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In addition to the multitude of general servers on the internet for the wide variety of games, there are also a large number of servers that are running some modification of popular titles. Such modifications could include the addition of new weapons, new levels, or significant manipulation. While it is fairly easy to find a server running a popular patch for Quake, like Team Fortress or CTF, it can be more difficult to find servers running the many other Mods available. The best way to locate a custom server is either be looking at the mod's homepage or by using a good server finder.   The most successful mods have been based on Quake, but each game has developed a dedicated following that produces fun innovations to their favorite game.

Many mods are patches for the server and do not require individual players to install additional patches to play on the servers. Others, however, require the installation of various files to provide additional levels and special effects.


CTF 4.0 Logo

Capture the Flag servers have been the most common Mod Servers, and players are required to install additional software before playing on servers operation CTF3.x and above. To play the most current version of CTF, you will need to download (CTF3.1) and (CTF4).

The best way to find CTF servers is to use a server finder like QSpy. Look for servers that have the letters CTF in the server name or by the fact that the server is running a map with the "ctf" prefix, like "ctf5" or "ctf2m7." ][ronman has a large list of current, active servers at ][ronman's Server List. A small list of CTF servers can also be found at Slipgate Central. If you are using QuakeWorld, you can now use separate master servers for CTF and Team Fortress.

It appears that there are currently more players on Team Fortress servers currently, but this may change when CTF for Quake 2 is released.

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