Abrash, Michael:: (programmer at id software)

graphics programming guru, Abrash worked at id software for a short time. while there, he helped to optimize (speed up) the quake engine, and also ported winquake. he left id on friendly terms to work for microsoft doing natural language research. he has written several tomes of knowledge: Zen of Graphics Programming, Zen of Code Optimization, Zen of Assembly language, Graphics Programming Black Book: Special Edition. see interviews

Alden, Scott:: (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger

formerly of 3dfx, hired dec 97

Anzulovic, Michael:: (programmer)

michael is well known for spawning a generation of hookers with his creation of the grappling hook, included in addons such as ctf

Avatar:: Mackey McCandlish. (mapper, webmaster, programmer)

created the ultraquake addon, one of the maps in scourge of armagon, as well as the dream machine (gas gun)

Bailey, Kelly:: (programmer, musician at valve software)

senior software development engineer, musician, guy. see interviews

Baird, Kenneth:: aka Crom. (programmer at crack dot com) finger

programmer working on the golgotha engine

Barnes, Doug:: aka Rooster. (programmer at ion storm)

programming intern and squatter

Bay, Andy:: aka IMarvinTPA. (programmer)

wrote vispatch and various other utilities/addons

Bernier, Yahn:: (programmer)

programmed the popular BSP level editor

Birdwell, Ken:: (programmer at valve software)

senior software development engineer

Blum III, Allen:: (programmer, designer, mapper at 3d realms)

a programmer/designer, allen worked on the duke nukem series

Bouris, Tod:: aka Comm. (programmer, mapper, designer at planetquake) finger

coder, mapper, and designer for QI lavaball, with help from Tony Fabris

Brammer, Ben:: (programmer at raven software)

hired feb 98

Brown, Charlie:: (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger

formerly of 3dfx, hired oct 97

Bryant, Joe:: (programmer at valve software)

software development engineer

Callaway, Pete:: (programmer, webmaster at planetquake)

created qped, a utility used to create ".pak" data files for quake

Carmack, John:: (programmer at id software) finger

co-founder and lead programmer of id software. Carmack drives fast cars and writes faster game engines. he gave away one of his many ferrari's away (to thresh) in the red annihilation tournament. Carmack, a programming genius, wrote the quake, doom, and wolfenstein 3d engines. during quake's development, reportedly "fiested on" microwave burritos and diet coke. now working on id's next generation 3d graphics engine, to be used in quake III. never goes on irc. once donated 20k bucks of blackjack winnings to the FSF. see interviews

Cash, John:: aka Hellrot. (programmer at id software) finger

network programmer at id since 1995. programming monster ai for quake2. known for curiously unhealthy "cash diet plan". lead programmer for q2. see interviews

Clark, Jonathan:: (programmer at crack dot com) finger

Owner, Lead programmer

Cook, John:: aka Jojie. (webmaster, programmer, mapper at planetquake)

programmer, designer, and mapper for Team Fortress with help from Robin Walker

Cook, Tim:: aka Qspynet. (programmer at gamespy team)

along with Jack Mathew and Joe Powell, Tim is a programmer for gamespy

crt:: David Wright. (programmer at planetquake)

programmer of KeyGrip demo editing software with help from drastic man. main programmer for the QI/QII rocket arena mods. see interviews

CurMo:: Curtis Moxley. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake)

curmo webmastered and programmed YPOD (your path of destruction), the doom TC for quake

De Neive, Erik:: (programmer at epic megagames)


Disruptor:: Christian Antkow. (programmer, designer at id software) finger

works on quakeworld project. also mapper for quake2. disruptor pioneered 3dnet. see interviews

Dochtermann, Mark:: aka Nostradamus. (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger

previously employed at 3drealms, MarkD coded the ROTT (2.1d) engine as well as some parts of the duke nukem engine. wrote Missile Command :) see interviews

Dosé, Jim:: aka Judas. (programmer at ritual entertainment) finger


Douglas, Max:: (programmer at team evolve)

(b12/19) programmer

Drastic Man:: Chris Sykes. (programmer at planetquake)

programmer of KeyGrip demo editing software with help from Crt

Duffy, Robert A.:: (programmer)

lead programmer for the QE4/Radiant map editor

Girlich, Uwe:: (programmer)

uwe programmed lmp/dmo/dem control centre (software to edit game recordings). more importantly, uwe created the demo specifications for LMP (doom to hexen), DMO (duke3d), DEM (quake) and QWD (quakeworld) recordings. the specs are essential for demo editing and client side bots

Gokey, Ben:: (programmer at raven software) finger

lead programmer

Green, Shawn:: (programmer at ion storm)

(b8/11) working on daikatana

Gummelt, Mike:: (programmer at raven software) finger

(b8/22) hired solely by submitting his ultimate quake patch, mike has created doom patches such as: insane weapons doom, marines doom 2, and aliens doom 3

Hargrove, Chris:: aka Kiwidog. (programmer at 3d realms) finger

formerly of raven

Harrison, Trey:: (programmer) finger

Worked on ed3d editor, but was hired by left in mar 98 to go back to college

Hayden, Robert:: aka Fezzik. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake) finger

worked on QI thunderwalker ctf

Heitzman, Josh:: (programmer at raven software) finger

he doth program

Hook, Brian:: (programmer at id software) finger

3d graphics programmer recently hired by id in may 1997. brian went to university of florida but dropped out. helps carmack with 3d hardware acceleration and level editing software. see interviews

Houser, Matt:: (programmer at team evolve)

likes pineapples

Johnson, Rick:: (programmer at raven software) finger

programmer, network admin

Kawick, Mickey:: aka Rockhead. (programmer at ion storm)

doppelganger programmer

Kimbrell, Kee:: (programmer at ion storm) finger

kee wrote dwango, multiplayer bbs software. kee is currently the lead programmer for daikatana

Liaw, Joey:: aka Chinaman. (programmer at ion storm)


Lipo, Pat:: (programmer at raven software) finger

programming manager

Love, Robert:: (programmer at raven software) finger


Maddin, Frank:: (programmer at 3d realms)


Maynard, Mike:: (programmer at ion storm)

lead programmer for doppelganger, worked on 7th level's Dominion. previously, he created the ill-fated Blake Stone series of games

McNeil, Darin:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer)

darin used to run "quake will rule the cosmos", one of the original quake sites. did programming for the zerstorer PC, darin contributed a cut-scene construction kit

McTaggart, Gary:: (programmer at ritual entertainment)

formerly of 3dfx, hired oct 97

Monroe, James:: (programmer at raven software) finger

not el presidente

Morris, Ben:: aka Savant. (programmer)

ben morris created the popular worldcraft (quake) and dck (doom) level editors. hired by valve software as a tools architect, morris left valve in early 98 to pursue his own projects. see interviews

Nelno:: Jonathan Wright. (programmer at ion storm) finger

nelno the amoeba gave life to the zeus bot, and was subsequently hired to work on daikatana's AI. see interviews

Norden, Chris:: (programmer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Norwood, Jim:: (programmer at 3d realms)

programmer. see interviews

Oskilla:: Chris Little. (programmer, webmaster at planetquake) finger

oskilla has ported the hipnotic, rogue, morph, painkeep and shrak addons to quakeworld. normally, addons designed for regular quake are incompatible with quakeworld play. more qw porting info@ oskilla's beat

Polge, Steven:: (programmer at epic megagames)

creator of the popular reaper bot for quake, Epic megagames hired him to program Unreal's AI (artificial intelligence). see interviews

Powell, Joe E.:: aka qspy. (programmer at gamespy team)

programmer working on the gamespy server browser with Jack Mathew and Tim Cook

Powell, Shane:: (programmer at team evolve)

one of evolve's founding members

Pytel, Tom:: (programmer at 3d realms)

coder for prey

Replogle, Todd Jason:: (programmer at 3d realms)

senior programmer

Rhinehart, Chris:: (programmer at raven software) finger

lead programmer. see interviews

Ridah:: Ryan Feltrin. (programmer, designer, mapper)

part of the impact team, ridah did programming, design, sounds and maps. worked on the x-men tc, now creator of the QII eraser bot

Rittierodt, Marc:: aka Panda o' Fire. (programmer at planetquake) finger

(b6/18) worked on thunderwalker ctf with Robert Hayden

Rigo, Armin:: (programmer)

programmed quark, a "swiss army knife" utility for quake

Roy, Howard:: (webmaster, programmer)

created of the killer quake pack, howard is working on a tc for katana software

Scarboro, William:: (programmer at 3d realms) finger

senior programmer- william is working on the graphics engine for prey. he also worked on rise of the triad

Schuytema, Paul:: (programmer at 3d realms) finger

project leader for prey. see interviews

Scott, John:: aka Slaine. (programmer at raven software) finger


Silverman, Ken:: (programmer at 3d realms)

engine programmer who did build da build engine used for duke3d, shadow warrior etc

Smith, Andrew:: (webmaster, mapper, programmer at team evolve, planetquake)

(b11/19) webmaster of beauty of madness (dedicated to wheel of time), andrew also updates daily planet news. he wrote the quake map validator and designed his own quake levels such as guardhouse and epoch turning

Squirrel:: Brian Eiserloh. (programmer at ion storm) finger

usually found shoe-less, squirrel is the lead programmer for anachronox

Stelly, Jay:: (programmer at valve software)

from Tetragon

Suter, Antony:: aka Examiner. (programmer)

fourth member of teamfortress software, antony also programmed rvis, a faster version of id's vis

Sweeney, Tim:: (programmer at epic megagames) finger

founder and lead programmer of epic, tim is working on unreal. see interviews

Taylor, Dave:: aka ddt. (programmer, designer at crack dot com) finger

(b2/27) owner, producer/designer. ddt worked at id on doom and quake, but left on friendly terms to found see interviews

Walker, Robin:: (programmer, designer)

worked with John Cook to create QI team fortress

Warren, Mike:: (programmer at planetquake) finger

creator of the mikeBot, a client side quake bot

Wedge:: Steve Bond. (designer, programmer at valve software)

(b6/25) wedge and choryoth are well known for creating the quake airplane and kart vehicles. wedge currently is a game designer/engineer at valve

Whitelock, Marcus:: (programmer at raven software) finger


Yarusso, Albert:: (programmer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Yu, Corrinne:: (programmer at ion storm) finger

heads ION's new tech team as director of advanced technology. hired nov 97

Zanshin:: David M Van de Ven. (webmaster, programmer at planetquake)

(b9/15) while finding time to update the gldojo, a page about glquake, zanshin is programming an optimized opengl port for 3dfx boards (currently forced to stop work due to legal issues with an unknown company). recently accepted a job with quantum3d. see interviews

Zoid:: David Kirsch. (mapper, programmer, designer at id software)

(b2/20) creator the most popular form of CTF, porter of *nix quake software! zoid and morbid update the quakeworld client. soon after signing a contract with id to program ctf for quake2, zoid handed over maintenance of (threewave) ctf to the xenocide flag academy, particularly to Dakota. see interviews

Zelsnack, Billy:: (programmer at rebel boat rocker) finger

a "demon coder", zelsnack is one of the best 3d graphics programmers in the world. see interviews


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