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latest additions- .cin, .wal, skinpack, coop, point release, quake killer, mission pack, server browser, speed running.

February 2, 1998. Apologies for the dearth of updates.. I'll be away in Alicante, España, from the third to the 23rd of February. Have a nice day.

January 23, 1998. Added a bunch of new terms.

January 17, 1998. Even though I may not say so here, I do update these pages regularly. Recently, I've updated the QI addons and QII addons pages, and of course made corrections concerning the transition the QII. A few days from now (jan 20) will mark the 9th month-birthday of this lexicon. The news archive page notes 4/20, but I think I just forgot what month it was :)

December 7, 1997. Quake II cometh. In preparation, I've cleaned the glossary, removing references to Quake I specific items. In addition, here comes a new section: the History of..., covering everything cut out of the quakEncyclo.. err the Glossary, and a bit more.

October 31, 1997. Hollow Happyween, and welcome to the blue side of the moon!

October 19, 1997. my new site, profile, has launched. profile is a site dedicated to listing, reviewing, and making new interviews

October 13, 1997. ouch, breaking your wrist sucks :(

October 2, 1997. i just posted a list of 100 acronyms relating to quake

ye old news...

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