team evolve

Douglas, Max:: (programmer at team evolve)

(b12/19) programmer

Dromowicz, Marcus:: aka Mexx. (mapper at team evolve)

recruited dec 97

Eng, Dhabih:: (artist at team evolve)

(b11/19) pronounced 'ZA-Bee'

Houser, Matt:: (programmer at team evolve)

likes pineapples

Howe, Marty:: (mapper at team evolve)

level designer

Karl, Stephen:: aka Kushiel. (misc, artist, mapper at team evolve)

founder of team evolve, director kushiel's duties include graphic design, 3d art, and level design

Kevlar:: David Kelvin. (webmaster, mapper at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) kevlar maintains |24|, a listing of 600+ map authors and their respective works

Lorenzini, Adriano:: aka Escher. (mapper at team evolve)

recruited dec 97

Powell, Shane:: (programmer at team evolve)

one of evolve's founding members

Sefton, Matt:: (webmaster, mapper at team evolve, planetquake)

matt runs the fine (single player quake) spq level heaven and also designs levels. see interviews

Smith, Andrew:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) webmaster of beauty of madness (dedicated to wheel of time), andrew also updates daily planet news. he wrote the quake map validator and designed his own quake levels such as guardhouse and epoch turning

Spell, David M:: (misc at team evolve)

sound designer

Waring, Robert E:: (misc at team evolve)

(b12/19) executive producer, president of Wylde productions, author of strategy guides including Doom, Doom II, and the Deathmatch Manifesto


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