Abrash, Michael:: (programmer at id software)

graphics programming guru, Abrash worked at id software for a short time. while there, he helped to optimize (speed up) the quake engine, and also ported winquake. he left id on friendly terms to work for microsoft doing natural language research. he has written several tomes of knowledge: Zen of Graphics Programming, Zen of Code Optimization, Zen of Assembly language, Graphics Programming Black Book: Special Edition. see interviews

Alden, Scott:: (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger

formerly of 3dfx, hired dec 97

Anderson, Beau:: aka Grue. (artist at ritual entertainment) finger


Anderson, John:: (mapper at 3d realms)

hired august 97

Anzulovic, Michael:: (programmer)

michael is well known for spawning a generation of hookers with his creation of the grappling hook, included in addons such as ctf

Atkins, Robert:: (artist at ritual entertainment)

3d artist

Aurora:: (webmaster at planetquake)

creator of gamegirlz.com

Autolycus:: Chris Bokitch. (webmaster at planetquake)

a teacher at WCU, autolycus, with loki, maintains the Forge

Avatar:: Mackey McCandlish. (mapper, webmaster, programmer)

created the ultraquake addon, one of the maps in scourge of armagon, as well as the dream machine (gas gun)

Backman, Ted:: (artist at valve software)

art director, conceptual artist

Bahl, Stephen:: (modeler at rebel boat rocker)

graduate of the Dallas Art Institute

Bailey, Kelly:: (programmer, musician at valve software)

senior software development engineer, musician, guy. see interviews

Baird, Kenneth:: aka Crom. (programmer at crack dot com) finger

programmer working on the golgotha engine

Barnes, Doug:: aka Rooster. (programmer at ion storm)

programming intern and squatter

Bastard:: Mark Surfas. (webmaster at planetquake)

head (business director) of planetquake.com, also voted second sexiest quake man. once kicked out of denny's during quakecon for knocking over a six-foot tall sign

Bay, Andy:: aka IMarvinTPA. (programmer)

wrote vispatch and various other utilities/addons

Bear:: Barrett Alexander. (business guy at id software) finger

support director since 1996

Belica, Zak:: (musician at ritual entertainment)

sound and music guy

Bernier, Yahn:: (programmer)

programmed the popular BSP level editor

Beyer, David:: (designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Bialas, Artur:: (artist at digital extremes)

texture artist

Bickell, Dan:: (webmaster, artist at screaming neurons)

a well-known skin designer and graphics guy. created the very first home-brew quake skin. maintains the quake graphics faq, worked on graphics for the apocalypse addon. hired by Screaming Neurons LLC, oct 97. see interviews

Biessman, Eric:: (designer at raven software) finger

lead designer. see interviews

Birdwell, Ken:: (programmer at valve software)

senior software development engineer

Blackburn, Steve:: (misc at 3d realms)

vp of operations

Bleszinski, Cliff:: (mapper, designer at epic megagames)

lead level designer/co-designer of unreal. see interviews

Blue:: Stephen Heaslip. (webmaster)

(b11/21) maintains bluesnews.com, and co-hosts quakecast. blue's news is the most read quake news site. in his spare time, blue is a superhero: able to identify bra sizes instantly (with x-ray vision?). short for bluehair, an in-house name for a wing commander pilot, blue ran "blue's quake rag" before moving to the bluesnews.com domain. see the adventures of blueman!, interviews

Blum, Allan:: (misc at gathering of developers)

chief operating officer (!=Allen Blum III)

Blum III, Allen:: (programmer, designer, mapper at 3d realms)

a programmer/designer, allen worked on the duke nukem series

Borth, Dan:: (artist at ion storm)


Bounty Hunter:: Dave Metz. (webmaster at planetquake)

webmaster of flag academy with Dakota and Ender

Bouris, Tod:: aka Comm. (programmer, mapper, designer at planetquake) finger

coder, mapper, and designer for QI lavaball, with help from Tony Fabris

Braindead:: Martin Bruken. (webmaster at planetquake)

collects quake art for braindead's quake art page

Brammer, Ben:: (programmer at raven software)

hired feb 98

Brandon, Alexander:: (musician at epic megagames)

musician. see interviews

Breslin, Mike:: (misc, at gathering of developers)

director of creative services

Broussard, George:: (misc at 3d realms) finger

el presidente. see interviews

Brown, Charlie:: (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger

formerly of 3dfx, hired oct 97

Bryant, Joe:: (programmer at valve software)

software development engineer

Cabrera, Ruben:: (artist at 3d realms) finger

DNF artist

Callaway, Pete:: (programmer, webmaster at planetquake)

created qped, a utility used to create ".pak" data files for quake

Carlson, Rich:: aka Zdim. (mapper at ion storm)

designs levels for anachronox

Carmack, Adrian:: aka Bitterman. (artist at id software)

one of the founders of id software, Adrian still works as an artist. not to be confused with -no relation- John Carmack. ate at taco bell for three months straight

Carmack, John:: (programmer at id software) finger

co-founder and lead programmer of id software. Carmack drives fast cars and writes faster game engines. he gave away one of his many ferrari's away (to thresh) in the red annihilation tournament. Carmack, a programming genius, wrote the quake, doom, and wolfenstein 3d engines. during quake's development, reportedly "fiested on" microwave burritos and diet coke. now working on id's next generation 3d graphics engine, to be used in quake III. never goes on irc. once donated 20k bucks of blackjack winnings to the FSF. see interviews

Carter, Dave:: aka MotorNerve. (modeler, designer at epic megagames)

animator, modeler creature and weapon designer. unrealnation iv

Casali, Dario:: (mapper at valve software)

from england, dario has made maps for final doom, as well as an episode for quake prodigy se. see interviews

Cash, David:: (artist at ion storm)

web artist

Cash, John:: aka Hellrot. (programmer at id software) finger

network programmer at id since 1995. programming monster ai for quake2. known for curiously unhealthy "cash diet plan". lead programmer for q2. see interviews

Caudle, Shane:: (mapper, artist at epic megagames)

was working on the domain (quake) TC, later hired by epic to do an addon for unreal, currently working on maps for unreal itself. see interviews

Chang, Andy:: (artist at ion storm)

digital artisan

Choryoth:: John Guthrie. (designer, mapper at valve software)

(b10/15) with wedge, choryoth created the quake airplane and quake kart. started quake command as well as the quake riblet fever with the "no ganking the pork riblets" campaign.

Clark, Jonathan:: (programmer at crack dot com) finger

Owner, Lead programmer

Cloud, Kevin:: (artist at id software)

artist since 1992, kevin is an owner of id software. he is also a modeler, an animator and is the project manager for quake2

Cole, Steven:: (mapper at 3d realms)

"phat map makah"

Collins, Andrew J:: (artist at ion storm)

texture artist

Combs, Brett:: (misc at gathering of developers)

co-founder and vp of terminal reality

Cook, John:: aka Jojie. (webmaster, programmer, mapper at planetquake)

programmer, designer, and mapper for Team Fortress with help from Robin Walker

Cook, Tim:: aka Qspynet. (programmer at gamespy team)

along with Jack Mathew and Joe Powell, Tim is a programmer for gamespy

Coomer, Gregg:: (designer, artist at valve software)

designer/art director

Costinak, Walter:: aka |2|. (artist, webmaster)

(b9/25) walter does graphics and web page programming for many gaming sites. he redid idsoftware.com (announced 8/10/97), and has done great logos for blue's news, redwood, quakelab, and many other sites. check out 2design.org, his own web site

Count, Kraig:: (artist at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Crash:: Bill J McClendon. (webmaster)

maintains crash's spq page, with reviews of new QII one-player levels

Crist, Chuck:: (artist at ion storm)

former origin artist

crt:: David Wright. (programmer at planetquake)

programmer of KeyGrip demo editing software with help from drastic man. main programmer for the QI/QII rocket arena mods. see interviews

CurMo:: Curtis Moxley. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake)

curmo webmastered and programmed YPOD (your path of destruction), the doom TC for quake

Curry, Patrick:: aka Millennium. (webmaster at planetquake)

of ritualistic.com

Daly, James:: (artist at ion storm)

conceptual design artist who has worked for comic book companies such as marvel and darkhorse

Dakota:: Darren Tabor. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs The Guide (formerly the Quake Newbie Guide), as well as the Flag Academy. The Academy is also run by bounty hunter and ender. dakota is also in charge of threewave QI ctf maintenance, and runs frontline news on captured.com

Daughtrey, Jonathan:: aka William Wallace. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs the chop shop (formerly quake place) editing site

De Neive, Erik:: (programmer at epic megagames)


Deadmeat:: Rodney Burns. (webmaster)

maintains BSP hq

Deckard, Karl:: (designer, artist at valve software)


Depping, Chris:: aka Deadhorse. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Dikiciyan, Sasha:: aka Buzzfunk. (musician)

the other musician from sonic mayhem who created the quake2 soundtrack

Dilling, Allen:: (modeler at 3d realms)

3d modeler/animator for prey

Digital Savior:: Will Johnson. (webmaster at planetquake)

(b12/12) was in charge of Wampey's Censuses with wampey

Dipstick:: Steve Towle. (misc) finger

ftp.cdrom.com maintainer

Disruptor:: Christian Antkow. (programmer, designer at id software) finger

works on quakeworld project. also mapper for quake2. disruptor pioneered 3dnet. see interviews

Divine, Christian:: (misc at ion storm)

screenwriter for daikatana

Dochtermann, Mark:: aka Nostradamus. (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger

previously employed at 3drealms, MarkD coded the ROTT (2.1d) engine as well as some parts of the duke nukem engine. wrote Missile Command :) see interviews

Donaldson, Louis:: (misc at valve software)

office manager

Doolittle, Allora:: (misc at screaming neurons)

office biz

Doolittle, Curt:: (misc at screaming neurons)

owner: biz and design

Doomguy:: (misc)

doomguy, obviously from doom, can be usually found wearing a green uniform with an oversize helmet. usually carries bfg

Dosé, Jim:: aka Judas. (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger


Dotson, JW:: aka JayDub. (artist at ion storm)

(b10/10) artist

Douglas, Max:: (programmer at team evolve)

(b12/19) programmer

Drastic Man:: Chris Sykes. (programmer at planetquake)

programmer of KeyGrip demo editing software with help from Crt

Dr Sleep:: John Anderson. (mapper at ion storm) finger

(b11/7) a level designer, dr sleep eventually found his way in to the game industry by creating great doom levels such as dante's gate and crossing archeron. he authored E4M7 of Ultimate Doom and contributed 5 levels to the Master Levels for Doom II. john also worked on blood, as well as unreal. currently working on daikatana. see interviews

Duffy, Robert A.:: (programmer)

lead programmer for the QE4/Radiant map editor

Duncan:: aka Sageous. (designer, mapper at valve software)

game/level designer

Duncanson:: (misc at raven software) finger


dweomer:: James Groat. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs quakefinger with hank. operations manager of planetquake.com

Dyno:: Matt Rowell. (webmaster)

dyno formerly ran his own quake2 page, but currently webmasters at quake2.com

Eekels, Pancho:: (mapper at digital extremes)

works for digital extremes

Eichkoff, Mindy:: aka Echo. (misc at ion storm)

biz person

Embrionic Pete:: Pete Manglaviti. (designer, webmaster at quantum axcess) finger

(b1/8) PR/Gaming consultant. Embrionic Pete, the NY pro originally from Long Island, was a great doomer who still plays quake. green haired pete runs the NAWC with hosebag. check out embrionic files

Emert, Jennifer:: (misc at ion storm)

(b8/18) creative coordinator

Ender:: David Brewer. (webmaster at planetquake)

leader of clan Xenocide, Ender also is one of the webmasters of the flag academy, with dakota and bounty hunter

Eng, Dhabih:: (artist at team evolve)

(b11/19) pronounced 'ZA-Bee'

Ewing, Dave:: (misc at digital extremes)

does sound effects

Fabris, Tony:: (webmaster, modeler, artist at planetquake) finger

best known for the Doom BFG faq, Fabris is worked on Lavaball with tod bouris

Fargo:: Dave Kosak. (webmaster at planetquake, gamespy team)

previously a writer for planetquake.com, fargo used to regularly maintain the fargo files, a clan news page. now a member of the gamespy staff and the self-proclaimed 'thresh of bomberman' see interviews

Feider, Rich:: (artist at rogue entertainment) finger


Fragalot:: Monty Gonzales. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b8/16) runs q.s.b.n.- quake server browser news & reviews. also maintains the gspy FAQ

Fragitz:: JF Niebuhr. (webmaster at planetquake)

webmaster of gibstats, a log parser that displays info about a quake deathmatch

Fragmaster:: Kevin Bowen. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b1/10) content director of planetquake.com. fragmaster ran the now defunct New Vore Times. he also manages the demon king tc and quakelab: multimedia. frags now heads some aspects of planetquake, such as updating news or doing interviews. see interviews

Fukuda, Steve:: aka Funkadooda. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs quakelab 2. steve is currently working on project: apocalypse. see interviews

Galvin, Max:: aka Atlas. (webmaster)

runs fragile mortality

Gateway:: Steve Tietze. (mapper at rogue entertainment) finger

gateway. see interviews

Geisler, Andy:: aka The Exalted Weenie. (webmaster)

ze uber-weenie of games, andy runs weenie.com, a site to help beginners improve their skills

Giggler:: Mike Wardwell. (mapper at ritual entertainment) finger

(b9/12) giggler worked at Epic, but moved to ritual (hipnotic). see interviews

Girlich, Uwe:: (programmer)

uwe programmed lmp/dmo/dem control centre (software to edit game recordings). more importantly, uwe created the demo specifications for LMP (doom to hexen), DMO (duke3d), DEM (quake) and QWD (quakeworld) recordings. the specs are essential for demo editing and client side bots

Gokey, Ben:: (programmer at raven software) finger

lead programmer

Goldstone, Toby:: aka Spike. (webmaster)

maintains impulse1.com and the unofficial quake I faq

Green, Sean:: (webmaster at epic megagames)

sean, long time webmaster of the unreal news site shadows.co.uk, has accepted a job at Epic UK

Green, Shawn:: (programmer at ion storm)

(b8/11) working on daikatana

Grey_Ghost:: Ryan Lacouture. (webmaster, artist)

skinner who squashed hentai ctf crossdressers with his custom q1 ctf skin

Grimm, Kevin:: aka Kevy-Kev. (artist, webmaster at quantum axcess) finger

graphic design/webmaster

Grossenbacher, Rick:: aka Flatness. (artist at ion storm)

texture artist

Gummelt, Mike:: (programmer at raven software) finger

(b8/22) hired solely by submitting his ultimate quake patch, mike has created doom patches such as: insane weapons doom, marines doom 2, and aliens doom 3

Hadwin, Michael:: (artist at ritual entertainment) finger

artist. see interviews

Hall, Tom:: aka Organon. (designer at ion storm) finger

(b9/2) Tom Hall was one of the four original founders of id. He helped design games such as Commander Keen. Tom worked for Apogee on ROTT, Terminal Velocity, and Prey. Tom eventually left for ion storm to rejoin Romero as a vice president and designer. he is working on anachronox. cross-reference dopefish. has a potato named dog. see interviews, Tom Hall web site.

Hamilton, Ben:: aka PSX. (webmaster at planetquake)

contributor to ritualistic.com

Hank:: Adam Coyne. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs quakefinger with dweomer

Harbin, Ronn:: aka Seb. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Hargett, Chris:: (webmaster at epic megagames)

epic US webmaster

Hargrove, Chris:: aka Kiwidog. (programmer at 3d realms) finger

formerly of raven

Harrington, Mike:: (misc at valve software)

founder/director of development. previously worked on ms bob

Harrison, Trey:: (programmer) finger

Worked on ed3d editor, but was hired by crack.com. left in mar 98 to go back to college

Haskins, William:: (misc at ion storm) finger

a writer for the eye on storm newsletter, william is the lyricist and lead vocalist of "society of the damned". see interviews

Hayden, Robert:: aka Fezzik. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake) finger

worked on QI thunderwalker ctf

Heitzman, Josh:: (programmer at raven software) finger

he doth program

Herrera, Ben:: (artist at ion storm)

conceptual artist

Herring, Larry:: aka Rocketman. (mapper at ion storm)

anachronox mapper

Hexagon:: Maarten Goldstein. (webmaster at planetquake)

of ritualistic.com

Hindler, Dave:: (misc at rebel boat rocker) finger

beezwax dude (business manager)

Hoekstra, Kenn:: (designer at raven software) finger

designer. see interviews

Hoffman, Clay:: aka Big Daddy Luv. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Hollenshead, Todd:: (misc at id software) finger

appointed CEO of id after quake was launched. see interviews

Hook, Brian:: (programmer at id software) finger

3d graphics programmer recently hired by id in may 1997. brian went to university of florida but dropped out. helps carmack with 3d hardware acceleration and level editing software. see interviews

Hook, Patrick:: (mapper at ritual entertainment)

hired nov 97

Hooper, Matt:: aka DaBug. (mapper at ion storm) finger

dabug worked on soa before going to ion to design levels for daikatana

Hornback, Stephen:: (artist at 3d realms)

senior artist

Hosfelt, Jay:: aka Fraus. (artist at ion storm) finger

(b10/16) art

Houser, Matt:: (programmer at team evolve)

likes pineapples

Houston, Michael:: (webmaster, artist)

michael is responsible for the adventures of dank and scud, one of the finest quake comics around

Howe, Marty:: (mapper at team evolve)

level designer

Hs:: Joe Barodin. (webmaster)

maintains skillz: quake contest site

Hughes, Jake:: aka Strider. (misc at ion storm)

associate producer for anachronox. jake has made models for starship troopers, and is currently writing and producing the four jokers

Hughes, Russell:: aka Russman. (artist at ion storm)


Inoxx:: (mapper at epic megagames)

hired by epic

Jackson, Donna:: (misc at id software)

office assistant. id mom

Jackson, Lee:: (musician at 3d realms)

music and sound director

Janitor Bob:: aka Mopfo. (misc) finger

sanitation engineer that quit from id to work for ion storm and then for hipnotic (ritual). though some may claim that bob does not exist, others pledge allegiance to this foul-mouthed character. bob quit ritual on 8/8 to fulfill his life-long dream to do pr0n. see planetquake interview

Jaquays, Paul:: (mapper, designer at id software) finger

level designer hired in 1997. see interviews

Jaspur:: Jason Thierbach. (webmaster at planetquake)

ran jaspur's half-life page

Jhaveri, Hanif:: (misc) finger

(b12/18) news propagator, works on frag.com

Johnson, Brett:: aka thanos. (designer, musician at valve software)

(b9/8) mapper/composer

Johnson, Chris:: aka Vertigo. (modeler at ion storm) finger

3d artist

Johnson, Rick:: (programmer at raven software) finger

programmer, network admin

Jones, Chuck:: (artist, modeler at valve software)

(b6/22) was an artist/animator for duke3d, rott, shadow warrior

Jones, Dirk:: (artist at rebel boat rocker) finger

was one of the main artists on duke nukem 3d

JudgeCal:: (misc)

former host of quakecast

Kandyman:: Marin Gazzari. (mapper)

created kndybase, kndycity, and worked on the zerstorer TC. see (quasi) voodooextreme iv

Karl, Stephen:: aka Kushiel. (misc, artist, mapper at team evolve)

founder of team evolve, director kushiel's duties include graphic design, 3d art, and level design

Kawick, Mickey:: aka Rockhead. (programmer at ion storm)

doppelganger programmer

Kent, Nigel:: (misc at epic megagames)

ze president

Keränen, Iikka:: aka Fingers. (mapper at ion storm, planetquake)

last mapper to join team anachronox. also has quake pages on pq. also created airquake. see interviews

Kevlar:: David Kelvin. (webmaster, mapper at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) kevlar maintains |24|, a listing of 600+ map authors and their respective works

Killcreek:: Stevie Case. (quaker)

(b9/7) famous female quake player who gave Romero a widely publicized manbeating. Romero was forced to put up a Killcreek shrine at ion storm. Killcreek plays with a SpaceOrb 360. placed second to kornelia in the all-female tournament. see interviews

Killme:: Brandon James. (webmaster, mapper at id software) finger

creator of the manson series of levels, killme worked on zerstorer. id hired him in july 1997. see interviews

Kimbrell, Kee:: (programmer at ion storm) finger

kee wrote dwango, multiplayer bbs software. kee is currently the lead programmer for daikatana

kolinahr:: Andrew Wu. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b9/8) runs the the Glossary (formerly the quakEncyclopedia), whoSwho, and helped to create The Guide. also runs profile and the house of mouse

Konradsson, Mattias:: aka Preacher. (webmaster, mapper at planetquake)

mattias runs the editing site leveled. was a mapper for the x-men tc

Kornelia:: Kornelia Takacs. (quaker)

one of the top female quakers, kornelia is a member of clan 311 and and is a cyberathlete. she came in 8th at quakecon, and 3rd in a competition to best thresh. lefty kornelia also won the all female tournament and the CGDC tourney. see interviews

Kovach, Robert:: (artist at ion storm)


Kramer, Justin:: tin. (webmaster at planetquake)

former nutty master of tin's quake2 nutshell

Kreimeier, Bernd:: (webmaster)

bernd maintains the difference engine page, which includes the quake developers pages

Kvernmo, Sverre Andre:: (mapper at ion storm) finger

sverre designed levels for such games as: master levels for doom2, redneck rampage, and the classic spelunker. now on ion storms's daikatana team as the lead designer ("master worldsmith"). see interviews

Lafferty, Craig:: (misc at epic megagames)

head of PR

Laidlaw, Marc:: (misc, designer at valve software)

game designer/writer marc wrote the cover-story "egos at id" for wired magazine

Lamprecht, Cameron:: (mapper at rogue entertainment) finger


Laur, Karen:: (artist at valve software)

illustrator, texture-maker

Leatham, Mike:: (artist at digital extremes)


Legg, Robb:: (misc at ion storm)

line producer for doppelganger. robb helps to coordinate the development team while finding time to report for stormfront

Leiah:: Leann. (webmaster at planetquake)

leiah runs the quake women's forum

Levelrich, Jacob:: (misc at crack dot com) finger

jacob is currently the young (15yo) sysadmin of crack.com. as sysadmin, jacob keeps an eye on the network to make sure it runs smoothly.

Levelord:: Richard Gray. (mapper at ritual entertainment) finger

a great 13v31 designer. Levelord worked at 3d realms on Duke3d levels. He also worked on the atomic edition of Duke3d, but was not credited since he left mid-way through production. aka Level-dude/guy or the ever popular Beerf*k or Levelf*k. see interviews

Liaw, Joey:: aka Chinaman. (programmer at ion storm)


Lipo, Pat:: (programmer at raven software) finger

programming manager

Lithium:: Aaron Corcoran. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs preystation (prey) and helps with ritualistic.com. towel boy for clan pms

Loconto, Will:: aka Eggplant. (musician at ion storm)

makes sounds effects and music for ion. see interviews

Loki:: (webmaster at planetquake)

originally the creator of a worldcraft editing tutorial, loki joined with autolycus to create the forge

LoneWolf:: Jonathan Campbell. (webmaster) finger

(b2/28) reporter and interviewer for sujoy's (defunct). now runs the shree-d buckshot

loonyboi:: Jason Bergman. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b5/30) lead staff writer for planetquake.com. loonyboi heads keep out!: trespasser. he was in charge of quakelab: multimedia, but handed over control to fragmaster. loony also writes the q&a tech column for planetquake.com. loonyboi (no caps) loves eating sunny doodles while playing glquake with his marble trackball. see interviews

Lorenzini, Adriano:: aka Escher. (mapper at team evolve)

recruited dec 97

Love, Robert:: (programmer at raven software) finger


Lundeen, Randy:: (mapper, artist at valve software)


Maclellan, Jon:: (webmaster at epic megagames)

webmaster at Epic UK

Maddin, Frank:: (programmer at 3d realms)


Magicman:: Steve Thoms. (webmaster, mapper at rogue entertainment) finger

magicman was in charge of BSP.com (now BSP hq), a site about the BSP editor (programmed by Yahn Bernier). hired by rogue in aug 97

Maines, Steve:: aka Wooley. (mapper at rogue entertainment) finger


Mark, Yatzse:: (artist at valve software)


March, David:: (artist at 3d realms)

modeler/animator for prey

Markham, Drew:: (misc)

CEO and creative director of Xatrix entertainment

Marquardt, Peter:: (misc at ion storm)

associate producer for daikatana

Martel, Brian:: (artist at rebel boat rocker) finger

experienced developer and lead artist who worked with microprose on civilization, then with 3d realms

Mathews, Jack:: aka Morbid. (misc at gamespy team) finger

jack takes part in the development of gamespy software. Tim Cook and Joe Powell also help. worked on quakeworld client with zoid until he accepted a job at 3dfx porting games. see interviews

Max:: Pasha Phares. (webmaster)


Maynard, Mike:: (programmer at ion storm)

lead programmer for doppelganger, worked on 7th level's Dominion. previously, he created the ill-fated Blake Stone series of games

McCabe, Scott:: (artist at 3d realms)


McGee, American:: aka Tokay. (designer, mapper at id software) finger

(b12/13) originally a tech support guy at id, American created "Crusher" for Doom2. He moved to the position of designer, and has designed popular levels such as DM2 and DM4. Tokay (some sort of mean lizard) has a reported fetish with llamas. pilfered modem at age 13. apparently has a fear of fountains. in march 98, was "let go" from id. mcgee is now starting some sort of internet gambling company. read the saga of california McGee. see interviews

McKay, Derrick:: aka Cynchako. (webmaster at planetquake)

webmaster of the quark homepage. quark is a "swiss army knife" utility written by Armin Rigo

McNeil, Darin:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer)

darin used to run "quake will rule the cosmos", one of the original quake sites. did programming for the zerstorer PC, darin contributed a cut-scene construction kit

McTaggart, Gary:: (programmer at ritual entertainment)

formerly of 3dfx, hired oct 97

Menard, Seneca:: aka Indigo. (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Michaels, Murphy:: (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Miller, Harry:: aka Gringo. (misc at ritual entertainment, gathering of developers)

MR. CEO of ritual, g.o.d.'s director of new business development

Miller, Scott:: (misc at 3d realms, gathering of developers) finger

Head of Apogee Software. see interviews

Milson, Alphonze:: aka Ratdaddy. (misc at id software) finger

biz guy as of june 97. "[quake2] will help you get chicks!" milson "left the building" dec 97

Mitschrich, Bill:: (misc at gathering of developers)

president of strategic marketing partners

Molinero, Deanna:: (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Molinets, Jim:: (misc at rogue entertainment) finger

President of rogue. see interviews

Montgomery, Landon:: aka Nexus-6. (modeler at rebel boat rocker) finger

from Besthesda softworks

Monolith:: Kevin Searle. (webmaster)

ran brutality with polish

Monroe, James:: (programmer at raven software) finger

not el presidente

Morelan, Jeff:: (misc at screaming neurons)

finance and negotiations

Morgan, Mark:: (artist at 3d realms)

formerly of raven, texture artist

Morn:: Hendrik Mans. (webmaster)


Morris, Ben:: aka Savant. (programmer)

ben morris created the popular worldcraft (quake) and dck (doom) level editors. hired by valve software as a tools architect, morris left valve in early 98 to pursue his own projects. see interviews

Mr?:: Timm Stokke. (webmaster)

runs Inside 3d with StarScream

Mynx:: Jenne Bailey. (webmaster at planetquake)

married to mental4, mynx has her own column, dear mynx, in which she answers answers about condoms, quake, women, and condoms

Myres, Doug:: aka Fresh. (misc at ion storm)

technical producer

Myscha:: T Elliot Cannon. (mapper at epic megagames) finger

mapper. see interviews

Nadalini, Bill:: aka 2Prong. (misc at ion storm)


Namaksy, David:: aka Cleaner. (mapper at ion storm)

david, a former architect, animator, and network administrator, currently designs levels for anachronox

Natas:: aka Mark Fletcher. (misc at ion storm) finger

MIS dude

Nelno:: Jonathan Wright. (programmer at ion storm) finger

nelno the amoeba gave life to the zeus bot, and was subsequently hired to work on daikatana's AI. see interviews

Newell, Gabe:: (misc at valve software)

founder/managing director. see interviews

Norden, Chris:: (programmer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Norwood, Jim:: (programmer at 3d realms)

programmer. see interviews

O'Flaherty, Jerry:: (artist at ion storm)

art director. leads rest of x-treme team artists

Onethumb:: Don MacAskill. (webmaster at ritual entertainment) finger

(b2/20) the "digitally challenged" onethumb runs onethumb.net, and helps to keep best.com running. worked for accolade, but joined ritual as a network administrator and web maintainer in jan 98. apparently does not like single ply toilet paper. see interviews

OnlyOne:: Raul Aguilar. (webmaster)


Oskilla:: Chris Little. (programmer, webmaster at planetquake) finger

oskilla has ported the hipnotic, rogue, morph, painkeep and shrak addons to quakeworld. normally, addons designed for regular quake are incompatible with quakeworld play. more qw porting info@ oskilla's beat

ParadoX:: Tom Mustaine. (mapper at ritual entertainment) finger

ParadoX has a strange sindrome that makes him impulsively say sin, the game he is currently designing levels for. He did several of the voices in Operation Bayshield such as Abdul. paradox, known as the bsp p1mp, created great levels such as the black cathedral. once worked at a donut shop. see interviews

Perry, Lee:: aka eepers. (artist at ion storm) finger

lead anachronox artist

Petersen, Sandy:: (designer, mapper at id software)

designer at id since 1993, Petersen (not Peterson) left id amicably for Ensemble Studios. created "Call of the Cthulhu" RPG and most of quake episode 4. see interviews

Phillips, Craig:: aka Smert. (misc at quantum axcess) finger

Tech support guy who reportedly bears an uncanny resemblance to blue

Phoebus:: Bill Mull. (webmaster)

(b6/12) phoebus ran the cult of phoebus, a news site dedicated to all 3d games. phoebus also webmasters raven's official ravensoft.com, and the planetquake affiliate sites hexenworld.com and ritualistic.com. hired as activision's online production coordinator nov 97.

Pitchford, Randy:: aka DuvalMagic. (mapper at rebel boat rocker) finger

lead level designer who worked on duke3d: atomic edition and shadow warrior

Pittsenbarger, Steve:: (misc at ion storm)

chief financial officer

Polge, Steven:: (programmer at epic megagames)

creator of the popular reaper bot for quake, Epic megagames hired him to program Unreal's AI (artificial intelligence). see interviews

Polish:: Jaroslaw Wolski. (webmaster)

(b8/11) polish, who is not polish, ran brutality (formerly quakemania) with monolith. organized quakecon 97

Porter, Todd:: (designer at ion storm)

a game designer, todd leads a team working on doppelganger. todd has worked on Knights of Legend (origin), G-nome and Dominion (7th level)

Powell, Joe E.:: aka qspy. (programmer at gamespy team)

programmer working on the gamespy server browser with Jack Mathew and Tim Cook

Powell, Shane:: (programmer at team evolve)

one of evolve's founding members

Powers, Matt:: (misc)

accolade inc producer for eradicator (3d action shooter), powers is producing a new polygonal shooter due for 1998

Powers, Steve:: (artist, designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Pritchard, Brian:: (modeler at ion storm)

3d artist

Prophet:: James Fudge. (misc) finger

(b11/23) a freelance news reporter, prophet reports breaking gaming news. many quake (etc) news pages rely on prophet for current news flashes. he worked on game-wire.com for several months, but now posts his news at games.net/prophet/. also well known for conducting many quality interviews. reportedly does not wear clothes while reading blue's(news)

Pytel, Tom:: (programmer at 3d realms)

coder for prey

Radpipe:: Russell Lauzon. (webmaster at planetquake)

radpipe was the mastermind behind the tournaments at m3. radpipe, also known for his top 10 list for m3, controlled the master buglist page

Raffel, Brian:: (designer at raven software) finger

project director / designer

Raymond-Judy, Michael:: (designer at raven software) finger

lead designer

Redwood:: Sean Martin. (webmaster) finger

(b12/2) runs redwood.stomped.com, one of the older quake news sites. see interviews

Rein, Mark:: (misc at epic megagames)

producer and vice president

Replogle, Todd Jason:: (programmer at 3d realms)

senior programmer

Rescoe, Steve:: (mapper at ion storm)

a mapper at ion, steve created great single player levels such as "shadow over insmouth". steve is on ion's daikatana team. see interviews

Reuter, Eric:: aka AssBuster. (mapper)

former epic megagames level designer. see interviews

Rhinehart, Chris:: (programmer at raven software) finger

lead programmer. see interviews

Ridah:: Ryan Feltrin. (programmer, designer, mapper)

part of the impact team, ridah did programming, design, sounds and maps. worked on the x-men tc, now creator of the QII eraser bot

Riller, Dave:: (mapper at valve software)

mapper, former beta tester

Richards, Paul:: (artist at ion storm)


Rittierodt, Marc:: aka Panda o' Fire. (programmer at planetquake) finger

(b6/18) worked on thunderwalker ctf with Robert Hayden

Rigo, Armin:: (programmer)

programmed quark, a "swiss army knife" utility for quake

Romero, John:: (designer, mapper at ion storm) finger

(b10/28) one of the original founders of id, Romero left to form ion storm. Romero is a game designer as well as a popular "icon", sporting (16 inch) long black locks of hair (won coolest hair at ion award). known as the "ego of id", Romero possibly hyped quake so much that some were disappointed at id's effort. he is now working on daikatana with the rest of his team. assumed mike wilson's job as CEO of ion when wilson left in dec 97. became CPL chairman and commissioner march 98. see many interviews; Eye on John fan club

Rorshach:: Kevin Johnstone. (artist, webmaster, mapper at planetquake)

rorshach, a famous skin author, displays some of his work on rorshach's journal. rorshach also has his own quake comic: quiplords. known for creating UKCLDM4, the official UKCL deathmatch level

Roy, Howard:: (webmaster, programmer)

created of the killer quake pack, howard is working on a tc for katana software

Roy, Sujoy:: (quaker, webmaster)

formerly ran sujoy's quake pages, funnybunny page replaced by the NVT. now runs sujoy.com

Royer, Mace:: (misc)

special host on quakecast. candy throwing mace dons funkyellow garb while discussing playing tips or interviewing quakers

Rozenberg, Gene:: aka Knight of the Wavetable. (musician at crack dot com) finger

Composer/SFX Man

Scarboro, William:: (programmer at 3d realms) finger

senior programmer- william is working on the graphics engine for prey. he also worked on rise of the triad

sCary:: Steve Gibson. (webmaster) finger

(b8/19) webp1mp web gangster (guy who runs web pages) and gaming consultant. used to run quakehole.com (quakeholio) and talk about his dog. sCary is renowned for his story telling ability, psychic powers, and his shuga shack (partially) news page. sometimes pulls 'get rich fast' taco bell scams with giggler. prefers james over vanilla fudge. while on high school basketball team wore spandex. left ritual in dec 97 to work for VRGN. see interviews

Schmalz, James:: (artist, designer at digital extremes)

lead artist, character and game designer. owner of digital extremes.

Schuler, Keith:: (mapper at 3d realms)

mapper. see interview

Schuur, Joost:: aka lotlhwI. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b11/26) creator of the defunct aftershock and the yahoo of quake: Slipgate Central. formerly maintained ye old quaketalk newsletter, dedicated to scooping up (upcoming then) quake news. see interviews. recently began to work as a hosting manager for planetquake

Schuytema, Paul:: (programmer at 3d realms) finger

project leader for prey. see interviews

Scott, John:: aka Slaine. (programmer at raven software) finger


Scott, Kenneth:: aka Dire Proto-Fiend. (artist at planetquake)

skin artist who runs the skinforge

Sefton, Matt:: (webmaster, mapper at team evolve, planetquake)

matt runs the fine (single player quake) spq level heaven and also designs levels. see interviews

Selinske, Joe:: aka Skeme. (misc at ritual entertainment) finger

producer/project manager. see interviews

Sho:: Matt Washer. (webmaster)


Sieben, Jimmy:: aka EvlG. (mapper)

did hip2m6 for mission pack 1, some final doom maps, and worked on x-men quake

Siegler, Joe:: (webmaster, misc at 3d realms) finger

(b8/20) online support manager/webmaster

Silverman, Ken:: (programmer at 3d realms)

engine programmer who did build da build engine used for duke3d, shadow warrior etc

Skippy:: (quaker at planetquake)

(b6/22) (reportedly) the quake guy. see this NVT article

Slipgate:: Ismail Saeed. (webmaster)

ran quake2.com, formerly the faultline

Smith, Andrew:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) webmaster of beauty of madness (dedicated to wheel of time), andrew also updates daily planet news. he wrote the quake map validator and designed his own quake levels such as guardhouse and epoch turning

Snarf:: Andy Black. (webmaster)


Snyder, Gary:: aka Squeaky. (artist at ion storm) finger


Spector, Warren:: (misc at ion storm)

fourth lead designer; former member of looking glass technologies.

Spell, David M:: (misc at team evolve)

sound designer

spRocket:: Miguel Tenazas. (webmaster at planetquake)

(b6/15) spRocket headed quakeweek, comic successor to the NVT

Squirrel:: Brian Eiserloh. (programmer at ion storm) finger

usually found shoe-less, squirrel is the lead programmer for anachronox

Staehlin-Taylor, Carly:: (misc at crack dot com) finger

Writer/Director Voice talent producer

StarScream:: Evan Yeager. (webmaster)

runs Inside 3d with Mr?

Steed, Paul Howard:: aka Titus. (artist, modeler at id software) finger

(b11/6) steed was an art director at virgin, a designer at iguana entertainment, and an art director at origin. see interviews or his own paul steed FAQ

Steinmeyer, Phil:: (misc at gathering of developers)

pres and founder of poptop software

Stelly, Jay:: (programmer at valve software)

from Tetragon

Stephens, Noel:: aka Shadow. (webmaster at ion storm) finger

webmaster and head cracker at ion. see interviews

Stonage:: Kevin Stone. (webmaster)


Storey, James:: (artist at rebel boat rocker) finger

"pixel god" who worked on duke3d and shadow warrior

Suh, Hugh:: aka Longshot. (artist at ion storm)


Sumaleth:: Rowan Crawford. (artist, designer, mapper)

on the impact team, sumaleth does art, modeling, maps and design

Sumbry][:: Donald Sumbry II. (webmaster)


Suter, Antony:: aka Examiner. (programmer)

fourth member of teamfortress software, antony also programmed rvis, a faster version of id's vis

Sweeney, Tim:: (programmer at epic megagames) finger

founder and lead programmer of epic, tim is working on unreal. see interviews

Taylor, Chris:: (artist at ion storm)

(b10/9) sculptor

Taylor, Dave:: aka ddt. (programmer, designer at crack dot com) finger

(b2/27) owner, producer/designer. ddt worked at id on doom and quake, but left on friendly terms to found crack.com. see interviews

Teasley, Harry:: (designer, mapper, artist at valve software)

previously worked at shiny entertainment, williams entertainment, and with Sid Meier. see interviews

Termy:: Greg Wiles. (misc at planetquake)

runs planetquake's quake servers

Texier, Ludovic:: (artist at ion storm)

from France, hired nov 97

Theodore, Steve:: (designer, artist at valve software)

designer/animator, hired dec 97. has a degree in Roman History

Thomas, Joel:: aka Aceface. (artist at ritual entertainment)

artist. see interviews

Thresh:: Dennis Fong. (quaker)

(b3/11) Thresh is arguably the best quaker in the world. Formerly from the (now defunct) clan legends, he comes from California, and has a brother Bryant. Thresh, a doom.god, won Deathmatch '95 by beating out Merlock. recently won one of carmack's ferraris (a 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS) at e3 during the final round of the red annihilation tournament. at the SIGGRAPH conference, Thresh was only fragged once after taking on many talented competitors for 20 minute deathmatches. he gives tips: Thresh's Quake Bible, maintains a pseudo.plan. loves Q*Bert. recently hired by pc gamer to contribute to their print publication. together with his clan Death Row, thresh and his clanmates won the T3 tournament. soon after, thresh beat out reptile to win the PGL's first season. see interviews

Tritian:: James Lazarus. (webmaster, modeler at planetquake) finger

tritian, maintained means of destruction

Tyler, Kevyn:: (artist at crack dot com) finger


Valencia, David:: (musician)

the other musician from sonic mayhem who created the quake2 soundtrack

Void:: Patrick Cupka. (webmaster at planetquake)

(b4/8) an avid newshound, void ran his own news site, the void, until he closed it down oct 97 so that he could concentrate on the daily planet. patch maintains demoland, a database of rated and reviewed quake demos. void also helps with the programming aspect of planetquake, from writing the headline system to setting up messageboards. (not [R2]Void)

Voin:: Hushvahtov, Peter. (artist at ion storm) finger

known for voin quake, a quake addon that tweaked gameplay and graphics, voin now works at ion storm

Walker, Robin:: (programmer, designer)

worked with John Cook to create QI team fortress

Wallin, Michael:: (artist at 3d realms)

un artiste

Wampey:: David Johnson. (webmaster at planetquake)

runs PQ Polls

Wand, Jeff:: aka Mad Samoan. (artist) finger

previously worked on privateer and wing commander 4 psx. left ION Storm nov 97 to join the Looking Glass team. see interviews [mis]n Wanker: Ian Wall. 0xx; wanker@quakecafe.com#wanker,possibly quakecast's #1 fan (compare quakepsycho), wanker runs the quake cafe and the quakecast highlights page

War, Jeremy:: (mapper at digital extremes)

works for digital extremes

Waring, Robert E:: (misc at team evolve)

(b12/19) executive producer, president of Wylde productions, author of strategy guides including Doom, Doom II, and the Deathmatch Manifesto

Warped:: Chris Connolly. (webmaster at planetquake) finger

(b5/28) runs Quake C archives. also has made graphics for planetquake sites such as rocket arena and gooseman's guns

Warren, Mike:: (programmer at planetquake) finger

creator of the mikeBot, a client side quake bot

Washburn, Mike:: (artist at ritual entertainment)

artiste. see interviews

Wedge:: Steve Bond. (designer, programmer at valve software)

(b6/25) wedge and choryoth are well known for creating the quake airplane and kart vehicles. wedge currently is a game designer/engineer at valve

Wendigo:: Brian Hess. (mapper) finger

known for levels such as the lunar base series, wendigo also maintains the #quake yearbook. did maps for qrally

Werckle, Mike:: aka Chaos. (modeler at raven software) finger

3d animator

Whaleboy:: Brian Cozzens. (artist at 3d realms) finger

(b11/16) whaleboy was responsible for some of the artwork in ctf, terminator quake, and shrak. creator of the (defunct) quakex site. he was hired by ion storm and later moved on to 3d realms where he works as an artist. see interviews

Whitelock, Marcus:: (programmer at raven software) finger


Wiederhold, Charlie:: (mapper at ritual entertainment)

(b2/2) hired oct 97 after lithium secretly sent in one of wiederhold's levels

Wilbur, Jay:: (misc at epic megagames, gathering of developers)

imperial advisor to epic

Willits, Tim:: aka Satan. (mapper, designer at id software) finger

lead level designer at id since 1996. see interviews

Wilson, Billy:: aka Wicked. (webmaster)

(b11/8) billy is a news p1mp at voodooextreme, a great 3d-games news page. once lost noSleep contest to sCary

Wilson, Mike:: aka Evil. (misc at gathering of developers)

former CEO of ion, mike previously launched quake as id's director of marketing and distribution. before that, wilson was the development vice president of dwango. wilson left ion in dec 97 to devote himself to g.o.d. (gathering of developers) as chief executive officer

Wilson, Stephen C.E.S.:: (artist at crack dot com) finger

3d artist and animator

Wolford, Pam:: (misc at ion storm)

(b10/3) creative coordinator

Wood, Douglas:: aka Drago. (artist at valve software)

animator/modeler/2d artist working on half-life's ingame scripted sequences

Wood, Matthew:: aka rocksockm. (mapper at 3d realms)


Worch, Matthias:: (mapper at ritual entertainment) finger

author of the acclaimed beyond belief level pack, matthias moved from Germany to Dallas to work at ritual

Wright, Niqui:: (artist at ion storm)

(b9/20) artist

Wright, Bob:: (misc at ion storm)

chief operations officer

Yarusso, Albert:: (programmer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Yu, Corrinne:: (programmer at ion storm) finger

heads ION's new tech team as director of advanced technology. hired nov 97

Zacarias, Martin:: (misc at ion storm, gathering of developers)

ion's investment banking consultant, god's chief financial officer

Zanshin:: David M Van de Ven. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake)

(b9/15) while finding time to update the gldojo, a page about glquake, zanshin is programming an optimized opengl port for 3dfx boards (currently forced to stop work due to legal issues with an unknown company). recently accepted a job with quantum3d. see interviews

Zoid:: David Kirsch. (mapper, programmer, designer at id software)

(b2/20) creator the most popular form of CTF, porter of *nix quake software! zoid and morbid update the quakeworld client. soon after signing a contract with id to program ctf for quake2, zoid handed over maintenance of (threewave) ctf to the xenocide flag academy, particularly to Dakota. see interviews

Zuk, Jon:: (designer at raven software) finger


Zelsnack, Billy:: (programmer at rebel boat rocker) finger

a "demon coder", zelsnack is one of the best 3d graphics programmers in the world. see interviews

Zelsnack, Jason:: (modeler at rebel boat rocker) finger

"mascot" and "super glue" of rebel boat rocker


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