id software

Abrash, Michael:: (programmer at id software)

graphics programming guru, Abrash worked at id software for a short time. while there, he helped to optimize (speed up) the quake engine, and also ported winquake. he left id on friendly terms to work for microsoft doing natural language research. he has written several tomes of knowledge: Zen of Graphics Programming, Zen of Code Optimization, Zen of Assembly language, Graphics Programming Black Book: Special Edition. see interviews

Bear:: Barrett Alexander. (business guy at id software) finger

support director since 1996

Carmack, Adrian:: aka Bitterman. (artist at id software)

one of the founders of id software, Adrian still works as an artist. not to be confused with -no relation- John Carmack. ate at taco bell for three months straight

Carmack, John:: (programmer at id software) finger

co-founder and lead programmer of id software. Carmack drives fast cars and writes faster game engines. he gave away one of his many ferrari's away (to thresh) in the red annihilation tournament. Carmack, a programming genius, wrote the quake, doom, and wolfenstein 3d engines. during quake's development, reportedly "fiested on" microwave burritos and diet coke. now working on id's next generation 3d graphics engine, to be used in quake III. never goes on irc. once donated 20k bucks of blackjack winnings to the FSF. see interviews

Cash, John:: aka Hellrot. (programmer at id software) finger

network programmer at id since 1995. programming monster ai for quake2. known for curiously unhealthy "cash diet plan". lead programmer for q2. see interviews

Cloud, Kevin:: (artist at id software)

artist since 1992, kevin is an owner of id software. he is also a modeler, an animator and is the project manager for quake2

Disruptor:: Christian Antkow. (programmer, designer at id software) finger

works on quakeworld project. also mapper for quake2. disruptor pioneered 3dnet. see interviews

Hollenshead, Todd:: (misc at id software) finger

appointed CEO of id after quake was launched. see interviews

Hook, Brian:: (programmer at id software) finger

3d graphics programmer recently hired by id in may 1997. brian went to university of florida but dropped out. helps carmack with 3d hardware acceleration and level editing software. see interviews

Jackson, Donna:: (misc at id software)

office assistant. id mom

Jaquays, Paul:: (mapper, designer at id software) finger

level designer hired in 1997. see interviews

Killme:: Brandon James. (webmaster, mapper at id software) finger

creator of the manson series of levels, killme worked on zerstorer. id hired him in july 1997. see interviews

McGee, American:: aka Tokay. (designer, mapper at id software) finger

(b12/13) originally a tech support guy at id, American created "Crusher" for Doom2. He moved to the position of designer, and has designed popular levels such as DM2 and DM4. Tokay (some sort of mean lizard) has a reported fetish with llamas. pilfered modem at age 13. apparently has a fear of fountains. in march 98, was "let go" from id. mcgee is now starting some sort of internet gambling company. read the saga of california McGee. see interviews

Milson, Alphonze:: aka Ratdaddy. (misc at id software) finger

biz guy as of june 97. "[quake2] will help you get chicks!" milson "left the building" dec 97

Petersen, Sandy:: (designer, mapper at id software)

designer at id since 1993, Petersen (not Peterson) left id amicably for Ensemble Studios. created "Call of the Cthulhu" RPG and most of quake episode 4. see interviews

Steed, Paul Howard:: aka Titus. (artist, modeler at id software) finger

(b11/6) steed was an art director at virgin, a designer at iguana entertainment, and an art director at origin. see interviews or his own paul steed FAQ

Willits, Tim:: aka Satan. (mapper, designer at id software) finger

lead level designer at id since 1996. see interviews

Zoid:: David Kirsch. (mapper, programmer, designer at id software)

(b2/20) creator the most popular form of CTF, porter of *nix quake software! zoid and morbid update the quakeworld client. soon after signing a contract with id to program ctf for quake2, zoid handed over maintenance of (threewave) ctf to the xenocide flag academy, particularly to Dakota. see interviews


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