epic megagames/digital extremes

Bialas, Artur:: (artist at digital extremes)

texture artist

Bleszinski, Cliff:: (mapper, designer at epic megagames)

lead level designer/co-designer of unreal. see interviews

Brandon, Alexander:: (musician at epic megagames)

musician. see interviews

Carter, Dave:: aka MotorNerve. (modeler, designer at epic megagames)

animator, modeler creature and weapon designer. unrealnation iv

Caudle, Shane:: (mapper, artist at epic megagames)

was working on the domain (quake) TC, later hired by epic to do an addon for unreal, currently working on maps for unreal itself. see interviews

De Neive, Erik:: (programmer at epic megagames)


Eekels, Pancho:: (mapper at digital extremes)

works for digital extremes

Ewing, Dave:: (misc at digital extremes)

does sound effects

Green, Sean:: (webmaster at epic megagames)

sean, long time webmaster of the unreal news site shadows.co.uk, has accepted a job at Epic UK

Hargett, Chris:: (webmaster at epic megagames)

epic US webmaster

Inoxx:: (mapper at epic megagames)

hired by epic

Kent, Nigel:: (misc at epic megagames)

ze president

Lafferty, Craig:: (misc at epic megagames)

head of PR

Leatham, Mike:: (artist at digital extremes)


Maclellan, Jon:: (webmaster at epic megagames)

webmaster at Epic UK

Myscha:: T Elliot Cannon. (mapper at epic megagames) finger

mapper. see interviews

Polge, Steven:: (programmer at epic megagames)

creator of the popular reaper bot for quake, Epic megagames hired him to program Unreal's AI (artificial intelligence). see interviews

Rein, Mark:: (misc at epic megagames)

producer and vice president

Schmalz, James:: (artist, designer at digital extremes)

lead artist, character and game designer. owner of digital extremes.

Sweeney, Tim:: (programmer at epic megagames) finger

founder and lead programmer of epic, tim is working on unreal. see interviews

War, Jeremy:: (mapper at digital extremes)

works for digital extremes

Wilbur, Jay:: (misc at epic megagames, gathering of developers)

imperial advisor to epic


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