Killcreek:: Stevie Case. (quaker)

(b9/7) famous female quake player who gave Romero a widely publicized manbeating. Romero was forced to put up a Killcreek shrine at ion storm. Killcreek plays with a SpaceOrb 360. placed second to kornelia in the all-female tournament. see interviews

Kornelia:: Kornelia Takacs. (quaker)

one of the top female quakers, kornelia is a member of clan 311 and and is a cyberathlete. she came in 8th at quakecon, and 3rd in a competition to best thresh. lefty kornelia also won the all female tournament and the CGDC tourney. see interviews

Roy, Sujoy:: (quaker, webmaster)

formerly ran sujoy's quake pages, funnybunny page replaced by the NVT. now runs sujoy.com

Skippy:: (quaker at planetquake)

(b6/22) (reportedly) the quake guy. see this NVT article

Thresh:: Dennis Fong. (quaker)

(b3/11) Thresh is arguably the best quaker in the world. Formerly from the (now defunct) clan legends, he comes from California, and has a brother Bryant. Thresh, a doom.god, won Deathmatch '95 by beating out Merlock. recently won one of carmack's ferraris (a 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS) at e3 during the final round of the red annihilation tournament. at the SIGGRAPH conference, Thresh was only fragged once after taking on many talented competitors for 20 minute deathmatches. he gives tips: Thresh's Quake Bible, maintains a pseudo.plan. loves Q*Bert. recently hired by pc gamer to contribute to their print publication. together with his clan Death Row, thresh and his clanmates won the T3 tournament. soon after, thresh beat out reptile to win the PGL's first season. see interviews


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