Anzulovic, Michael:: (programmer)

michael is well known for spawning a generation of hookers with his creation of the grappling hook, included in addons such as ctf

Avatar:: Mackey McCandlish. (mapper, webmaster, programmer)

created the ultraquake addon, one of the maps in scourge of armagon, as well as the dream machine (gas gun)

Bay, Andy:: aka IMarvinTPA. (programmer)

wrote vispatch and various other utilities/addons

Bernier, Yahn:: (programmer)

programmed the popular BSP level editor

Blue:: Stephen Heaslip. (webmaster)

(b11/21) maintains bluesnews.com, and co-hosts quakecast. blue's news is the most read quake news site. in his spare time, blue is a superhero: able to identify bra sizes instantly (with x-ray vision?). short for bluehair, an in-house name for a wing commander pilot, blue ran "blue's quake rag" before moving to the bluesnews.com domain. see the adventures of blueman!, interviews

Costinak, Walter:: aka |2|. (artist, webmaster)

(b9/25) walter does graphics and web page programming for many gaming sites. he redid idsoftware.com (announced 8/10/97), and has done great logos for blue's news, redwood, quakelab, and many other sites. check out 2design.org, his own web site

Crash:: Bill J McClendon. (webmaster)

maintains crash's spq page, with reviews of new QII one-player levels

Deadmeat:: Rodney Burns. (webmaster)

maintains BSP hq

Dikiciyan, Sasha:: aka Buzzfunk. (musician)

the other musician from sonic mayhem who created the quake2 soundtrack

Dipstick:: Steve Towle. (misc) finger

ftp.cdrom.com maintainer

Doomguy:: (misc)

doomguy, obviously from doom, can be usually found wearing a green uniform with an oversize helmet. usually carries bfg

Duffy, Robert A.:: (programmer)

lead programmer for the QE4/Radiant map editor

Dyno:: Matt Rowell. (webmaster)

dyno formerly ran his own quake2 page, but currently webmasters at quake2.com

Galvin, Max:: aka Atlas. (webmaster)

runs fragile mortality

Geisler, Andy:: aka The Exalted Weenie. (webmaster)

ze uber-weenie of games, andy runs weenie.com, a site to help beginners improve their skills

Girlich, Uwe:: (programmer)

uwe programmed lmp/dmo/dem control centre (software to edit game recordings). more importantly, uwe created the demo specifications for LMP (doom to hexen), DMO (duke3d), DEM (quake) and QWD (quakeworld) recordings. the specs are essential for demo editing and client side bots

Goldstone, Toby:: aka Spike. (webmaster)

maintains impulse1.com and the unofficial quake I faq

Grey_Ghost:: Ryan Lacouture. (webmaster, artist)

skinner who squashed hentai ctf crossdressers with his custom q1 ctf skin

Harrison, Trey:: (programmer) finger

Worked on ed3d editor, but was hired by crack.com. left in mar 98 to go back to college

Houston, Michael:: (webmaster, artist)

michael is responsible for the adventures of dank and scud, one of the finest quake comics around

Hs:: Joe B. (webmaster)

maintains skillz: quake contest site

Janitor Bob:: aka Mopfo. (misc) finger

sanitation engineer that quit from id to work for ion storm and then for hipnotic (ritual). though some may claim that bob does not exist, others pledge allegiance to this foul-mouthed character. bob quit ritual on 8/8 to fulfill his life-long dream to do pr0n. see planetquake interview

Jhaveri, Hanif:: (misc) finger

(b12/18) news propagator, works on frag.com

JudgeCal:: (misc)

former host of quakecast

Kandyman:: Marin Gazzari. (mapper)

created kndybase, kndycity, and worked on the zerstorer TC. see (quasi) voodooextreme iv

Killcreek:: Stevie Case. (quaker)

(b9/7) famous female quake player who gave Romero a widely publicized manbeating. Romero was forced to put up a Killcreek shrine at ion storm. Killcreek plays with a SpaceOrb 360. placed second to kornelia in the all-female tournament. see interviews

Kornelia:: Kornelia Takacs. (quaker)

one of the top female quakers, kornelia is a member of clan 311 and and is a cyberathlete. she came in 8th at quakecon, and 3rd in a competition to best thresh. lefty kornelia also won the all female tournament and the CGDC tourney. see interviews

Kreimeier, Bernd:: (webmaster)

bernd maintains the difference engine page, which includes the quake developers pages

LoneWolf:: Jonathan Campbell. (webmaster) finger

(b2/28) reporter and interviewer for sujoy's (defunct). now runs the shree-d buckshot

Markham, Drew:: (misc)

CEO and creative director of Xatrix entertainment

Max:: Pasha Phares. (webmaster)


McNeil, Darin:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer)

darin used to run "quake will rule the cosmos", one of the original quake sites. did programming for the zerstorer PC, darin contributed a cut-scene construction kit

Monolith:: Kevin Searle. (webmaster)

ran brutality with polish

Morn:: Hendrik Mans. (webmaster)


Morris, Ben:: aka Savant. (programmer)

ben morris created the popular worldcraft (quake) and dck (doom) level editors. hired by valve software as a tools architect, morris left valve in early 98 to pursue his own projects. see interviews

Mr?:: Timm Stokke. (webmaster)

runs Inside 3d with StarScream

OnlyOne:: Raul Aguilar. (webmaster)


Phoebus:: Bill Mull. (webmaster)

(b6/12) phoebus ran the cult of phoebus, a news site dedicated to all 3d games. phoebus also webmasters raven's official ravensoft.com, and the planetquake affiliate sites hexenworld.com and ritualistic.com. hired as activision's online production coordinator nov 97.

Polish:: Jaroslaw Wolski. (webmaster)

(b8/11) polish, who is not polish, ran brutality (formerly quakemania) with monolith. organized quakecon 97

Powers, Matt:: (misc)

accolade inc producer for eradicator (3d action shooter), powers is producing a new polygonal shooter due for 1998

Prophet:: James Fudge. (misc) finger

(b11/23) a freelance news reporter, prophet reports breaking gaming news. many quake (etc) news pages rely on prophet for current news flashes. he worked on game-wire.com for several months, but now posts his news at games.net/prophet/. also well known for conducting many quality interviews. reportedly does not wear clothes while reading blue's(news)

Redwood:: Sean Martin. (webmaster) finger

(b12/2) runs redwood.stomped.com, one of the older quake news sites. see interviews

Reuter, Eric:: aka AssBuster. (mapper)

former epic megagames level designer. see interviews

Ridah:: Ryan Feltrin. (programmer, designer, mapper)

part of the impact team, ridah did programming, design, sounds and maps. worked on the x-men tc, now creator of the QII eraser bot

Rigo, Armin:: (programmer)

programmed quark, a "swiss army knife" utility for quake

Roy, Howard:: (webmaster, programmer)

created of the killer quake pack, howard is working on a tc for katana software

Roy, Sujoy:: (quaker, webmaster)

formerly ran sujoy's quake pages, funnybunny page replaced by the NVT. now runs sujoy.com

Royer, Mace:: (misc)

special host on quakecast. candy throwing mace dons funkyellow garb while discussing playing tips or interviewing quakers

sCary:: Steve Gibson. (webmaster) finger

(b8/19) webp1mp web gangster (guy who runs web pages) and gaming consultant. used to run quakehole.com (quakeholio) and talk about his dog. sCary is renowned for his story telling ability, psychic powers, and his shuga shack (partially) news page. sometimes pulls 'get rich fast' taco bell scams with giggler. prefers james over vanilla fudge. while on high school basketball team wore spandex. left ritual in dec 97 to work for VRGN. see interviews

Sho:: Matt Washer. (webmaster)


Sieben, Jimmy:: aka EvlG. (mapper)

did hip2m6 for mission pack 1, some final doom maps, and worked on x-men quake

Slipgate:: Ismail Saeed. (webmaster)

ran quake2.com, formerly the faultline

Snarf:: Andy Black. (webmaster)


StarScream:: Evan Yeager. (webmaster)

runs Inside 3d with Mr?

Stonage:: Kevin Stone. (webmaster)


Sumaleth:: Rowan Crawford. (artist, designer, mapper)

on the impact team, sumaleth does art, modeling, maps and design

Sumbry][:: Donald Sumbry II. (webmaster)


Suter, Antony:: aka Examiner. (programmer)

fourth member of teamfortress software, antony also programmed rvis, a faster version of id's vis

Thresh:: Dennis Fong. (quaker)

(b3/11) Thresh is arguably the best quaker in the world. Formerly from the (now defunct) clan legends, he comes from California, and has a brother Bryant. Thresh, a doom.god, won Deathmatch '95 by beating out Merlock. recently won one of carmack's ferraris (a 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS) at e3 during the final round of the red annihilation tournament. at the SIGGRAPH conference, Thresh was only fragged once after taking on many talented competitors for 20 minute deathmatches. he gives tips: Thresh's Quake Bible, maintains a pseudo.plan. loves Q*Bert. recently hired by pc gamer to contribute to their print publication. together with his clan Death Row, thresh and his clanmates won the T3 tournament. soon after, thresh beat out reptile to win the PGL's first season. see interviews

Valencia, David:: (musician)

the other musician from sonic mayhem who created the quake2 soundtrack

Walker, Robin:: (programmer, designer)

worked with John Cook to create QI team fortress

Wand, Jeff:: aka Mad Samoan. (artist) finger

previously worked on privateer and wing commander 4 psx. left ION Storm nov 97 to join the Looking Glass team. see interviews [mis]n Wanker: Ian Wall. 0xx; wanker@quakecafe.com#wanker,possibly quakecast's #1 fan (compare quakepsycho), wanker runs the quake cafe and the quakecast highlights page

Wendigo:: Brian Hess. (mapper) finger

known for levels such as the lunar base series, wendigo also maintains the #quake yearbook. did maps for qrally

Wilson, Billy:: aka Wicked. (webmaster)

(b11/8) billy is a news p1mp at voodooextreme, a great 3d-games news page. once lost noSleep contest to sCary


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