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QuakeCast is a two hour, live program that is broadcast from New York City in real-time across the internet by the use of Real Audio. This program happens every Thursday night at 8:30 pm EST, and forms the centerpiece of the ironically named "Pseudo Online Network." QuakeCast has developed from a novelty into one of the best sources for Quake news.

Listeners are encouraged to participate in the broadcast by either phoning in questions to (212) 965-1390, or by joining the moderated IRC chat that is conducted in tandem with the broadcast. To join the IRC discussion, visit Pseudo Chat, and say hello to Girlbomb, the moderator.

To listen to QuakeCast, you will need to download the shareware version of RealAudio from QNG, or purchase the registered version of Real Audio Plus from the RealAudio homepage. Either program should provide respectable mono sound from a 28.8k modem connection. Depending upon the quality of your connection, the registered version may provide stereo sound at this speed. RealAudio creates a small buffer of information, perhaps only a few seconds, and then downloads the information in a continuos stream. This way, a listener does not have to download the entire two hour program before listening to it.

If you missed the QuakeCast, or you want to listen to past broadcasts, Pseudo has a large collection of previous broadcasts in the QuakeCast Archives.

The on-air personalities of the QuakeCast are:

JUDGECAL: Co-host of QuakeCast

Steven "Blue" Heaslip: Co-host of QuakeCast

Mace Royer: Special reporter

Girlbomb: "Chat mistress"

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