Anderson, John:: (mapper at 3d realms)

hired august 97

Blackburn, Steve:: (misc at 3d realms)

vp of operations

Blum III, Allen:: (programmer, designer, mapper at 3d realms)

a programmer/designer, allen worked on the duke nukem series

Broussard, George:: (misc at 3d realms) finger

el presidente. see interviews

Cabrera, Ruben:: (artist at 3d realms) finger

DNF artist

Cole, Steven:: (mapper at 3d realms)

"phat map makah"

Dilling, Allen:: (modeler at 3d realms)

3d modeler/animator for prey

Hargrove, Chris:: aka Kiwidog. (programmer at 3d realms) finger

formerly of raven

Hornback, Stephen:: (artist at 3d realms)

senior artist

Jackson, Lee:: (musician at 3d realms)

music and sound director

Maddin, Frank:: (programmer at 3d realms)


March, David:: (artist at 3d realms)

modeler/animator for prey

McCabe, Scott:: (artist at 3d realms)


Miller, Scott:: (misc at 3d realms, gathering of developers) finger

Head of Apogee Software. see interviews

Morgan, Mark:: (artist at 3d realms)

formerly of raven, texture artist

Norwood, Jim:: (programmer at 3d realms)

programmer. see interviews

Pytel, Tom:: (programmer at 3d realms)

coder for prey

Replogle, Todd Jason:: (programmer at 3d realms)

senior programmer

Scarboro, William:: (programmer at 3d realms) finger

senior programmer- william is working on the graphics engine for prey. he also worked on rise of the triad

Schuler, Keith:: (mapper at 3d realms)

mapper. see interview

Schuytema, Paul:: (programmer at 3d realms) finger

project leader for prey. see interviews

Siegler, Joe:: (webmaster, misc at 3d realms) finger

(b8/20) online support manager/webmaster

Silverman, Ken:: (programmer at 3d realms)

engine programmer who did build da build engine used for duke3d, shadow warrior etc

Wallin, Michael:: (artist at 3d realms)

un artiste

Whaleboy:: Brian Cozzens. (artist at 3d realms) finger

(b11/16) whaleboy was responsible for some of the artwork in ctf, terminator quake, and shrak. creator of the (defunct) quakex site. he was hired by ion storm and later moved on to 3d realms where he works as an artist. see interviews

Wood, Matthew:: aka rocksockm. (mapper at 3d realms)



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