ion storm

Barnes, Doug:: aka Rooster. (programmer at ion storm)

programming intern and squatter

Beyer, David:: (designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Borth, Dan:: (artist at ion storm)


Carlson, Rich:: aka Zdim. (mapper at ion storm)

designs levels for anachronox

Cash, David:: (artist at ion storm)

web artist

Chang, Andy:: (artist at ion storm)

digital artisan

Collins, Andrew J:: (artist at ion storm)

texture artist

Count, Kraig:: (artist at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Crist, Chuck:: (artist at ion storm)

former origin artist

Daly, James:: (artist at ion storm)

conceptual design artist who has worked for comic book companies such as marvel and darkhorse

Depping, Chris:: aka Deadhorse. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Divine, Christian:: (misc at ion storm)

screenwriter for daikatana

Dotson, JW:: aka JayDub. (artist at ion storm)

(b10/10) artist

Dr Sleep:: John Anderson. (mapper at ion storm) finger

(b11/7) a level designer, dr sleep eventually found his way in to the game industry by creating great doom levels such as dante's gate and crossing archeron. he authored E4M7 of Ultimate Doom and contributed 5 levels to the Master Levels for Doom II. john also worked on blood, as well as unreal. currently working on daikatana. see interviews

Eichkoff, Mindy:: aka Echo. (misc at ion storm)

biz person

Emert, Jennifer:: (misc at ion storm)

(b8/18) creative coordinator

Green, Shawn:: (programmer at ion storm)

(b8/11) working on daikatana

Grossenbacher, Rick:: aka Flatness. (artist at ion storm)

texture artist

Hall, Tom:: aka Organon. (designer at ion storm) finger

(b9/2) Tom Hall was one of the four original founders of id. He helped design games such as Commander Keen. Tom worked for Apogee on ROTT, Terminal Velocity, and Prey. Tom eventually left for ion storm to rejoin Romero as a vice president and designer. he is working on anachronox. cross-reference dopefish. has a potato named dog. see interviews, Tom Hall web site.

Harbin, Ronn:: aka Seb. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Haskins, William:: (misc at ion storm) finger

a writer for the eye on storm newsletter, william is the lyricist and lead vocalist of "society of the damned". see interviews

Herrera, Ben:: (artist at ion storm)

conceptual artist

Herring, Larry:: aka Rocketman. (mapper at ion storm)

anachronox mapper

Hoffman, Clay:: aka Big Daddy Luv. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Hooper, Matt:: aka DaBug. (mapper at ion storm) finger

dabug worked on soa before going to ion to design levels for daikatana

Hosfelt, Jay:: aka Fraus. (artist at ion storm) finger

(b10/16) art

Hughes, Jake:: aka Strider. (misc at ion storm)

associate producer for anachronox. jake has made models for starship troopers, and is currently writing and producing the four jokers

Hughes, Russell:: aka Russman. (artist at ion storm)


Johnson, Chris:: aka Vertigo. (modeler at ion storm) finger

3d artist

Kawick, Mickey:: aka Rockhead. (programmer at ion storm)

doppelganger programmer

Keränen, Iikka:: aka Fingers. (mapper at ion storm, planetquake)

last mapper to join team anachronox. also has quake pages on pq. also created airquake. see interviews

Kimbrell, Kee:: (programmer at ion storm) finger

kee wrote dwango, multiplayer bbs software. kee is currently the lead programmer for daikatana

Kovach, Robert:: (artist at ion storm)


Kvernmo, Sverre Andre:: (mapper at ion storm) finger

sverre designed levels for such games as: master levels for doom2, redneck rampage, and the classic spelunker. now on ion storms's daikatana team as the lead designer ("master worldsmith"). see interviews

Legg, Robb:: (misc at ion storm)

line producer for doppelganger. robb helps to coordinate the development team while finding time to report for stormfront

Liaw, Joey:: aka Chinaman. (programmer at ion storm)


Loconto, Will:: aka Eggplant. (musician at ion storm)

makes sounds effects and music for ion. see interviews

Marquardt, Peter:: (misc at ion storm)

associate producer for daikatana

Maynard, Mike:: (programmer at ion storm)

lead programmer for doppelganger, worked on 7th level's Dominion. previously, he created the ill-fated Blake Stone series of games

Menard, Seneca:: aka Indigo. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Michaels, Murphy:: (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Molinero, Deanna:: (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Myres, Doug:: aka Fresh. (misc at ion storm)

technical producer

Nadalini, Bill:: aka 2Prong. (misc at ion storm)


Namaksy, David:: aka Cleaner. (mapper at ion storm)

david, a former architect, animator, and network administrator, currently designs levels for anachronox

Natas:: aka Mark Fletcher. (misc at ion storm) finger

MIS dude

Nelno:: Jonathan Wright. (programmer at ion storm) finger

nelno the amoeba gave life to the zeus bot, and was subsequently hired to work on daikatana's AI. see interviews

Norden, Chris:: (programmer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

O'Flaherty, Jerry:: (artist at ion storm)

art director. leads rest of x-treme team artists

Perry, Lee:: aka eepers. (artist at ion storm) finger

lead anachronox artist

Pittsenbarger, Steve:: (misc at ion storm)

chief financial officer

Porter, Todd:: (designer at ion storm)

a game designer, todd leads a team working on doppelganger. todd has worked on Knights of Legend (origin), G-nome and Dominion (7th level)

Powers, Steve:: (artist, designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Pritchard, Brian:: (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Rescoe, Steve:: (mapper at ion storm)

a mapper at ion, steve created great single player levels such as "shadow over insmouth". steve is on ion's daikatana team. see interviews

Richards, Paul:: (artist at ion storm)


Romero, John:: (designer, mapper at ion storm) finger

(b10/28) one of the original founders of id, Romero left to form ion storm. Romero is a game designer as well as a popular "icon", sporting (16 inch) long black locks of hair (won coolest hair at ion award). known as the "ego of id", Romero possibly hyped quake so much that some were disappointed at id's effort. he is now working on daikatana with the rest of his team. assumed mike wilson's job as CEO of ion when wilson left in dec 97. became CPL chairman and commissioner march 98. see many interviews; Eye on John fan club

Snyder, Gary:: aka Squeaky. (artist at ion storm) finger


Spector, Warren:: (misc at ion storm)

fourth lead designer; former member of looking glass technologies.

Squirrel:: Brian Eiserloh. (programmer at ion storm) finger

usually found shoe-less, squirrel is the lead programmer for anachronox

Stephens, Noel:: aka Shadow. (webmaster at ion storm) finger

webmaster and head cracker at ion. see interviews

Suh, Hugh:: aka Longshot. (artist at ion storm)


Taylor, Chris:: (artist at ion storm)

(b10/9) sculptor

Texier, Ludovic:: (artist at ion storm)

from France, hired nov 97

Voin:: Hushvahtov, Peter. (artist at ion storm) finger

known for voin quake, a quake addon that tweaked gameplay and graphics, voin now works at ion storm

Wolford, Pam:: (misc at ion storm)

(b10/3) creative coordinator

Wright, Niqui:: (artist at ion storm)

(b9/20) artist

Wright, Bob:: (misc at ion storm)

chief operations officer

Yarusso, Albert:: (programmer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Yu, Corrinne:: (programmer at ion storm) finger

heads ION's new tech team as director of advanced technology. hired nov 97

Zacarias, Martin:: (misc at ion storm, gathering of developers)

ion's investment banking consultant, god's chief financial officer


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