   A great resource for all French-speaking players by Fragzilla.


The QuakeWorld Team (as listed by QW Central) is:

John "JohnC" Carmack: The Quake Engine; enhanced network code; QWCL for Win32; QWSV for Win32; qPlug web browser front end. Driver of outrageously overpowered Ferraris.

American "tokay" McGee: Psychotically large 32 player level design. Breaker of heads.

Tim "satan" Willits: Level designer and all around nice guy.

Christian "Disruptor" Antkow: Master server coding; release coordination; weapons switch and rocket jump QuakeC enhancements; |id|'s latest hire.

Dave "Zoid" Kirsch: QW-Threewave capture the flag; enhanced progs.dat; LINUX, BSDI, and SGI ports of QWCL and QWSV.

Dave "Kevorkian" Riller: Server and client distribution; FTP site manager.

Richard "^Drag0n^" Brewer: Client testing; clanskin administation; tech support; documentation for QWCL, QWSV and qPlug; webmaster of Quakeworld Central.

Geoff "Tarok" Scully: Master server coding, and a most gracious host to all of us.

Joe "Qspy"Powell: QWFE programming and development.

Jack "morbid" Mathews: QWFE and qPlug interface. Quakeworld and qPlug installer programs.

Tim Cook: QWFE programming and development.

Ron "RonSolo" Crisco: Client Testing, Scoring system for 1.25.

Don "OneThumb" MacAskill: Sever testing, administrator for ftp.idsoftware.com and http://www.idsoftware.com.

Jihad "Jihad" Battikha: Qspy interface graphics.

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