qspy team

Cook, Tim:: aka Qspynet. (programmer at gamespy team)

along with Jack Mathew and Joe Powell, Tim is a programmer for gamespy

Fargo:: Dave Kosak. (webmaster at planetquake, gamespy team)

previously a writer for planetquake.com, fargo used to regularly maintain the fargo files, a clan news page. now a member of the gamespy staff and the self-proclaimed 'thresh of bomberman' see interviews

Mathews, Jack:: aka Morbid. (misc at gamespy team) finger

jack takes part in the development of gamespy software. Tim Cook and Joe Powell also help. worked on quakeworld client with zoid until he accepted a job at 3dfx porting games. see interviews

Powell, Joe E.:: aka qspy. (programmer at gamespy team)

programmer working on the gamespy server browser with Jack Mathew and Tim Cook


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