Aurora:: (webmaster at planetquake)

creator of

Autolycus:: Chris Bokitch. (webmaster at planetquake)

a teacher at WCU, autolycus, with loki, maintains the Forge

Bastard:: Mark Surfas. (webmaster at planetquake)

head (business director) of, also voted second sexiest quake man. once kicked out of denny's during quakecon for knocking over a six-foot tall sign

Bounty Hunter:: Dave Metz. (webmaster at planetquake)

webmaster of flag academy with Dakota and Ender

Bouris, Tod:: aka Comm. (programmer, mapper, designer at planetquake) finger

coder, mapper, and designer for QI lavaball, with help from Tony Fabris

Braindead:: Martin Bruken. (webmaster at planetquake)

collects quake art for braindead's quake art page

Callaway, Pete:: (programmer, webmaster at planetquake)

created qped, a utility used to create ".pak" data files for quake

Cook, John:: aka Jojie. (webmaster, programmer, mapper at planetquake)

programmer, designer, and mapper for Team Fortress with help from Robin Walker

crt:: David Wright. (programmer at planetquake)

programmer of KeyGrip demo editing software with help from drastic man. main programmer for the QI/QII rocket arena mods. see interviews

CurMo:: Curtis Moxley. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake)

curmo webmastered and programmed YPOD (your path of destruction), the doom TC for quake

Curry, Patrick:: aka Millennium. (webmaster at planetquake)


Dakota:: Darren Tabor. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs The Guide (formerly the Quake Newbie Guide), as well as the Flag Academy. The Academy is also run by bounty hunter and ender. dakota is also in charge of threewave QI ctf maintenance, and runs frontline news on

Daughtrey, Jonathan:: aka William Wallace. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs the chop shop (formerly quake place) editing site

Digital Savior:: Will Johnson. (webmaster at planetquake)

(b12/12) was in charge of Wampey's Censuses with wampey

Drastic Man:: Chris Sykes. (programmer at planetquake)

programmer of KeyGrip demo editing software with help from Crt

dweomer:: James Groat. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs quakefinger with hank. operations manager of

Ender:: David Brewer. (webmaster at planetquake)

leader of clan Xenocide, Ender also is one of the webmasters of the flag academy, with dakota and bounty hunter

Fabris, Tony:: (webmaster, modeler, artist at planetquake) finger

best known for the Doom BFG faq, Fabris is worked on Lavaball with tod bouris

Fargo:: Dave Kosak. (webmaster at planetquake, gamespy team)

previously a writer for, fargo used to regularly maintain the fargo files, a clan news page. now a member of the gamespy staff and the self-proclaimed 'thresh of bomberman' see interviews

Fragalot:: Monty Gonzales. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b8/16) runs q.s.b.n.- quake server browser news & reviews. also maintains the gspy FAQ

Fragitz:: JF Niebuhr. (webmaster at planetquake)

webmaster of gibstats, a log parser that displays info about a quake deathmatch

Fragmaster:: Kevin Bowen. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b1/10) content director of fragmaster ran the now defunct New Vore Times. he also manages the demon king tc and quakelab: multimedia. frags now heads some aspects of planetquake, such as updating news or doing interviews. see interviews

Fukuda, Steve:: aka Funkadooda. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs quakelab 2. steve is currently working on project: apocalypse. see interviews

Hamilton, Ben:: aka PSX. (webmaster at planetquake)

contributor to

Hank:: Adam Coyne. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs quakefinger with dweomer

Hayden, Robert:: aka Fezzik. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake) finger

worked on QI thunderwalker ctf

Hexagon:: Maarten Goldstein. (webmaster at planetquake)


Jaspur:: Jason Thierbach. (webmaster at planetquake)

ran jaspur's half-life page

Keränen, Iikka:: aka Fingers. (mapper at ion storm, planetquake)

last mapper to join team anachronox. also has quake pages on pq. also created airquake. see interviews

Kevlar:: David Kelvin. (webmaster, mapper at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) kevlar maintains |24|, a listing of 600+ map authors and their respective works

kolinahr:: Andrew Wu. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b9/8) runs the the Glossary (formerly the quakEncyclopedia), whoSwho, and helped to create The Guide. also runs profile and the house of mouse

Konradsson, Mattias:: aka Preacher. (webmaster, mapper at planetquake)

mattias runs the editing site leveled. was a mapper for the x-men tc

Kramer, Justin:: tin. (webmaster at planetquake)

former nutty master of tin's quake2 nutshell

Leiah:: Leann. (webmaster at planetquake)

leiah runs the quake women's forum

Lithium:: Aaron Corcoran. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs preystation (prey) and helps with towel boy for clan pms

Loki:: (webmaster at planetquake)

originally the creator of a worldcraft editing tutorial, loki joined with autolycus to create the forge

loonyboi:: Jason Bergman. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b5/30) lead staff writer for loonyboi heads keep out!: trespasser. he was in charge of quakelab: multimedia, but handed over control to fragmaster. loony also writes the q&a tech column for loonyboi (no caps) loves eating sunny doodles while playing glquake with his marble trackball. see interviews

McKay, Derrick:: aka Cynchako. (webmaster at planetquake)

webmaster of the quark homepage. quark is a "swiss army knife" utility written by Armin Rigo

Mynx:: Jenne Bailey. (webmaster at planetquake)

married to mental4, mynx has her own column, dear mynx, in which she answers answers about condoms, quake, women, and condoms

Oskilla:: Chris Little. (programmer, webmaster at planetquake) finger

oskilla has ported the hipnotic, rogue, morph, painkeep and shrak addons to quakeworld. normally, addons designed for regular quake are incompatible with quakeworld play. more qw porting info@ oskilla's beat

Radpipe:: Russell Lauzon. (webmaster at planetquake)

radpipe was the mastermind behind the tournaments at m3. radpipe, also known for his top 10 list for m3, controlled the master buglist page

Rittierodt, Marc:: aka Panda o' Fire. (programmer at planetquake) finger

(b6/18) worked on thunderwalker ctf with Robert Hayden

Rorshach:: Kevin Johnstone. (artist, webmaster, mapper at planetquake)

rorshach, a famous skin author, displays some of his work on rorshach's journal. rorshach also has his own quake comic: quiplords. known for creating UKCLDM4, the official UKCL deathmatch level

Schuur, Joost:: aka lotlhwI. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b11/26) creator of the defunct aftershock and the yahoo of quake: Slipgate Central. formerly maintained ye old quaketalk newsletter, dedicated to scooping up (upcoming then) quake news. see interviews. recently began to work as a hosting manager for planetquake

Scott, Kenneth:: aka Dire Proto-Fiend. (artist at planetquake)

skin artist who runs the skinforge

Sefton, Matt:: (webmaster, mapper at team evolve, planetquake)

matt runs the fine (single player quake) spq level heaven and also designs levels. see interviews

Skippy:: (quaker at planetquake)

(b6/22) (reportedly) the quake guy. see this NVT article

Smith, Andrew:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) webmaster of beauty of madness (dedicated to wheel of time), andrew also updates daily planet news. he wrote the quake map validator and designed his own quake levels such as guardhouse and epoch turning

spRocket:: Miguel Tenazas. (webmaster at planetquake)

(b6/15) spRocket headed quakeweek, comic successor to the NVT

Termy:: Greg Wiles. (misc at planetquake)

runs planetquake's quake servers

Tritian:: James Lazarus. (webmaster, modeler at planetquake) finger

tritian, maintained means of destruction

Void:: Patrick Cupka. (webmaster at planetquake)

(b4/8) an avid newshound, void ran his own news site, the void, until he closed it down oct 97 so that he could concentrate on the daily planet. patch maintains demoland, a database of rated and reviewed quake demos. void also helps with the programming aspect of planetquake, from writing the headline system to setting up messageboards. (not [R2]Void)

Wampey:: David Johnson. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs PQ Polls

Warped:: Chris Connolly. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b5/28) runs Quake C archives. also has made graphics for planetquake sites such as rocket arena and gooseman's guns

Warren, Mike:: (programmer at planetquake) finger

creator of the mikeBot, a client side quake bot

Zanshin:: David M Van de Ven. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake)

(b9/15) while finding time to update the gldojo, a page about glquake, zanshin is programming an optimized opengl port for 3dfx boards (currently forced to stop work due to legal issues with an unknown company). recently accepted a job with quantum3d. see interviews


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