Blackburn, Steve:: (misc at 3d realms)

vp of operations

Blum, Allan:: (misc at gathering of developers)

chief operating officer (!=Allen Blum III)

Breslin, Mike:: (misc, at gathering of developers)

director of creative services

Broussard, George:: (misc at 3d realms) finger

el presidente. see interviews

Combs, Brett:: (misc at gathering of developers)

co-founder and vp of terminal reality

Dipstick:: Steve Towle. (misc) finger

ftp.cdrom.com maintainer

Divine, Christian:: (misc at ion storm)

screenwriter for daikatana

Donaldson, Louis:: (misc at valve software)

office manager

Doolittle, Allora:: (misc at screaming neurons)

office biz

Doolittle, Curt:: (misc at screaming neurons)

owner: biz and design

Doomguy:: (misc)

doomguy, obviously from doom, can be usually found wearing a green uniform with an oversize helmet. usually carries bfg

Duncanson:: (misc at raven software) finger


Eichkoff, Mindy:: aka Echo. (misc at ion storm)

biz person

Emert, Jennifer:: (misc at ion storm)

(b8/18) creative coordinator

Ewing, Dave:: (misc at digital extremes)

does sound effects

Harrington, Mike:: (misc at valve software)

founder/director of development. previously worked on ms bob

Haskins, William:: (misc at ion storm) finger

a writer for the eye on storm newsletter, william is the lyricist and lead vocalist of "society of the damned". see interviews

Hindler, Dave:: (misc at rebel boat rocker) finger

beezwax dude (business manager)

Hollenshead, Todd:: (misc at id software) finger

appointed CEO of id after quake was launched. see interviews

Hughes, Jake:: aka Strider. (misc at ion storm)

associate producer for anachronox. jake has made models for starship troopers, and is currently writing and producing the four jokers

Jackson, Donna:: (misc at id software)

office assistant. id mom

Janitor Bob:: aka Mopfo. (misc) finger

sanitation engineer that quit from id to work for ion storm and then for hipnotic (ritual). though some may claim that bob does not exist, others pledge allegiance to this foul-mouthed character. bob quit ritual on 8/8 to fulfill his life-long dream to do pr0n. see planetquake interview

Jhaveri, Hanif:: (misc) finger

(b12/18) news propagator, works on frag.com

JudgeCal:: (misc)

former host of quakecast

Karl, Stephen:: aka Kushiel. (misc, artist, mapper at team evolve)

founder of team evolve, director kushiel's duties include graphic design, 3d art, and level design

Kent, Nigel:: (misc at epic megagames)

ze president

Lafferty, Craig:: (misc at epic megagames)

head of PR

Laidlaw, Marc:: (misc, designer at valve software)

game designer/writer marc wrote the cover-story "egos at id" for wired magazine

Legg, Robb:: (misc at ion storm)

line producer for doppelganger. robb helps to coordinate the development team while finding time to report for stormfront

Levelrich, Jacob:: (misc at crack dot com) finger

jacob is currently the young (15yo) sysadmin of crack.com. as sysadmin, jacob keeps an eye on the network to make sure it runs smoothly.

Markham, Drew:: (misc)

CEO and creative director of Xatrix entertainment

Marquardt, Peter:: (misc at ion storm)

associate producer for daikatana

Mathews, Jack:: aka Morbid. (misc at gamespy team) finger

jack takes part in the development of gamespy software. Tim Cook and Joe Powell also help. worked on quakeworld client with zoid until he accepted a job at 3dfx porting games. see interviews

Miller, Harry:: aka Gringo. (misc at ritual entertainment, gathering of developers)

MR. CEO of ritual, g.o.d.'s director of new business development

Miller, Scott:: (misc at 3d realms, gathering of developers) finger

Head of Apogee Software. see interviews

Milson, Alphonze:: aka Ratdaddy. (misc at id software) finger

biz guy as of june 97. "[quake2] will help you get chicks!" milson "left the building" dec 97

Mitschrich, Bill:: (misc at gathering of developers)

president of strategic marketing partners

Molinets, Jim:: (misc at rogue entertainment) finger

President of rogue. see interviews

Morelan, Jeff:: (misc at screaming neurons)

finance and negotiations

Myres, Doug:: aka Fresh. (misc at ion storm)

technical producer

Nadalini, Bill:: aka 2Prong. (misc at ion storm)


Natas:: aka Mark Fletcher. (misc at ion storm) finger

MIS dude

Newell, Gabe:: (misc at valve software)

founder/managing director. see interviews

Phillips, Craig:: aka Smert. (misc at quantum axcess) finger

Tech support guy who reportedly bears an uncanny resemblance to blue

Pittsenbarger, Steve:: (misc at ion storm)

chief financial officer

Powers, Matt:: (misc)

accolade inc producer for eradicator (3d action shooter), powers is producing a new polygonal shooter due for 1998

Prophet:: James Fudge. (misc) finger

(b11/23) a freelance news reporter, prophet reports breaking gaming news. many quake (etc) news pages rely on prophet for current news flashes. he worked on game-wire.com for several months, but now posts his news at games.net/prophet/. also well known for conducting many quality interviews. reportedly does not wear clothes while reading blue's(news)

Rein, Mark:: (misc at epic megagames)

producer and vice president

Royer, Mace:: (misc)

special host on quakecast. candy throwing mace dons funkyellow garb while discussing playing tips or interviewing quakers

Selinske, Joe:: aka Skeme. (misc at ritual entertainment) finger

producer/project manager. see interviews

Siegler, Joe:: (webmaster, misc at 3d realms) finger

(b8/20) online support manager/webmaster

Spector, Warren:: (misc at ion storm)

fourth lead designer; former member of looking glass technologies.

Spell, David M:: (misc at team evolve)

sound designer

Staehlin-Taylor, Carly:: (misc at crack dot com) finger

Writer/Director Voice talent producer

Steinmeyer, Phil:: (misc at gathering of developers)

pres and founder of poptop software

Termy:: Greg Wiles. (misc at planetquake)

runs planetquake's quake servers

Waring, Robert E:: (misc at team evolve)

(b12/19) executive producer, president of Wylde productions, author of strategy guides including Doom, Doom II, and the Deathmatch Manifesto

Wilbur, Jay:: (misc at epic megagames, gathering of developers)

imperial advisor to epic

Wilson, Mike:: aka Evil. (misc at gathering of developers)

former CEO of ion, mike previously launched quake as id's director of marketing and distribution. before that, wilson was the development vice president of dwango. wilson left ion in dec 97 to devote himself to g.o.d. (gathering of developers) as chief executive officer

Wolford, Pam:: (misc at ion storm)

(b10/3) creative coordinator

Wright, Bob:: (misc at ion storm)

chief operations officer

Zacarias, Martin:: (misc at ion storm, gathering of developers)

ion's investment banking consultant, god's chief financial officer


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